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The Death of Grandma Moses

I use to play with puppets when I was a girl.  My brothers got marionettes one Christmas.  I was so jealous and I played with them as often as I could.   My hand puppets had rubber heads and cloth bodies and just enough room for a small hand to be put inside.  I would put on my own puppet shows to entertain myself and my little brother.

A year or so ago David and I were in Nashville and I came across these really nice puppets.  I thought they would be good to use as a puppet ministry with my Sunday School class.  I did it a few times, but they have been sitting in a small chair in my girly room and once in a while when the grandkids come over, they get them out and play with them.

There is Scar, the pirate.


There was Grandma Moses.


And there is Molly the puppet.


The grandkids were here the other day.  After they were gone, I noticed Grandma Moses was missing. I just thought she was someplace in the house and I would find her one day.

Then David brought in a little dress that he had found Molly playing with.


I didn’t recognize it and just assumed Molly had dug up something under the deck.  Then David started finding feet and hair.


When I saw it all together, I realized what it was.  It was Grandma Moses.  Someone had taken her outside and left her to the mercy of a dog who chews everything.   I was not a bit happy that she had been taken outside because we have told the grandboys several times not to leave anything out in the back yard they don’t want chewed on.  Well……….

One day the grandboys will be over and Scar the Pirate and Molly the puppet will have a talk with the boys about who took Grandma Moses outside.  Scar and Molly miss Grandma Moses and want to know who would have taken her outside and just left her.  She was a poor, little grandma who never did any harm to anyone.

We will have a proper burial for Grandma Moses when they get here.  I hope they bring flowers.


We lost a good friend this week.  When my heart doesn’t hurt so much, I will write about her.  Bonnie  died yesterday after eleven and a half years of being a part of our family.  I will miss her.  Bye.

Ice Melt and Birthdays

Isn’t it wonderful that finally the ice is beginning to melt?   If it just didn’t get on where one has to drive and walk, it would be pretty.  We had some amazing icicles on and around our house this week.








We watched this one icicle grow from just a few inches until it was the full length of our window.


Remember the ice tree I told you about a few posts back?  Well, we could have started our own mini ice bush right in our yard.  I was going to throw some food coloring on this, but didn’t get it done before it started to melt.

My birthday was this week.  I wanted to keep it low key.  Well, as low key as I am able.  David gave me some of my favorite perfume.  His mother gave me a used bottle of this perfume many years ago and every time I wore it, someone would mention how good it smelled.  I used that bottle until the last drop and then got another one and used it forever, it seems.  I was using the fumes off it and wanted another bottle.  It’s kind of pricey so it’s not something I just go out and buy at a whim. So when David gave it to me, I was thrilled.  The bottle has been changed and I think it is so pretty.



I will use this until I am just using the fumes again.  Thank you, David.  I love it.

I also bought some new clothes, two Yankee candles, and of course, fabric for my birthday.  At least I used that for the excuse to buy them.  I got a Rose and a Vanilla Cupcake candles.  The Vanilla Cupcake smells good even when it isn’t burning.


We had already made our purchase at the Yankee Candle store and were leaving when my eye was caught by this cute sight.  A bunny and a baby chick in a basket that held tea lights.  Well, impulse buyer that I am, I bought it to add to my rabbit and chicken collection. Two birds with one stone. A good thing I always say.

I finished the ironing board cover for my little ironing board.  I like to think my daddy would like to see it.





It’s a mini log cabin quilt design.  I think it turned out so cute.

Now, for those with delicate sensibilities, I am going to show something which you might not want to see.  Consider this a warning. Do not read any further if you are easily offended.  WARNING ALERT!!!

I have a thermal shirt that I wear with pajama pants to bed.  It got a hole in a strategic place, if you know what I mean.



Since I like this shirt and wanted to keep wearing it, I had to cover the hole with something.  What to do?  What to do?  Then I came up with this(what I thought) was a great idea.

Since I am becoming the egg lady, why not use something to do with that?  Huh?



This is what I came up with and it covered the hole nicely, but it didn’t look right all by itself.  So………



Ta-Dah!!   What do you think?  If you have read this far, you are not allowed to be offended.  I warned you.  I cannot wait to wear this.  Of course, I would never wear this in public.  Would I????  Nope, isn’t going to happen.

Here’s to icicles, birthdays and fried eggs.  Bye.


An Old Picture

Here I am sitting here in my girly room in my pajamas which I have worn all day because it has been too icy to get outside and  I decided why get dressed today? I am watching the snow blowing off the garage roof. There has been very little traffic by our house today.   I’m not going anywhere and no one is certainly going to get out in this weather to come see me.  It’s been an odd sort of day.  Missed church and now it looks like the roads are getting worse as the evening progresses so I know we won’t get out. David went out long enough to check food and water for the chooks and the dogs.  Everyone is in snug for the night.

  I decided to dust the hallway upstairs that gets neglected most of the time and as I was cleaning out a corner I found this painting.  I knew I had it, but had not seen it for a long time and really hadn’t paid much attention to it when I did.  It belonged to my parents and I ended up with it for some reason and now that I see what is on it, I am very happy I have it.  I have no idea how old it is nor can I see the painter’s name on it.  It has a very elaborate frame around it and I would imagine it is at least seventy-five to one hundred years old.   I brought it downstairs to take pictures of it, but the pictures really do not do it justice.




  Now do you see why I love this painting?  The mother hen is guarding her nest from the little dog.  The colors are rich and the detail is amazing.


  There are two or three places that have been damaged through the years.  I have no idea where my parents kept this painting as I don’t remember ever seeing it hanging in our house.  It must have been kept in the attic which makes it even more amazing that it is in as good a shape as it is.  The little dog has a collar with a bell on it.  He seems as startled to see the chicken as the chicken is to see him.  That chicken means business!


  These flowers and leaves are all around the frame.  It almost looks like gold leaf, but don’t believe it is.


  This is definitely a brooding hen as she has four eggs underneath her.  I wonder whose blue shoe that could be and how was it lost in the barn?  Perhaps it is something the dog brought out from the house.  I really wish I knew who the painter was.  Maybe it’s a long lost painting by a famous painter.  There were no artists in our family’s history that I know of although some of my children and grandchildren have shown an artistic bent.


  I just love all the detail, the shadows and all.  If anyone recognizes this artist’s work, please let me know.

 And in other news:

  Glad we have Netflix as there is not much I want to watch on regular television.  I do like to watch ID with all the investigating of murders and other crimes.  I think I would have been a good detective because I always figure out who the murderer is before they tell us.   Jack Frost, a BBC series is fast becoming one of my favorites.  David and I also watch All Creatures Great and Small.  It’s about a small village veterinarian in England, James Herriot.  He also wrote books about his adventures taking care of animals and dealing with their strange owners.  We are really enjoying it.


  I’ve been making ironing board covers.  I hand quilted this one one evening.  Now I am making one to fit my old wood ironing board.  I just finished piecing a small one for this:


  My little ironing board I had as a child.  I am so glad I saved it.  My daddy made it for me many, many years ago.  I use to stand beside my mother while she ironed and did my ironing with this little iron.


  I could actually plug it in and it would warm up.  It never got very hot, but I thought I was really ironing just like mother.  Can you imagine children getting an iron that you could plug in now?  Way too dangerous! Ha.


  The hens saw their shadows last week which evidently meant six more weeks of winter. Ouch.  It seems Old Man Winter is enjoying staying around.  Spring will be so loved this year.  Come, Miss Spring, Come.  Kick Old Man Winter away.  Bye.

Happy New Year Traditions

It has been a pretty happy and joyous holiday season and I have enjoyed it all, but now it’s time to look toward a brand new year and think how I will spend my time in it.

Before I get to that, though, I want to finish up some Christmas things.  We had such a nice Christmas.  Low key and quiet with some rambunctious children thrown in.  This year there were two gifts that were special to me.  I got a camera which I am still learning how to use, but that isn’t one of the gifts I am talking about.


I was given this darling Jim Shore Santa and I love Jim Shore figurines, but if you look closely, you will see just why I am particularly happy with this one.  He is holding a chicken and a basket of eggs!


That could be Freedom he is holding.


His basket has several eggs in it. How cute is that?  I am wondering if this is the start of a chicken figurine collection?

The other gift I received came from my loving husband.  I have wanted one of these for years.  My brothers had one when we were growing up and I played with it a lot.


A ukelele!!!!  Oh, how I love this. I am practicing on it all the time trying to get my fingers to make the chords sound right.


It’s so pretty, too.  Green paisley.  It has a really good tone and my fingers are beginning to get toughened up by playing it so much.   I know I am going to get hours of fun out of this and I hope I get good enough that when some of our friends get together with their guitars and banjos I can join them on my ukelele.

Today, the first day of 2014 was a really nice day.  We went shopping and I got some fabric.  I haven’t bought fabric since, well, since we went to North Carolina two months ago.  This time, though, I was buying to make gifts for, what else, Christmas this year.  Yes, I am one of those people who works all year on Christmas.  No waiting until the last minute to buy gifts for this girl.  I like to spread the cheer all year and enjoy wondering how people will like their presents I give them.  I have had some specific orders for presents this time and they are going to take a little time.


I came home with these treasures.


Love these wool felt pieces for which I have plans.  I bought a new pattern today and it is so cute and know just the person for which I will make it.

David and I ate at Olive Garden for lunch.  I got baked shrimp parmesan and it was so good.

When we got home, I grabbed Belle and she and I took a four mile walk.  I wasn’t intending to walk quite so far, but the more we walked the more I wanted to.   It felt good to get out in the fresh air. I let Belle loose and she ran all over like a little kid let out of a cage.

When I got back, I started on one New Year’s tradition.  Every year for as long as I can remember, my mother made new pillow cases on New Year’s Day.  It’s good luck, she said.  I have followed in that tradition and I made a couple today.


I used this pretty pink check fabric for one.


No, this isn’t my pillowcase. I am going to sew yo-yos on the one I made today and it will look like this one when I am done.  It’s going to take about sixty yo-yos I think.


I made a pillowcase for David for Valentine’s Day using this fabric.  I will put a York peppermint patty on his pillow.


Here are my completed pillowcases.  Here is a quick tutorial to make a pillowcase.

This is for a standard size pillow.  If you have a King size or other size pillow you will have to adapt this to your pillow.

First cut a length of fabric 42 inches wide by 35 or 36 inches long.



Turn down 1/4 inch on one of the 42 inch sides and press.


Turn down another 3 inches and sew.

Put right sides together and sew the side and bottom seams together.


I use 1/4 inch seams.


Clip one corner where two seams meet. Be sure not to clip your stitching or you will weep and wail and wonder why you ever started this project.

Now this next step is not necessary, but I think it gives a nice finish to your pillowcase.  I zigzag all my seams.

Turn your pillow right side out.  Press the seams flat and then press your pillowcase.  You can starch it if you prefer.  I don’t, but that’s my preference.   There. You have made a pillowcase.  Wasn’t that easy?

Another tradition my mother had was to make something from cabbage on New Year’s day.  It could be sauerkraut, coleslaw or fried cabbage.  I made scalloped cabbage.   I don’t have a picture of it right now, but it turned out real pretty and is it good.  Even if you don’t like cabbage, you might like this.

I was going to show you another tradition I have, but for some reason my computer says no, you cannot add any more pictures to your post. Don’t know why. My husband and I have both worked on it with no luck.

So I will just wish all of you the happiest of New years. I am so happy you take some time out of your busy day to come read this little blog. I am thrilled beyond measure people all around the world are reading it. You there, in Norway, thank you for stopping by. That gal in Australia who comes here. Wish I could meet you all. The British ladies who live where I would love to visit one day. The one in Kuwait, China, France. I know  I haven’t mentioned all the countries, but I just want to say I love knowing you are all here. The local girls, too. I love you all. I look forward to writing about this life of mine. It’s not a large life, but it’s a fun, wholesome, happy life and I wouldn’t want to live any other. I’ll be telling you about some of my plans on my next blog.  BYE.



























Grandparents’ Day and Whirling Dervishes

David and I had the opportunity to attend Grandparents’ Day at three of our grandchildren’s school this week.  I always love to go to these because it is always so uplifting to see the kind of education my grandchildren are getting.  They go to a large Christian school and I believe they are getting the best education they can get.





When you enter the school you see all these inspirational signs on the walls.  This is a Jesus Christ centered school.  The children and teachers are all so friendly and happy and there is just a wonderful atmosphere in the whole school.


We grandparents were directed to the auditorium where a jazz band was playing big band music.  They had us all tapping our feet and clapping our hands.  Sorry my zoom lens wasn’t working. The boy playing the xylophone twirled the sticks as he played.  The trombonist was amazing.


There were greetings from the principal and others and then this pastor gave a short sermon using the piano as an object of the sermon.  There is a middle C.  Christ should be the center of our lives.  The black and white keys symbolize the good and bad that happens in our lives.  There are major key people and minor key people.  He played as he talked using music to enhance what he said.  He played one song playing it fast for the young people, slow for the older people and then really fast to show how fast our lives pass.  He was a great teacher and it was a wonderful object lesson.  I could have listened to him much longer.


The Praise Team sang and that girl in the green shirt.  That’s our granddaughter.  She sings in all the chapels they have each week.  I am so proud of her.

There were two days for Grandparents’ Day  The middle school was the first day and elementary the next.  This was on day one.


Our granddaughter took us around the school showing us where all her classrooms are.  This is her locker.



She is on the honor roll.


There were photographs in the hall taken by middle schoolers.  I was amazed at how professional they looked.  When I was their age I could barely put one foot in front of the other without tripping!



The next day David and I had to split up.  David went with our younger grandson and because he didn’t have the camera, we didn’t get any pictures of what they did.  They made hand prints and put them together on a page and our grandson wrote a really sweet note to us.   I got to hang out with this grandson.  He is so much fun.   I noticed he was seated in the front row in home room and I wondered why.  Hmmmm.  He and I almost started giggling when a man sneezed really loudly.  Maybe he takes after me a little.


The students stood up around us  and said a really long passage from the Bible from memory.  I was impressed.


This is his locker.  I looked inside it and was amazed how neat it is because I have seen his room.   I love this kid.


Saw this sign on the side of one of the teacher’s desks.  I think it could be parentisms also as I have said many of these things to my children.



In the evening we played Dizzios, a form of Dominoes.  It’s probably one of my favorite games even though I think I have only won it one time.  My grandsons are really good at this.

Speaking of grandsons, I will leave you with some pictures of my two youngest grandsons who spent the night with us last weekend.  I brought out the old electric football game our sons use to play with and the boys were entertained for a long time.  As you will see, I could not get a picture that wasn’t blurry because these boys were on the move all the time.  Whirling Dervishes.




Here’s to wonderful Christian schools and grandchildren.  Bye.

Festival Fun

Before I tell you about the festival we attended Saturday, I have to show you the other Strawberry Shortcake doll I found while putting the rest of them away


This is Sour Grapes and her snake, Dregs.  I had completely forgotten about her.


She uses way too much mascara.  I think she is a villainess.  She doesn’t look too friendly.


David and I went to a festival that was being held at our grandchildren’s  school.  It was a lot of fun.  This lady was walking around giving everyone a “high” five.  The kids loved it.

You paid one price and got to do everything there was to do and there was a lot.


There was sumo wrestling.  The suit was almost too big for my grandson.


It rather overwhelmed him, but he wanted to try.  This was the second time he did it that day.


The men had to stand the two contestants upright and then they were supposed to try to knock each other down.



They were both down within seconds.  I think the weight of the suits was what did it.    I laughed so hard at this.  It was really funny to watch.


Then they were  placed upright again and tried once more.


Then down they went again.


This is my grandson who was the sumo wrestler.  Yes, his hair is fire retardant.  He’s the one who reminds me of my dad so much.


There was reverse bungi jumping.  My granddaughter is putting on a vest she had to wear to do this.  The object was to run against the bungi cord and try to get to the end before it pulled you back. I told her if she could make it to the end, I would give her five dollars.  Sneaky, but I knew she wouldn’t be able to do it.  Larger people than she had tried, but she gave it her all.


She began to run as hard as she could.


Hair flying, she ran against the bungi cord as hard as she could, but it sprung her back less than halfway to the end.  I gave her five dollars later, anyway.


Another grandson climbed the big rock.  It was pretty high, but he made it to the top and rang the bell.  He’s so athletic.


He also became a human bowling ball.  Strapped in this contraption, he was rolled toward the bowling pins.


It took longer to get him strapped in than it did for him to be rolled toward the pins.  Safety first.


There was a man drawing caricatures and he drew this one of my granddaughter.  I think it’s really cute.  But then, I think she is really cute.  The man drew for over two solid hours nonstop.  I don’t know how many caricatures he drew, but it had to be a hundred or more.


There was so much for kids to do and they could do it as much as they wanted.  This was popular with the boys.



The water dunking booth was popular.  The men in the tank were good sports and goaded the kids to try to knock them down.   I tried once, but I threw like a woosy girl.  Absolutely no arm strength.  Some of those boys could throw the hard balls.

All in all, it was a fun evening.  There were vendors there also selling elephant ears, funnel cakes, Italian food, Chick-fil-A(yum) differently seasoned French fries.  island food, ice cream, and much more.  We tried several things and they were all good.

Here’s to fun festivals and grandchildren to enjoy them with. Bye.


Strawberry Shortcake

Back in the early eighties when my daughter was a little girl, a doll came out that she fell in love with and, to tell the truth, so did I.  Maybe I fell in love with it even more because once the other dolls came out, I was determined to get them all.  I still love them and have had so much fun looking at them again.  It was Strawberry Shortcake and soon after came Apple Dumpling,  Blueberry Muffin and others.  These dolls were played with, so some of the pieces are missing, but I did keep all their boxes.  Here they are.


Here’s Miss Strawberry Shortcake with Custard, her polka dotted kitten.  Can’t you see why I just fell in love with her?  Someone told me I looked like Strawberry Shortcake at church the other day.  I took it as a compliment.  Some of the kids call me Miss Cake anyway.


This is Blueberry Muffin.  She is the only doll who did not come with a companion animal.  Poor girl.



This is Lime Chiffon…..


and Parfait Parrot.


This is Raspberry Tart with her monkey, Rhubarb.


I think Rhubarb is especially cute.



This is Orange Blossom with her butterfly, Marmalade.  How sweet are they?


This is Apricot.  She is suppose to have a bunny called Hopsalot, but somehow Hopsalot has gotten misplaced or lost.  I need to see if I can find her. I don’t throw anything away, so hopefully she is in a box or toybox somewhere.


This is Cherry Blossom with her goose, Gooseberry.  How appropriate.


This is Crepe Suzette with Éclair, her poodle.



This one had no box and looks like a boy.  He has grapes on his straw hat.  If anyone knows his name, please let me know.



Ah, the Purple Pieman.  He was kind of mean if I remember correctly.  His parrot is named Berry Bird.



He must have shaven since I last saw him as his mustache is missing.


As you can see, there is a hole in his head where the mustache should be.  A long curly mustache.  I wouldn’t have thrown that away.


I also found this butterfly and think it was part of the Strawberry Shortcake collection.

There is a place to put something or someone on his back, but I don’t know what.


If anyone knows about this butterfly, please let me know.  I think all these dolls were made in Cincinnati, Ohio by Kenner Toys.  They are probably made in China now.

Now on to other things.

David was in the military for thirty-six years and over ten years ago he retired.  He took a few months off and then when the new Ralph Lauren store was built up at the outlet mall he applied and got a job.  He has been working there ever since.  He started out taking out the trash, moved up to full time, became an assistant manager, went back to full time and is now working part time for them.  The other day they celebrated him being there for ten years.  He is the only original staff member from the very first hiring left.  They put up these signs all over the store to include the rest rooms and even the refrigerator.


He enjoys working there and they appreciate that he shows up on time ready to work and has never had a sick day off.  He even asks to work more.   He gets most of his clothes there at very good prices.  He’s always watching for a sale.


The chooks are flourishing and enjoy tomatoes from the garden.


We have picked several pumpkins from the garden.  It’s been a very good year.

Here’s to adorable dolls and an industrious husband.  Bye.