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Things I am Making

Every day I go out to my shop and sew for hours. I am making things for my sale in December. Here are a few things I have made. There are hundreds more.

These are my church dolls all rolled up and ready to go to some little boy or girl to play with while sitting quietly in church. There are three dolls in each and they come with a quilt or a knitted blanket.

One of dozens of patchwork stockings I have made. All are different.

I’ve been rolling my strips of fabric into fabric balls for years, but have decided to sell a few of them. They are solid fabric, not strips of fabric over styrofoam balls you find for sale in other places. I keep a few in a bowl for decoration.

David made the fence and I made the garland. This is mine that I made for my Autumn decorations.

I added spools of thread and cinnamon sticks between each piece and hung the garland pieces with tiny clothespins.

I’ve sewn lots of gift tags. I love making them so much, I cannot stop. I made a few today. They would look so cute on your Christmas gifts.
I sewed buttons on each one and tied it with a ribbon or twine.
While most of the patchwork Christmas stockings I have made are smaller, I have made a few very large ones for someone who you want to give lots of gifts to. This one is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture.

So, I’ve been busy sewing up a storm in my shop, but I know December 3rd will be here before I know it so I must keep busy.

The pups have been busy also. We have a few pumpkins coming on and they discovered one.

This is their version of a carved pumpkin. They picked it and carved it all by themselves. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was actually Sugar who did all the carving as she seems to be the one who is always looking for something to chew on, but since I didn’t catch her at it, they all get the blame.

Here’s to the joys of sewing and to dogs who carve pumpkins. Bye.

Labor Day Weekend and Beyond

I don’t want to believe it is Labor Day weekend already and now as I type this, it’s over. We had a nice beginning to the weekend by having lunch Saturday at Simmons Winery with our two sons and their wives. We have not been together for a meal in years so it was nice to catch up and see them together. One lives in St. Augustine, Florida and the other in Cincinnati, Ohio which is why we don’t see them together that often. I ordered a Ceasar side salad and their huge pretzel and I do mean huge. It took David and me two days to eat it!

Sunday we went to church, then drove down to Madison for lunch. Ate at a Frisch’s Big Boy.

I use to love Big Boys but my taste buds have changed. Although it was good, it wasn’t as good as I remember. Are they doing something to our meat, because everywhere I’ve eaten lately, the meat does not taste that good. I’m not a vegan and I love to eat meat so this is very bothersome to me.

We then drove downtown Madison and looked at the shops and houses. Madison has some of the most beautiful houses and most of them are made of brick. It’s a real river town. We went down by the Ohio river and found a seat and watched a family searching for something on the beach. I don’t know what they were looking for, but the grandparents, parents and kids were all searching diligently for something and some were even digging. I would have liked to ask them what they were looking for. They had big buckets and every once in a while they’d throw something in them. It was so relaxing sitting there, but we knew it was time to go. We did go back downtown again and saw a shop that sold wind flags and other things. They had the cutest parachutes that were spinning in the wind so we went in and I bought two. One with butterflies on it and another with dragonfiles on it. We already have the butterfly one spinning on our front porch.

I love the Ohio River. In fact, I love all big bodies of water. David and I both agreed we should come down here more often. It’s only an hour’s drive. That’s Kentucky on the other side.

On our way out of town I wanted to see the fountain Madison has.

It’s a truly beautiful fountain. Made of copper. A few years ago Madison hired this woman to come clean up the fountain. She was there all Summer taking the fountain apart and cleaning it. It still looks beautiful even though it has turned to verdigris. The flowers in Madison are amazing also. They really take pride in their town.

. Another place they take pride in is this…

Their cemetery. I know a cemetery is a strange place to look at as a tourist attraction, but we found a lot of history in this one and so many different kinds of monuments.

A special place for veterans.

It is a beautiful cemetery and I’m glad we drove through it. Years ago when we were in Charleston, North Carolina visiting David’s brother and his wife, they took us to see a cemetery. It was an old, old cemetery and had Civil War soldiers buried there. Sadly, in those times they did not integrate whites and blacks in grave yards so there was a special place for the black soldiers to be buried. Glad times have changed. Those soldiers lost their lives for our country, too.

The drive to Madison is so pretty. Through farmlands and down a steep hill. This was when we were going out of town.

A curvy road.

Past this little waterfall that drains into the Ohio River.
Then it was time to drive home and feed the dogs. I know they were waiting patiently.

If you ever get the chance to be in southern Indiana, visit Madison. It truly is an Indiana treasure. I love it so much. I wouldn’t mind living there.

As I leave I will leave you with some pictures of what I am working on for my Christmas sale. I just cannot stop making things and I ordered more fabric this week!

Yes, I know you can’t tell what I’m making from this, but there are at least three projects on there I am working on.

And last, but not least, I will show you the humogous egg one of my chickens laid.

Not really. The egg on the left is about an inch long. That chicken was just not trying that day! Bye.

Testing, testing, testing

Testing if I can now put pictures on my blog. It’s been a while. Here’s something I am making for my Christmas sale.

I’ve been making church people. Little dolls that children can play with quietly while sitting with their parents in church. A father, mother and child.
Each doll family comes with a quilt or a knitted afghan.
Each family is different.
Each doll comes tucked away in its own little pocket.
Then you can roll them up and put them away.

Okay, this is working fine now, thanks to David who figured it out for me. More posts coming about what I am making. I’ve made hundreds of things and am making more. I made the cutest tags for presents today. Can’t wait to show you. Bye.

No Pictures so Use Your Imagination!

I really wish I could show you some of the things I am making for my Christmas Sale on December 3rd. I know that date seems really far away, but it will get here before I know it and I have tons of things to do to get my shop ready. Mainly, it needs a good cleaning. Having the dogs in there with me this year has made it a little more furrier than I would like and I have been cleaning up where their pens are kept. I really wish I had the time and the energy to paint all the walls again, but that’s not going to happen.

I’ve been posting the little church people I have been making on Facebook and they have been received very well by some people. They really are so cute with their own little quilt or afghan and a roll up container made of fabric to keep them in. I’ve made five of them so far and may make more as they are so much fun and I really think anyone with a small child would love to have these for him or her to play with.

I made a small quilt the last couple of days. I keep telling myself I have enough stuff to sell, but I keep getting ideas and I have so much beautiful Christmas fabric, it just has to be used. I ordered red and white striped ticking way back in May or June and I finally got it this week and oh, do I love it and see so many things that can be made with it. I wish I could show you all the Christmas stockings I have made and the cutest little patchwork kitties. I loved making those so much, the last time I counted them I had made forty!

I do try to get outside often and play with the pups. They love me shooting their rubber ball and going after it. Most times Lucy is the one who gets it because she is the athlete, but Molly and Sugar give her a good run for the money. I really believe Lucy would fetch all day if I sat out there and shot her the ball.

David has been doing very well since his surgery. They keep asking him at the doctor’s office if he has any pain or is taking any pain medicine and he tells them “No,” which seems to surprise them. He really hasn’t been in that much pain. He’s doing exercises the PT gave him and he is talking about going back to work. They told him he could stand around and tell the other employees how to fold the clothes(He works at Ralph Lauren’s Polo store.) He’s been there since the store opened and is the last remaining employee who was hired there so he knows pretty much everything there is to know about the store. He started out taking out the trash, moved up to asst’ manager and was manager for a short while, but he did not like the demand that took on his time. He is retired, after all! Now he works only three days a week which is plenty. He is itching to get back, but I really hope he will stay home for a couple of months to ensure his shoulder is healing properly. But if the doctor tells him he can go back to work, I won’t be able to stop him.

I am saving money to get our house painted orange. I know, that sounds ghastly, but there is a house in Bloomington painted a rusty orange with deep spruce colored trim and it is beautiful Besides, I told David we would be the only house in our town that is painted orange. I keep working on him and I tell him it won’t happen for a couple of years. I think he hopes I will get out of the notion, but I know I won’t. Check out orange houses online. There are many beautiful ones. So unique. No white house for this girl. I may paint a birdhouse the colors I want to see how it looks. Also, we have a bay window with a roof and I want to have the roof replaced with copper. I can see it in my mind and think it would be a knock out house. I never stop dreaming even though I can’t do as much as I use to do. No matter how old you get, NEVER stop dreaming.

Hope you have some dreams and that some of them come true. Bye.

A Blur of Days

I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I have no idea how many days it’s been. So much has been happening. I got my second shot in my right eye to fight the histoplasmosis that has suddenly appeared in it. Thankfully, it did not get into the center of my eye and has not affected my vision and I pray it won’t. I have a very good eye doctor, Dr. Shah, and he knows what he is doing. Years ago when I had histo in my left eye and was getting shots, it was a traumatic experience. One doctor even made my eye blood shot for days afterward. When Dr. Shah gives me the shot, I hardly know when it’s happening he does it so quickly and painlessly. Anyway, enough about me.

David went in for surgery on his rotator cuff and when the doctor got in there he found a very badly torn shoulder muscle that he had to sew back onto the bone. OUCH!@ I was worried David would be in a lot of pain as our pastor had about the same surgery and had told him how painful it was. I don’t know if David just endures pain more than others, but he said he only had some pain right after the pain blocker they had put in wore off and one other day. He’s been keeping ahead of the pain with his pain meds and he has this what looks like a thermos that holds ice water and it has a tube that runs into the icepack he keeps on his shoulder and that has seemed to help a lot. The doctor told him this week that it was a really bad tear and it would be several months before he can take the sling off. Maybe as long as into February. So I am going to have to find someone to help me get food for the animals as I cannot pick up fifty pound bags anymore. But we have stocked up and have enough for a month or two so I will worry about that later.

We have been having some heavy rains which I am so thankful for because watering the garden is one thing I don’t have to do when it rains. Right now I feel like I am on a treadmill with the house, the dogs, the chickens and everything else. I know some of you reading this have done things by yourself for years, but I am not use to having to do the heavy work. I have to help David bathe as he is not to get his stitches wet for a while and has to keep his arm in a sling.

I do manage to get a few hours of sewing in for my Christmas sale I hope to have on December 3rd. I am finishing up three table runners this week. Sitting and slowly sewing on the binding is so relaxing to me during this time. I wish I could put pictures on here, but I still haven’t figured out how. I am hoping when my son, who is a computer tech, comes to visit he can find out what has happened to my blog.

We got a new pastor at our church and we really like him. David had put on Facebook that he needed someone to mow our lawn and even though he doesn’t know us that well, our new pastor said he would come do it. I thought that was really nice. With all the rains, our lawn looks like a hay field.

I watched a really interesting show on ID called Village of the Damned. It is a true story about this small town in New York that in ten years time had so many murders and tragedies that people were calling it that. I liked how it ended though, when the townspeople said it was really a nice place to live and that those tragedies did not mean it was a horrible place. It really looks like your idea of the perfect small town. Someplace I’d like to visit.

David and I have been watching Vera on Britbox. And when I found out these stories came from books that Ann Cleeves wrote, I put some on my Kindle to read. Vera is a policewoman who takes no nonsense and is incredibly good at her job finding the killer in each episode. It’s really a good series, but as usual, we are getting to the end of them and will have to find another series to binge watch. Is the term Binge Watching something that started when you could stream shows? I never heard of binge watching any tv show in the sixties and seventies. Honestly, if someone had told me fifty years ago that you could pick and choose what you wanted to watch on tv, I would have laughed at them. Back then you only had a few channels on your black and white tv and the tv went off after the National Anthem was played until the next day. The Mickey Mouse Club was in black and white and was one of my favorite shows to watch after school. I so admired Annette and so did my brothers! Annette got MS like my daughter. She was beautiful right to the end of her life, inside and out.

Speaking of my daughter, a friend of hers put her on Gofundme to buy her a special car that she could get in with her wheelchair and go right up to the steering wheel with it and with special controls that she will have to learn to use, she can drive all by herself. She is so looking forward to having that freedom again as she loves to drive and not being able to has really been hard for her. Anyway, Gofundme paid for the vehicle and so she and her husband went this week to buy the car. Now it will have to be specially equipped just for her and she will have to have lessons on how to drive it. When she finally gets her wings, I want to take a ride with her.

I’ve written quite enough for now. Just please keep us in your prayers. Prayers really do work. Bye.

Summer Days

I really wish I could post pictures here, but something has gone wrong with my blog and I cannot figure how to put pictures on it right now so you will just have to read and try to picture things.

My garden is in full bloom. My little raised bed garden is actually prettier than any of my other gardens because it gets more attention. Everything is in bloom. The tomatoes are setting on and some are almost ready to be picked. I have had fried green tomatoes twice already and have pretty much had my fill of them this year. I’m going to try to put some pictures on my Facebook page so if you are my friend you can see the flowers that are in bloom. Cosmos, zinnias, nasturtiums, geraniums and others are looking so pretty.

I have some news about David’s and my health. Remember last winter David slipped and fell while taking care of the chickens? He’s been going to the doctor ever since and finally the doctor decided maybe he needed surgery to repair the damage. He may have even torn a muscle loose, but they won’t know until they get in there and see. He will be off work for five to six weeks best case and up to twelve weeks, worst case. Let’s hope and pray for best case. We are stocking up on feed for all the animals as I cannot load those big bags myself. He goes in for surgery August 4th.

I have had some bad news about my eyes. When I was in my twenties, I had ocular histoplasmosis which was in the center of my left eye. I had to have shots in my eye for several months to stop the bleeding. I lost the central vision in that eye. Well, the last time I was at my eye doctor, the one who lasered my retina back, discovered I had histo in my right eye. He said the good news was we caught it early and it was not in the central vision of my eye. I still worry about it, but I had one shot in that eye and will have to go get several more in the next months. Praying that this will save the sight in my right eye. I really don’t know what I would do if I lost my vision and could not quilt, knit or read. I’m counting on my doctor to take care of it for me and praying to God that He will give the doctor the knowledge to know how to treat it. If you who are reading this and are a praying person, please send a prayer up for David and me as we go through this trial.

Onto more pleasant things. We have been noticing that our black Lab, Sugar, always seems to be wet. We never see her in the pool where she knows not to go and there is never any wet places to show she has been in the pool. Today David went outside and went around the corner to the pool and Sugar was in the pool. When she saw him, she immediately got out. Caught red handed! Or red paws! None of our other dogs show any interest in getting in. So now we know the mystery of why Sugar is always wet. She’s sneaking in swims when we aren’t looking!

I have been working every day on things to sell at my Christmas sale I am still planning on having December 3rd. I have made hundreds of things and still have ideas for more. I really am enjoying myself. I go out in my shop every single day and work on something. If I ever can get pictures here on my blog, I will post some pictures of my creations.

David and I celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary on July 7th. Three days after that our granddaughter and her husband celebrated their first anniversary. I could tell her it doesn’t really seem that long ago when David and I were celebrating our first and we already had a tiny baby. And she will wake up one day and she and her husband will be celebrating their 50th anniversary wondering where the time went. When you are in a happy marriage, the time seems to fly. There are not enough years.

A while back David noticed that in the crawl space in our basement it looked like a den had been built so he figured a woodchuck had gotten in via under our porch which leads into our basement and it was setting up housekeeping. So, he set a trap. Guess what he caught? It wasn’t a skunk which we had to have removed this Spring. He caught a baby possusm. So he took it a few miles away and let it loose. Then he set the trap again. By the way, it seems possums like apples. He caught another baby possum. Off it went to where he took the last one. Well, five possums later and he thinks he has got them all. Meanwhile, out in our yard the dogs have caught two possums. Lucy came carrying one to me the other day. I don’t know if it was dead or playing possum. I don’t know where they all are coming from, but they seem to like it around our house. I don’t leave any food out, so that is not the draw. I have nothing against possums. They are actually very nice creatures. Just don’t want them in my house!

Speaking of creatures. I was upstairs and I came out of our bedroom and thought I saw a big piece of lint on the floor and started to pick it up and noticed it was a baby bat! I ran and got a waste basket and put over it until David got home. He took it outside. We don’t know how it got in. We have had adult bats in the house that came in through our fireplace, but we have it covered right now so it’s a mystery how the baby got in. For your information, baby bats are kind of cute.

Something is always going on around here. Never a dull moment. Hope your Summer(or Winter) is going well. Bye.

Fifty-four Years

Tomorrow, July 7, 2022 my husband, David and I will celebrate fifty-four years of marriage. I can’t believe it. Fifty-seven years ago I was a sixteen year old girl, minding my own business, going to the Dairy Queen at noon with my girlfriends from school when I saw him. The most handsome boy I had ever seen. A haircut in a burr while most boys were wearing Beatle haircuts, wearing a leather jacket and smoking a cigarette. It was my best friend’s cousin who was living with her family after his parents moved to the Virgin Islands. He did not want to go.

That Friday at a football game, he sat behind me and my friends and I thought he was interested in my girlfriend, Carol. Little did I know. That Sunday his cousin invited me to go to a movie, Joy in the Morning, with her and David and my mother said I could go. Let’s just say the day ended with some kisses and I was in love. Even my mother noticed that something had happened to me that day.

David and I dated all through his senior year and my junior year. Then he went into the military, but we knew we were going to get married one day. I went to college a year because my parents expected me to, but I knew I wanted to be married and have a family.

We were married by two pastors so we really are married. We spent our honeymoon at Traverse City, Michigan where David’s grandparents and other family lived.

The years passed so quickly. First one, then two and eventually three children joined our family and I had my big house and was extremely happy.

Sure, there have been some hard times, some sad times, some times when I felt like I wanted to quit, but David always was there to pick me up and keep me going.

I have been blessed to be married to one of the nicest men in the world who loves me completely. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t tell me I’m beautiful and that he loves me. I try to do the same for him except handsome instead of beautiful. He really is the most handsome man to me even now. Sexy, too, if I can embarrass my children a little bit by writing this.

So, David, if you are reading this, Happy Anniversary. I love you and you have made my life worth living. Let’s try for a few decades more. A thousand years would not be enough nor a million so we will have to continue our love affair in Heaven when the time comes. Love you, my handsome, sexy husband. Bye.

I’m Back

I’m going to try to write something and see if it turns up on my blog. My blog disappeared for a while and now it’s hard to put pictures on it or write, even. So let’s check to see what happens here. If it works, I will try to write a longer blog soon. I am all right. Nothing has happened to me, but I have had a health scare to tell you about if I can get it written on the blog. Bye.

Busy, Busy, Busy

That headline pretty much says what my life is about right at the moment.  In a few days, I will not be as busy, I hope.  I’ve been trying to plant all the flowers and all the seeds I have received in the past few weeks.  Finally got most of the seeds underground except for pumpkins and some torch flower seeds.  To be quite frank, I’ve run out of room in my yard and garden to plant much more.   My cup runneth over.  I received two really pretty hydrangea plants for Mother’s Day which have not been planted yet.  I can’t plant them where the pups can get to them.  David told me the other day they had dug up something we had planted(it looked like a stick when we planted it) and he thought it was lost, but he found it in the yard and replanted it and didn’t tell me until he noticed there were leaves coming out on it.  I can’t remember what kind of plant it is so we will have to wait and see when or if it flowers.

By the way, David has covid now.  I was really hoping we both had dodged the bullet, but he’s had a raspy throat and runny nose so he went in to the clinic at Kroger’s today and they said he had it and should stay home for at least five days and wear a mask around me since I don’t have it, yet.  Pray it doesn’t get any worse. He will be getting surgery on his shoulder sometime in the next few weeks.  Our Summer is really adding up to being fun, isn’t it?  Ha.

What keeps me sane is working in my shop on the Christmas projects for my sale on December 3rd.     I have made so many things and when I can get my pictures up again, I will show you. For some reason my computer is not cooperating with me and I can’t get my pictures onto my blog and I have a lot of them to show you.  Anyway, I spend at least three or four hours sewing and listening to talk radio and it becomes my calm and happy place.   I listen to Dan Borgino’s talk show. He’s not to everyone’s taste, but I like him.   I told David the other day I wonder what I will obsess about after I have all this sewing done and have had my sale.  There will be something, I know. Maybe I will obsess about cleaning my house.  It gets a lick and a spit once in a while.  It doesn’t really matter how often I dust, it always looks dusty and I don’t know why.  Just in the past year I’ve noticed things are dustier around here, even outside.  Our porch didn’t use to be dusty, but it is now.

I try to spend at least a half hour every day playing with the dogs.  I throw the ball so much my arm hurts at night.  You’d think I would finally have developed some muscle from all the throwing.   Lucy runs for a toy as soon as I open the door. She never wants to stop playing and if you want to see disappointment in a dog’s face, Lucy has it when I tell her we are through.   Molly has become fit as a fiddle where once she was overweight, now she is trim and muscular and loves to fetch also.  Just wish something like fetching would do that for me!

I have watched a couple of really good movies on tv.  I think they were both on Netflix.  One was  called A Walk in the Woods and starred Robert Redford and Nick Nolte as two old men who tried to walk the Appalachian Trail that runs from Maine to Georgia.   I never thought of Robert Redford as a comedian, but he has some pretty funny lines in the movie and Nick Nolte is hilarious as his alcoholic recovering friend he hadn’t seen in years.

Another movie which I found magical, but troubling at the same time was The Electrical Life of Louis Wain.  Louis Wain was an artist in the Victorian age who painted cats. He and his wife were some of the first people to ever keep cats inside their house at the time.   Cats were considered mousers and were kept to the barns.  He painted cats in some of the most magical settings and he became quite popular, but he did not copyright any of his work so he never made much money and died a pauper in an  insane asylum.  It sounds like a sad movie, but it really isn’t.

I find it hard to sit clear through many movies, but these two I enjoyed immensely. Right now, as I type, I have Hairspray on.   I’ve seen it before, but I love the music and it takes place in fifties so it’s right up my alley. There is a show like Dick Clark’s American Bandstand that the lead character, Tracy,  wants to get on.  I loved watching American Bandstand when I was a girl and I loved how the girls dressed and how the couples danced.  Many who appeared on that show became famous in their own right.  By the way, John Travolta plays the girl’s mother and he is hilarious.

I just wanted to stop in so you would know I’m still here.  I started an entirely different post the other day, but didn’t get it finished so maybe I will try to post that one soon.  Or I won’t. Not making any promises.  I had a nice Mother’s Day.  Went out to eat Saturday night with my daughter’s family.  Had phone calls wishing me Happy Mother’s Day and received those beautiful hydrangeas.

Hope your days are busy or not, if you prefer.  Summer is here. The temperature is climbing.  David has been in the pool already. Not me. The water has to be over 80 degrees for me to swim in it.   If the temperatures keep going up, it will be sooner rather than later.

I will leave you to watch the kids dancing in Hairspray.  Bye.





Stink, Stank, Stunk

A few days ago I woke up and I thought David was cooking breakfast, but it smelled really bad.  I got up and closed the bedroom door and went back to sleep.  Later, when I woke up again, I went downstairs and asked him what he had cooked.  He said he hadn’t cooked anything. “What is that I smelled?”  I asked him.

All day long I kept smelling something bad.  Sometimes it smelled like something was hot and was burning.  I have a very strong sense of smell so anything different in our house, I notice it right away.  This smell really was bothering me. I was worried that maybe the furnace was getting too hot, but David said it wasn’t that. David has no sense of smell to speak of so he did not notice what I was smelling.

Later I was outside and came up on our back porch and there it was.  The smell, but this time it smelled like skunk.  I was worried the dogs had run a skunk under the deck.  But, no, there was no skunk there, but David did some searching around the house and found what looked like burrowing under our front porch and it smelled like skunk. That’s all we needed. A family of skunks under the house!  He said it looked like something was living under there.

Since we built the new front porch we have had two kitten litters from a feral cat and a woodchuck take up residence under there.  This was by far the worst occupant we have had under there.  The first kitten litter David caught the kittens and mother cat, who scratched him up pretty badly.  We managed to find homes for all of them except the mother cat who got away.  The second litter, the mother cat got hit by a car and we think the kittens died under there, we are not sure.  The woodchuck also got hit by a car so that problem went away. But now, we have skunks!

David did some searching online for pest control people and he had a man answer who said he would come out and try to catch the skunk or skunks.  He came out and brought his trap and set it up.  He was a retired minister and a jack of all trades now. I wonder if he had ever caught a skunk before.   The first night he caught nothing so he moved the trap to another location and still no skunk trapped.   This time something ate the marshmallows he had put in the trap. Marshmallows!  Who would have thought of that to catch a skunk?

Remember the cartoon Pepe Lapew?   He was an amorous skunk who was constantly going after this cat.  He had a French accent and was very debonaire.  I thought he was sooo funny.  You could always tell his odor put off the cat.  Well, the skunk under our porch is putting me off.

The worst smell is in our basement. David says there’s a tunnel under there something has dug.

So far no luck catching the skunk.  I’m hoping we get it gone before porch sitting weather!  Bye.