Waiting for Christmas

Remember when you were a child and waiting for Christmas? It seemed like that day would never come and you looked at the calendar every day and wished it was here. You dreamt in your bed about what Christmas morning would bring for you under the tree. You went and saw Santa and you told your mother over and over what you wanted and your mind would not stop thinking about that special day.

Well, this blog is not about Christmas at all. It’s about the anticipation of the day. But it is not about anticipating Christmas Day, either. You see, there is something I have dreamed about having for years. I am a gardener and love to grow flowers and vegetables. I dreamed of having a place to start my plants where the frost and snow would not harm them. I have tried starting things in the house in a window, but nothing ever did really well. I remember David’s grandmother, who started her tomatoes in an upstairs, south facing window and she always had the most beautiful plants. Strong and sturdy and ready to plant in the ground when the weather was right outside. Not me. Right now I have a few tomatoes coming up in makeshift greenhouses made out of milk cartons. The poor tomatoes are so tall and spindly, I don’t know if they will ever be stron enough to survive in the ground.

So on to what I am anticipating. Several weeks ago I was looking at Facebook where I shop, converse with friends and family and just see what is happening in the world when what should pop up but an ad for a greenhouse. Not just any greenhouse. A Yoderbilt greenhouse. I had never heard about them before so I started to investigate. I gave myself greenhouse 101 online by searching for things about this particular greenhouse, the people who own one and everything else I could find about it. There were never any bad reviews about these greenhouses and usually, with any business, you see a few bad reviews, but not with Yoderbilt greenhouses. I watched them being delivered to different people’s houses. I looked at how some decorated their greenhouses and made them an oasis in their yard. A place to go to sit and be quiet, plant and care for plants and just enjoy the solitude. Some women have made their greenhouses so wonderful with chandeliers, yes, chandeliers in them, comfy chairs, tons of flowers all over and just a lot of great gardening objects that I drool when I see them.\

I searched about the prices, the delivery, it’s free in many cases, and what people thought of their greenhouses. Not a bad word did I see so I e-mailed the company asking some questions and before I knew it I was answered back and I was ready to order one, but still could not make the commitment. I made a list of all the things I wanted for the greenhouse, size, what color I wanted it stained, the color of the metal hinges, double doors and a shelf across the back.

I still had done nothing about it, but I showed my list to David and he said I should order one. I was planning on doing it, but one morning, while I was still asleep, the owner of Yoderbilt greenhouses made a call to our house asking if I was ready to order on. David was up and talked to him and told him he had my list ready and that he would order one. So, he did. When I got up that morning thinking I was going to call the company that day David said, “It’s already ordered.” He told the man that if he had left anything out that I wanted he would be calling back, but he ordered everything I wanted and now I just have to wait for them to build it. They build each greenhouse on order. You give a small down payment and pay the rest when the greenhouse comes. My greenhouse should be here by May. So now I am in anticipation mode all excited about finally getting a greenhouse. I picture what I will do with it and I am sure I will be writing blogs about it in the future. Some women say they even sleep in their greenhouses! And I am hoping mine will be warm in the Winter. We already have a small furnace we will have installed so that will be the heat source other than the sun.

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I really do. Every time I see someone’s greenhouse on Facebook I get all excited all over again.

But that is not all I have been doing. That tiny nine patch quilt group I joined, well I now have over four hundred three and a half inch blocks ready to sew together between muslin blocks. I barely made a dent in my tub of fabric pieces even though I cut thousands of squares from it.

This is positively the last quilt I am starting until I get some completed that I have had in boxes for years.

But it’s been fun sewing and it is a great way to showcase a lot of your fabrics. I’ve been finding some I had forgotten about. Like a treasure hunt, really.

We are having an early Spring. I really don’t like it to happen this early as a lot of times we get freezing weather that burns all the buds on the trees and they aren’t a pretty as they can be. A lot of Magnolia trees have already bloomed all around town. They are beautiful trees, but won’t last long and be gone for another year. The daffodils are already blooming.

A lilttle primrose surprised me by the back porch. I wasn’t sure it would make it through the Winter.

These are miniature daffodils. Just one little bunch, but they are so sweet.

We will be celebrating my daughter’s birthday and Easter the same weekend. We have been invited out this year. First time I have not fixed Easter dinner for decades and I am happy about it. We are taking the eggs to hide and I will bake some things, but I don’t have to worry about the complete meal this year and that mekes me happy! Our granddaughter will be singing at her church, so we are going to go to her church this year. First time we have missed our church’s Easter celebration in forty some years!

I will let you know more about my greenhouse as the time grows nearer. Some good news today for me was that my eye doctor said my eye is getting better and I don’t have to go see him again for eleven weeks. I’ve been going about every six to eight weeks to get a shot in my eye so I am hoping we are seeing this drawing to a close. I have not seen any floaters in my eyes for a long time. When I first started this, I was seeing so many floaters I felt like I was in a fishbowl with gnats flying all around it, so it’s been a blessing not to see them. \

A Happy and Blessed Easter to all you who celebrate. Jesus died for us all and I give Him all the praise. Happy Spring, too! It’s really coming next week. Bye.

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