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A Summer Drive

David and I bought a Jeep last Spring and haven’t really driven it many places except to work and the grocery since we got it, so one day last week we decided to take a drive through southern Indiana.   Indiana in Summer is so beautiful.  Everything is just bursting in bloom and leafing out.  The corn is growing and most fields will be knee high by the fourth of July.  That means the corn will be ready to harvest after the first frost.

Farmers are getting in their hay. It’s been good weather for it.

Bales of hay laying in the fields assures the farmer he will have feed for his cows this Winter.

I’ve seen my daddy baling hay many times while my brothers walked along behind the wagon he would pull and stacked the hay bales that would taken into the barn.  So much of the hay baled today are the big round bales and oftentimes they are left out in the field.

We saw this huge field of hay bales and it looked so picturesque.

The farmer’s pond was below the hayfield and I bet his cows were standing around it on this hot day getting a cool drink of water.

Farmers use to have barns that looked like this.  So many barns are going into disrepair.

Like this one. One time this was a grand barn full of animals and hay.  Now it stands as a sad reminder that if you don’t repair a roof, the rest of the building will soon be destroyed by the wind and rain.

It’s what happened to the barn on my family’s farm after it was sold.  The roof came off and the barn caved in. So sad.

At one time a farmer’s wife probably planted this rose and now it grows wild along the fence beside the old barn.  This barn looks like someone takes care of it.

Barns aren’t the only buildings that are falling into the ground. Old houses pepper the landscape along the backroads of Indiana.

Then we pass well cared for homesteads that you know the people love and want to keep it up.  This house is just beautiful and all the out buildings are in very good repair.

We couldn’t decide whether this was a newly built barn or someone’s house.  It has a lot of windows, but it looks like a barn.

We wondered why the trees were like this in just his area and we saw this sign.

Pin Oak trees in a wetland.

Such a sweet picture of mama and her baby.

We passed the Hoosier Horse Camp where people can bring their horses and camp and there are covered stalls outdoors for the horses to stay in when they aren’t being ridden.  How much fun would that be to camp with your horse?

There were ponds in many yards and fields.

Someone had a mailbox high in the air and had Air Mail painted on it.

Caution:  Death scene ahead!!  If you don’t want to see it, don’t scroll any farther.






We came across this grisly scene.

A dead deer in a field and many turkey vultures having their dinner.

There was a bunch of them. We disturbed them when they stopped and many flew away.

This one refused to budge.  I call these birds God’s scavengers because they scavenge the countryside in roads and fields and eat all the dead animals they find. I can see them lazily skimming the air currents above our house all the time looking for some small animal to eat.  I tell them to stay away from my chickens!  If not for these birds, there would be a lot of dead animals laying around and smelling so I appreciate them.

Our ride took us to Madison, Indiana, a little town on the Ohio River. It has a lot of cute little shops and it has many tourists that come visit.  I use to always come here for fabric at Margie’s fabric shop, before quilting became a fad, because she carried the old reproduction fabrics I could not find anywhere else.  There is a wonderful antique mall here and a park along the river with benches all along it where people can come sit and watch the boats go by.  They have a regatta every year with speed boats and that brings thousands to this tiny town.  David and I found a bench and sat and watched all the river activity.

We saw this bird sitting on a rock looking for fish.

The more pictures I took of it, the longer its neck seemed to get!

There were several ducks swimming on the river and down the way, children were leaping off a pier and swimming. Oh, to be a kid again.

Madison has a beautiful courthouse and this statue on its lawn.

We saw this tree all a bloom, but I didn’t know what kind it was.

It was loaded with white flowers.

Anyone know what this is?  It sure was pretty.

I have the sweetest little plant in my kitchen garden called Mallow and this year it has flowered very well.

The flowers look like tiny Rose of Sharon flowers.

I am going to have to try to paint these.  They are so pretty.

I’ve been doing some projects and this is one of them.

That white mailbox I showed you a while ago is now painted.

I copied this planter. I’m not an artist, but I do love to paint.  I’m working on a larger mailbox painting quilt blocks on it. The watering can behind these was painted by one of my grandsons years ago when I had them for camp and this was a project.

And last, but certainly not least, David cut some rhubarb for me the other day and I made the first pie I have made in a very long time.  I can’t remember the last time I had made a pie, but this one turned out very well.

It didn’t last very long, I will tell you that.

Hope your Summer is as lovely as mine has been.  Bye.









Trying Out a New Blog Page

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been gone from the Blog world for a while. I lost my other blog and my son is trying to set me up with a new one, so this is a test run.  A lot has been going on in my piece of the earth and I am looking forward to once again writing. I’ve been lost without my blog and telling you all that I’ve been up to, no matter how boring it can be!  So if you are reading this, I hope  to be writing regularly in the next few days. Bye.

After Easter Reflections

We had the most enjoyable, pleasant and yes, even spiritual Easter weekend.   We enjoyed everything about it, well, except me, with all the cooking, but that’s another story.

I spent all day Saturday baking and preparing food for Easter Sunday.  We were going  to have eight family members  with us for our Easter dinner. I don’t prepare large meals any longer.  David and I eat much smaller meals when its just us, but I like to go all out for company. I baked fresh rolls, angel food cake, sugar cookies, and made potato salad and cucumber, onion and tomato salad. We had home grown corn and escalloped potatoes and baked ham also.  I never spend a whole day in the kitchen and it quite wore me out. I went to bed early and slept for twelve hours!   David said next year we will provide the house and the ham and everyone can bring the rest of the dinner. Sounds alright to me.

David and I got up Easter morning and got ready and went to church. The message was such a good one about how Jesus’ crucifixion affected the different people around him on that day.  His mother, the religious leaders, his disciples, the two thieves on the crosses on either side of him being crucified also.  Jesus was not friends with the religious leaders. They spent their time following rules and Jesus did not follow the rules.  And can you imagine being the mother of Jesus and seeing Him suffering so greatly on the cross?    Jesus’ own family did not always agree with Him or believe He was the Son of God, but on Easter, they became believers.  Must have been hard being a sibling of Jesus. Was He always perfect and was He His mother’s favorite?

After the sermon we took communion which symbolizes Jesus’ blood and body that He shed for all of us.  A side note here and you don’t have to tell anyone, but the wafer and drink they are using right now during the Covid quarantine are just plain awful. I know we are not to consider it as food, but the liquid signifying Jesus’ blood puckers your lips and the wafer is like eating styrofoam. I will be glad when we get back to the regular stuff we use to use.  I know, I shouldn’t even be thinking about this while taking communion, but I can’t help how awful it tastes.

We went home and got the meal prepared and after everyone was there we sat down after prayer and  ate the meal together. Another side note.  I really don’t feel hungry after I’ve prepared a big meal and nothing really tastes good to me. I don’t know why.  And David and I are left with so many leftovers. I really need to learn how to cook smaller portions. But everyone enjoyed the meal which is really what counts.

David and I had hidden one hundred eggs around the yard and house with one golden rabbit that was worth five dollars. All the eggs were worth one dollar a piece.  Instead of candy the kids like this much more and I still had candy they could eat if they wanted it. I also baked bunny sugar cookies.  Don’t have a picture of them here, but they were iced and sugared in pastel colors and were really pretty.

These two are our youngest grandchildren and one of them is a teen-ager.  Our grandchildren have grown up so quickly.

These two are in college.  Abby will graduate this May and in July she is getting married to her high school sweetheart.  Aidan plays Lacrosses for his college and is the number one assist in the country. I think that’s how you say it.  He assists the ball into the goal, I guess.  I like Lacrosse, just don’t understand it too well.  Anyway, he is a very good Lacrosse player.

Their younger brother was in Florida with his dad so we didn’t get to share Easter with him this year.

We had a wonderful time visiting and spending time with one another. I know these times will become fewer and fewer as our grandchildren grow up and start their own families, but I do cherish these times we have with them.

Our other children, ahem, keep us very busy.

Lucy and Sugar have grown so big over the Winter.  We spend some time every day playing ball with them. Lucy, the brown Lab, loves to fetch so much. She would play fetch all day if we’d play it with her. She has the longest tongue.

Both puppies are almost as big as Molly. They take the ball out of her mouth like she use to do our old Lab Belle.  Turnabout is fair play, Molly.

Here all three dogs wait for David to shoot the ball. Who will get it first?

Ready, set…..GO!

Oh, oh.  One of the balls fell into the pool. Good puppies not going in to fetch it. They have already torn the pool liner which is going to be replaced this Summer. It’s almost twenty years old which is old for a liner, so I guess we got all the good out of this one we could.

Lucy never takes her eyes off the ball. NEVER.

I’ve neglected to show all the pretty flowers on display in our yard.  We have had so many daffodils and these are some of my favorites.  I will have to take more pictures this week.

Hope you had a blessed Easter and enjoyed it as much as we did.

Here’s to the One for which we celebrate Easter and to families which we cherish.  Bye.


I’ve Become Humpty Dumpty

It’s been about three years since I had my first heart episode and had all the tests that went with it ending up with a pacemaker. Before that, I was a walker. A few years ago I lost a lot of weight just walking. Didn’t change my diet or anything, just walked until I was walking five miles every day. And it was easy.  I was skinnier than I was when I got married.

Then I hurt both legs, not at the same time which made walking painful. Then the heart…. Well, it just all went downhill from there.  I’ve always been an active person, but this last year and with the Covid quarantine on top of it, I’ve been less active, let’s just say. I do manage to keep the house, play with the dogs, take care of the chickens, quilt and knit, but a lot of that is done sitting down as I tire very easily.  I really try to walk, but just a few steps and I’m winded.

Sadly, just because I’m not walking as much does not mean I stopped eating and with the quarantine and David always being hungry, we eat all the time it seems to me. I could go all day, and I do, not eating a thing, but when David is home he wants to eat.  And he is thin.

Anyway, I’m not one to stare in the mirror very often, but I caught a glimpse the other day and I did think to myself,  “I’ve turned into Humpty Dumpty.”   Regular sized howbeit, busty on top and round from the waist down.  I told David I could be a Weeble  Wobble. Remember those? Weebles Wobble and they don’t fall down. Well, the falling down I cannot guarantee, but I could wobble, I tell you.  My clothes have not changed fit or else they’ve stretched A LOT, but I haven’t gone up a size, thank goodness but you can’t go up much when you are at the top of the sizes!

Well, something must be done.  Summer is coming and I do want to go swimming and there’s a wedding coming up and I would like the bride not to be ashamed I’m her grandmother so I am going to try to trim down a bit.  Don’t know how, yet, or if I will even be successful because when you tire out easily, exercising does not come easily.

I bought a new exercise thing that I saw on TV. It was advertised by the guy who use to host The Newly Wed Game back long ago.  He’s old now, like me, and found that his balance was not very good so he, with his exercise guru, devised this platform that rocks and you have to stand on it and balance yourself. It has two poles that you hold onto while doing this.  I noticed after I had the pacemaker installed that for some reason my balance was not as good.  When the puppies would jump on me I’d practically fall down and that wasn’t good. So I got this THING and I’m trying to use it so I can gain my balance again. It also has rings attached I can lift to strengthen my arms and upper body strength which I have none.  Right now I’m doing good to do twenty arm curls.

I’m not making any promises to myself or anyone else, but I’ve got it in my mind that I will exercise and maybe get back to walking a little each day and seeing if I can remove the Humpty from my Dumpty.  David never says anything about my weight. Never has for which I am eternally grateful, because who needs a husband who tells you you are fat?   It would be like me telling him he’s getting bald.  Men don’t like to hear that, either.  But David wouldn’t say anything anyway because he’s kind and loves me.

I wish I could say I will challenge myself and tell anyone reading this how I am doing, but I’m not going to do that. Nor am I going to have a before or after photo should I succeed.  But if I do happen to lose a few pounds in the coming months, I will tell you.  If all is quiet suffice it to say, I’m a complete failure at this.

I’ve bought so many exercise machines in the past.  I still use my exercise bike and I have the Cardioglide which you stand upon and swing your legs forward and backward. I love that. I have had other things that have gone by the wayside. I even had that contraption you hung yourself upside down on, but it scared me and I sold it to a guy at a garage sale I had.  Now I kind of wish I still had it. I need to stretch this body out a little longer.

If you are struggling to lose some weight, join the party.  It’s a pretty big one from what I can tell when I go out in public.  Not a whole lot of stringbeans out there.  We are a rather rounded bunch of people, we Americans.  McDonald’s has not been good to us!  Not that I eat at McDonald’s that often. Maybe once in the past year.  I find myself looking at people and thinking to myself, “Am I that fat?”  I probably am or fatter, but I tell myself, “Naaah.”

I never thought I’d talk about my weight here where anyone can read it, but hey, what’s the secret.  People can see me.  I know I’m not in tiptop shape. Not even tip shape.  But there is hope and hope springs eternal and it is Spring and Summer is coming….

Here’s to exercise and the strength to do it!  Bye.


Marching Through Another Month

I feel like a broken record saying how fast each year goes, but 2021 is going fast.  We hardly had New Year’s and then Valentine’s Day and here we are in the middle of March already.

The days are full for two people who don’t go many places.  David and I are kept busy here on our little half acre with the puppies and the chickens and our hobbies and the upkeep on our old house.   I can say I have never been happier.  The past few days I have been mindlessly sewing two inch squares together from all the squares I have cut while making different quilts. I have a box full of them. I always knew that one day I would make a quilt from these squares.  I find it rather calming to sew them together as I listen to talk radio. The pile of blocks keeps getting higher and higher.

I have this quilt pinned together and ready to be quilted.  I absolutely loved sewing these little blocks. So much so that I made another quilt just like it in Christmas colors.

I put bird blocks in the center instead of a medallion like the pattern called for.

And I have this perfectly lovely material I found at an antique mall that will be the backing.  I will show this quilt in more detail later.

I’ve had my snowman quilt out for the Winter, but it’s time to put it away.

I made this quilt when we had a store and I sewed quilts from the quilt books we sold.

My snow people have been keeping warm on the dining room table.  But they will be put away soon.

We did have one good snow.  I was hoping for a blizzard like we had in 1978 when our children were small and David was in the National Guard and went out to rescue people who were stuck in their homes without food or heat.  At one house I remember him telling me they were burning their furniture in their fireplace to keep warm!    My children and I were snug as bugs in our home with plenty of food because I have always kept food stocked for an emergency and we hardly ever run out of anything.

But we didn’t have a blizzard and the snow lasted for only a few days and now the temperatures are up in the sixties so Spring cannot be far.

We had second Christmas with our son and his girlfriend and her son.

I made the son a quilt like all the others. Now everyone has at least one quilt I have made.

Our son had the virus which is why they didn’t come at Christmas, but that’s okay. I love having a second chance to have a second Christmas!

I became another year older.  I can remember as a girl talking with my friends, back in the sixties, about how old we would be in the year 2000 and we thought that fifty was old.  Well, we have all passed that and are even older.   I have lost several friends in the past few years. Yes, we are not getting any younger.

David took a week off to celebrate my birthday. We went out to eat a few times and he gave me these…

Such beautiful roses.

I always love getting cards. People don’t send them like they use to.  I still send cards to people because I think it’s just the extra thought that makes it special. Last year I sent a card and some money to a friend and he told me it made him feel like a kid again opening a birthday card and getting money.  That made me happy.  We all need to be treated like kids once in a while because we all are really just children in older bodies.    I like to think everyone has a kid inside just waiting to burst out.

I had a very happy, uneventful birthday which was fine with me. I told David I didn’t want cake and ice cream because with this quarantine I know I have gained weight and so I didn’t need to add any more!  It did seem strange not having a cake, but it was better that I didn’t have one.

Flower catalogs have been arriving almost daily, but these are the two I am ordering from this year.  Select seeds are very good and I had a nice display of zinnias last year.  I am looking forward to planting seeds and flowers soon.  But I won’t be planting anything in our back yard this year. Our two Lab puppies have made it  look like a junk yard dog lives back there. They have dug up some of my flower beds and they drag whole logs off the woodpile into the yard and chew on them.  I really think they are actually woodchucks, not dogs.  But I have always said the back yard belongs to the dogs and I can’t complain. They will grow out of all this behavior and next year I can resume planting there again.  Lucy and Sugar have grown so much. They were spayed last week and are doing well.  I thought for a short blip that I would like to raise some puppies, but I then decided it would be way too much work for us.  So Lucy and Sugar won’t be mothers, but they are the best dogs we have ever had except for Mollie and all the rest. All my dogs have been the best dogs.

I found this magazine a while back and it’s very interesting.  I have a special place  where I create and love it. The women featured here have some of the most beautiful studios.  My studio has a man and dogs tramping through it, so it’s not always the neatest place, but it’s mine and I have lots of room to work so I’m not complaining.

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. I hope your year has been going well.  Our governor is talking about lifting the mask mandate, halleluhah, something I have not complied to very well as I think it’s unhealthy to breath the air through a mask.  Of course I have worn a mask when it was required.   So soon, I can go maskless with abandon.  Isn’t it strange how we all adapted so quickly to wearing masks without really knowing if they worked or not?  I hope I never see another mask in my lifetime.  Unless it’s a Halloween mask.

Here’s to March.  May it go out like a lamb. Bye.

The Death of a Great Man

I’m going to talk about Rush Limbaugh today. People either loved him or hated him. Kind of like President Trump.  I always wonder about people who hate others so easily, but that’s another blog for another day.   Hate comes easy for some people, I know.  But today there is not going to be any hate here.

Years ago David and I started a little vacuum cleaner and sewing machine repair store.  We sold sewing machines and vacuum cleaners and David did the repairs on ones brought to our store.  I was the only one in the store all day as David worked for the National Guard during the day and was only in the store at night after I went home.   Some days seemed pretty long so I started listening to talk radio.  I listened to Mike McConnell on WLW out of Cincinnati.  He was a really good talk show host and was very interesting. But one day, he was talking about sports, something which didn’t interest me at all, so I started searching through the channels to see if I could find something else to listen to.  Suddenly, I heard this man talking on our local radio station and he was saying things that I believed in.  He had a very compelling voice and made me think  of an elder professor giving a lecture.   He was also very funny and played great music.  That man was Rush Limbaugh.  Sorry to Mike McConnell, but I started to listen to Rush every day.  At that time there were Rush rooms at businesses where people could go and listen to Rush.  My store became a Rush room.  Our customers had to listen to him whether they wanted to or not. No one ever complained  and I’m pretty sure if they did I would have not turned Rush off.

At that time in the eighties, Rush wrote books and did Rush to excellence tours all over the country to packed auditoriums.   I bought his first book and was surprised at how he looked because I had this distinguished older man in my mind, and there he was a chubby, younger man.

I listened to Rush in our store for ten years. After we closed the store, I listened to him at home.  He got me through some years in our nation’s history when things weren’t going so well. The Clinton years were horrible and if not for Rush’s sense of humor and fun parodies, I would have been been upset all the time.  But he showed us the humor in all the things that were happening.  I listened to him after 911.  He calmed his listeners when it seemed that nothing would be right again.  He got me through the Obama years. I always believed Obama was the worst president we have ever had.  Then President Trump was elected and all was right with the world and our country blossomed into what it was meant to be.  Both President Trump and Rush wanted our country to be the best it could be and we were for four years.  Then Rush made a tragic announcement. He had stage 4 lung cancer.  He hadn’t smoked for years, but cancer got him.  He kept on talking through his treatments and when he couldn’t be there he had some excellent people to replace him, Mark Stein and Todd Herman being two of them.  At the State of the Union, President Trump gave Rush the Medal of Freedom. A very high honor. Those watching saw Nancy Pelosi make a fool of herself behind Trump, going so far as to tear up his speech after he was done. Very sorry to see such a tantrum.  Then the 2020 election came.   Sadly, people’s hate ruled out any thought and we got not the president Biden.  Not sure he’s legal, but he’s in the White House now. And our country is bleeding again.  So sad. I wished that Rush would get us through the next four horrible years, but it was not to be. This week when I turned on my radio I heard a woman’s voice and wondered who it was taking over for Rush that day, but it was his wife announcing that Rush had died. How hard that must have been for her.  Millions of people cried that day.

I can’t imagine not hearing Rush’s voice on the radio any more. He was the voice of reason in a very chaotic and angry time. People are so angry all the time now it seems.  And the hate. It was hard to understand how people could hold so much hate inside themselves for two men.  I don’t know who will fill his space, but I hope it will be somebody with the same love of our country that Rush had.  He truly felt like we lived in the best country on earth.  A beacon to other people.  So many people want to come here, legally and illegally.  Rush and President Trump both knew the treasure we have here in the United States. They talked about it every day.

Now they will run reruns of Rush’s shows for a time, but one day his voice will not be heard.  Good-bye, Rush.  You were and are a treasure that is gone too soon. Rest in Peace.  One day, I hope to hear your voice again.


Living Through the Decades

I’ve been around a while. I was born smack dab in the middle of the Twentieth Century. A very eventful century to be sure.  One that has a lot of memorable newsworthy events in it. We went from the horse and buggy to the space rocket in that century.  We watched Davy Crockett, The Mickey Mouse Club and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  We went from having milk and bread delivered to big box stores that carried everything.  We had our feet measured before we tried on shoes, sometime our feet were even X-rayed beforehand.  Now, no one helps you with your shoes.  Gas went from 21 cents a gallon to over two dollars a gallon and during the Obama administration in the 21st century, gas almost went to five dollars a gallon.

Of course, back in the earlier part of the twentieth century salaries were much lower. When David and I got married, we were making about five thousands dollars a year.  If someone had told me we would be making what we are making now I would have told them they were talking crazy, but with inflation, salaries rose also.  Government intervention rose also which made a lot of things cost more, like college. When I went to college it cost me $130 a quarter.  I made enough waitressing to pay for my first year in college. Then government started offering “free” Pell grants and other things to “help” us and college tuition went up into the low to high thousands per year.  Don’t tell me government doesn’t cost us money in everything.

I knew people who were born in the nineteenth century. Who were alive when horses and buggies were the norm.  These same people lived through two world wars and the Great Depression.   David’s Grandmother learned how to be frugal after that and she was frugal the rest of her life.  She saved everything.  My mother also lived during the roaring twenties, through two world wars, the Great Depression and the Viet Nam war and saw the first man to walk on the moon.  David’s grandmother lived to be 93 years old. She saw a lot of change in her lifetime, some good, some not so good.  My mother and daddy were married at the very beginning of the Great Depression, but my daddy was a farmer so they never went hungry and wanted for nothing.  It certainly wasn’t easy for them, but they made it through and raised six children through the thirties and into the seventies when their last son graduated from high school.  I wish my mother had had a blog back then so I could read more about her life. When you are a kid, you don’t think about asking your parents about their lives.

Now I am the grandmother of five grandchildren.  One born in the twentieth century and the rest in the twenty-first century.  If they live long enough, they could see the twenty-second century.   When I was young, I never thought I would become this old, but I did and pretty quickly, too.  Young people think think they will be young all their lives. I remember thinking that. I also remember thinking maybe my children would not grow up. I really did think that. That I would get to keep my children little forever. Well, it doesn’t and didn’t work out that way and now they are the age I think I am or would like to be.   In all honesty, though, I would not want to have to repeat all those years again.

What will my grandchildren see in their lifetime?  I hope they don’t see their country turn into a socialist one or worse a communist one. It seems at the time we have an administration who would like nothing better than to take away our rights given to us by our Creator. I fear for my grandchildren more and more and pray every day that things will change.  Things seem all upside down. What’s wrong is called right, what’s right is called wrong. Then I wonder if that is how my parents felt, how my grandparents felt in their day about the direction the country was going.  Maybe it’s a generational thing. I just want my grandchildren to know I fought as hard as I could to keep the country our founders began way back centuries ago. Wise men wrote the Constitution and gave us the Bill of Rights and if we are a moral and good country, we may be able to keep it. At least that is what one of the founders said at the signing.

I do wonder what is in the future.  What will people be using as fuel since the powers that be want to get rid of gas and oil products.  What will people be driving at the end of this century?  Will the pandemic still be going on? It seems like it’s gone on forever. I’m to the point I don’t want to participate any longer. Throw all masks away and take my risks. The school children are getting the worse end of the deal. They are losing their childhood experiences having school every day and being with children their age.  The not the  president says he will open schools one day a week!  What good is that?  Couldn’t one catch the virus on that one day as well as on five?  It’s really confusing what we hear from government. I don’t think they know what they are doing and are throwing stuff on the wall hoping it sticks.  I really miss President Trump because he always had a plan and he knew what he was doing.

Yes, things have changed through the years.  Remember when you had to get up off your seat and go change the channel on your television set?  Or you had to be within a couple of feet of your phone because the cord was too short to go far?  I remember dinners around the table every evening. My mother was the best cook and you didn’t want to miss one of her meals. I’m really hoping that this pandemic has brought families closer together and they are eating at the table with each other again.  Maybe this pandemic has taught us to slow down a bit.  Maybe God thought our lives were getting too hectic and we were losing our way.  We needed to have time for one another.  I hope so. 

I won’t see another century, but I know some people who probably will.   What have you seen in your lifetime?   We all are put here at certain times for a reason or a time like this as Esther in the Bible was.  She had one job God gave her and she accomplished it.  If she hadn’t many Jews would have been killed.  Are you ready for such a time as this?  I hope I am.  I pray I am.  Bye.





Dear CNN, MSNBC and Other leftist News Sources

For the last four years I have watched and listened as many liberal news sources have done nothing but bad mouth President Trump. It has been relentless. Not one minute of any day has there been one kind word about President Trump and even his wife, Melania.  Now that he is leaving office, because of a stolen election, I might add they are piling on. I just read a story from CNN that says there won’t be crowds at the inauguration because of President Trump. It’s all his fault.

You see, a few days ago President Trump had a peaceful rally in Washington. He was still talking to the crowd when from somewhere a mob attacked the Capitol building. People were shot.  Mayhem ruled.  I saw with my own eyes people being waved into the Capitol and they walked the halls unimpeded.  There were men with guns, but it was capitol police, not the mob.  I saw all of it taking place on tv and I thought to myself at the time, that is not the kind of people who have come by the hundreds of thousands to Trump rallies. People who stood peacefully in line.  Waited hours to see President Trump.  And when they left the rallies, they walked peacefully to their cars. No attacks. No shootings. Nothing was burned.  They were PEACEFUL people. That is who showed up to see President Trump on that cold winter day, but other groups were forming who didn’t have peace on their minds.  And no, even though you were told by CNN and other leftist news sources that President Trump incited the attack, it is all lies, made up from whole cloth to harm President Trump’s reputation all over the world.  Listen to the speech if you don’t believe me.  And just know, the attack started BEFORE President Trump’s speech was done.  We were told antifa and Black Lives Matter were not involved and now we are seeing a leader in the Black Lives Matter being arrested and many who were there attacking sure acted like antifa, a group that likes to destroy things and wreck havoc.  I am very suspicious that we’ve been set up. That this was all planned as soon as they knew President Trump was going to have a rally in Washington.

I don’t know what caused such hatred of President Trump from the start.  Maybe it’s because he’s not part of the political machine. Maybe he didn’t play by their rules. Maybe he actually got things done, unlike previous presidents. Peace in the Middle East.  A peaceful relationship with the leader of North Korea. Three Nobel Peace Prize nominations.  A wall built at our southern border which has been like a sieve for decades even though every president said he would get immigration under control.  Taxes were lowered. Gas prices went below two dollars a gallon from almost four dollars a gallon when Obama was in office.  Jobs were roaring back until the pandemic. And that’s a whole other story.

It’s been very frustrating the last four years to hear President Trump say or do something and then see it all lied about on CNN, MSNBC and all the other leftist news sources.  I wish they would have just once reported the truth, but the truth is not in them now.  It’s like we have our very own Pravda right here in the United States. I never, ever thought I would see this happen in my country.

Now we will be inaugurating the most rabid, leftist, socialist politicians we have ever had the misfortune to have in our government. I don’t think people even know what they voted for. Their hatred of President Trump was so stoked for four years, they would have voted for anyone to get him out of office, But President Trump did win handily election day, votes were harvested days later for Biden and now we will have a fraudulent president,  a mind impaired man in the highest office in the land.  I’m afraid. Very afraid. My hope does not lie tin the government, but in God and that is how I will get through this.

When you watch CNN, MSNBC and all the other liberal news outlets in the next few days ask yourself, “Am I hearing the Truth.” I just read something from CNN that the inauguration will have no crowds and it’s all President Trump’s fault because of what happened January 6th.   They have labeled all of us who voted for President Trump as  racists, homophobes, white supremists. We are now the mob.   Everyone who watches liberal news believes it.  The Republican party is trying to purge itself of Trump and his supporters. Good luck with that.  There will not be a Republican party then.

I can’t make anyone watch an alternate news outlet, but I really wish people would question a lot of what they are hearing instead of having knee jerk reactions to the hate spewed every, single, day.  Another story I read  on the web said that Melania Trump was the most stubborn first lady we have ever had.  That she has been clandestinely packing up to move out of Washington.  Now why would they put it in those words?  Of course Melania is packing. The Trumps are leaving the White House in just a few days.  And as for stubborn, she has had to stubbornly  listen to all the lies about her and let them roll off her back.  And don’t you wonder why she has never been asked to be on the cover of any magazine? Could it be HATE once again? It seems the liberals have enough hate to last forever. I’m still seeing Michelle Obama on magazines ad nauseum, but never our present first lady and will Jill Biden be put on every magazine cover? Kamala or as I like to call her Commi-la has already been interviewed more times than Melania ever was.  Now there is a true communist. Kamala Harris. Remember when we use to fight communism? Now we are inviting them into our White House.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been saying lately that congress needs to rein in the media. Maybe they could start with CNN, MSNBC and others although the congress fooling with our free speech scares me even more than a lying news media.

And last, but not least, Twitter and Facebook have been purging conservative speech for quite a while now and Twitter shut President Trump’s down while leaving up the Ayatollah, who tweeted, “Death to America,”  Most communist leaders still have Twitter. Doesn’t that bother you just a little bit? The leader of the free world does not have free speech, but communists and dictators do.  Someone said, dictators are the ones who control all speech. Dictators now work for Twitter and Facebook.  I have personally been put in Facebook jail for writing something that the Facebook censors didn’t agree with.  I just wish they would all take a course in the Constitution and what free speech means. It does not mean you have the right not to be offended by what I say.  It says I have the right to say anything. You can’t say, “Fire” in a crowded theater  and I wouldn’t recommend saying “Hijack,” on a full plane, but that’s the only speech that could be censored.

If you have read this far, you can see I am still passionate about my country and what is going on in it.  I don’t trust our media any longer although there are still a few places where they give the news, not opinion 24/7.  If you are happy with the lies coming from CNN, MSNBC and others you will continue to feed off them. Just know you are filling your own mind with hate, too and that is not good for America or the world.

I don’t mean for my blog to get all political and it won’t be all the time, but I intend to point out lies when I see them,  So this is to CNN, MSNBC and all you others.  We the people deserve to hear and see the truth, not what you want us to see and hear and definitely nothing you’ve made up.

Here’s to truth in reporting the news and the guts to do it. Bye.

Time to Take a Break or This is a Political Message

If you watched any news the last couple of days here is what you learned if you watched certain liberal news shows.  At a raging lunatic gathering of Trump supporters in Washington yesterday, President Trump gave a speech. He knows the election was stolen.   He was proud to be their president. He told the people to run  to the Capitol and let their voices be heard and get  violent if necessary.  Break windows, sit at Pelosi’s desk. Be shot.   That is what some people really think happened.

Here is what President Trump actually told a peaceful crowd of thousands. He told them to walk to the Capitol and let their voices be heard. OUTSIDE.  He did not tell them to rush the Capitol, break in and walk all over. He did not tell them to sit at Pelosi’s desk.  But somewhere things went horribly wrong.  I believe there was a group of radicals hidden in that crowd bent on destruction from the very first.  I believe there were people from antifa and BLM in that group bent upon destruction.  How do I know this crowd was peaceful?  I’ve been part of that crowd on occasion. I’ve watched practically every rally President Trump has had and never was there any violence, burning down of buildings, burning cars, shooting people. Never.  So I know the kind of people who gather for President Trump are peaceful, law abiding people. That is not what viewers of the liberal, leftist leaning news shows like CNN, MSNBC and now even FOX have heard for the past four years. We all are racist, homophobe, gun toting, rabble rousing lunatics bent on destruction. President Trump is evil and must be destroyed. If you believe this, you’ve been had.  No, we are proud Americans who love our country and don’t like the direction it is taking which is toward socialism, if not communism.  President Trump looked at our country a few years ago and did not like the way it was going either. All our businesses going overseas, many to China.  Our farmers doing poorly on the world market.  People’s taxes going up every year while we watched our money go to other countries.  When he took office all that changed and the ONE WORLD ORDER people did not like it.  Ever wonder why the Bushes and the Obamas were so cozy? They are part of those people.  So are most, if not all the Big Tech people. Trump did not fit into their world view so he had to be destroyed.  So for four years the liberal media NEVER had a good word for our president. While Michelle Obama has been featured on the cover of almost every magazine, Melania Trump, a real beauty who has been a model, was never featured on one magazine cover. Don’t you find that rather strange, if not petty?

Now we hear that Twitter has censored President Trump forever for inciting riots which he has never done. They are trying to silence him. They will try to silence us.  As long as I have this blog, I hope I can retain my free speech.  If they can censor our president, they can censor you and where will you go when you have no place to speak publicly?

We are living in very disturbing times. Some believe it could be end times.   Since God has not told me, I can’t say one way or the other. I just know to be prepared.  The next four years we will see more and more attacks on President Trump because they must keep him quiet, you see.  I wish I knew what he knew because I’d shout it to the world because maybe the world needs to know what is really going on in our country.  People don’t like to think of these kind of things. They believe if they keep their head down and just live a good life nothing will happen to them. Perhaps the Jews, before the Holocaust, thought the same thing and they came for them.  What if they come for us?

I hope I’m wrong. My recourse is to pray because God is still in control. He’s letting all this happen for a reason. Perhaps we deserve it, I don’t know.   I just know that there are two groups of people in my country now. One group has detested President Trump from the first day he took office, ignoring all the good he did the last four years or at least believing all they have heard on the liberal media. The other group is conservative and likes President Trump and for that reason only we have been called White Nationalists, homophobes, racist and all manner of foul names because the left knows if they say it enough, people will believe it and from reading some of the blogs I’ve read lately, they have succeeded.  That is another lie the liberal media has repeated ad nauseum that President Trump praised the White Nationalists. No, he never did. I heard his entire speech that day and not once did he praise them. He called them specifically horrible people, but he did say there were other people in that crowd that day who were good people and there were.  People were there that day to protest taking down a statue.  That did not automatically make them bad people, but the media labeled them that.  Think if the media decided they didn’t like you and every day they would report lie after lie about you, how horrible you are? Do you believe people would like you?  Probably not and that is what they have done to President Trump.

Is President Trump a good man?  None of us are good. Not one and not one of us will get into Heaven without Jesus Christ as our intercessor, but people have decided President Trump is bad and he must be destroyed. His good has far outweighed his bad. He’s done so much for so many people and so many people will never hear about it because the liberal media is afraid that will change their minds about the man.

If you have read this far, you know I am passionate about what is happening to our country. I don’t want it to go back to the way it was before President Trump when we were losing jobs, our taxes were high, gas was almost four dollars a gallon at one point.  I can’t stand to think what is going to happen under a president who is, at  best, halfway there. At worst he has dementia and was allowed to run anyway.  It’s not even laughable, it’s so tragic.

I will be like President Trump on Inauguration day. I won’t be there. I won’t watch or listen because I truly believe we will be inaugurating a fraudulent president. Since it will be David’s birthday, we will celebrate that, instead.

My next post I will try to be back to my cheery self, I hope, but I will still have a sick place in my stomach thinking of all we are losing.  Bye.


Old Books and Loving to Read

I am always on the lookout for old books when David and I go antiquing.   I’ve found some wonderful books throughout my searches.  I also have some old books I’ve kept from my childhood.  Books you can tell were read over and over by the shape they are in.

Before I show you some of my old books, I have a few things to tie up.

We are at the end of Autumn, my favorite season. It’s gone so quickly, Halloween and Thanksgiving already turned over on the calendar.

The foliage on the trees was beautiful. This maple outside our bathroom window really looked like gold.

For the first time, my burning bushes were bright red. I planted these years and years ago and they have never displayed the red leaves like they did this year.  We had even talked of replacing them, but I guess we won’t now.

The light coming through the windows this time of year is so different from any other time.

Here is a paint by number I just completed and the light shining through the windows gave it such a beautiful look.  I’ve really gotten into paints by number and have another one ready to begin after Christmas.

The dogs always seem to find the warmest place to lay and sleep.

This just shows how close Molly, Lucy and Sugar have become.  The puppies pile up on Molly and they are all toasty warm.

Speaking of puppies, a funny story.  The other night David and I were in the living room watching a movie when the door bell rang. David went to the door and a neighbor down the road had all three dogs with him.  They had evidently gotten out of the yard and who knows for how long were playing around the neighborhood. Molly looked absolutely exhausted. Anyway, we had to bring them through the house to get them back into the back yard and while bringing the puppies through, they got loose and began to jump on all the furniture. They were wild. They found my yarn and started grabbing it and running and David and I were chasing them all the way!  One of them got a ball of yarn and ran through the house, trailing yarn behind her.  We finally each grabbed a pup by the scruff of the neck and got them outside.  Then we had to find out how they got out. We walked the yard and all we could figure out is they jumped the gate, so David built a higher gate by adding wood and screen.  They haven’t gotten out since so hopefully it’s fixed.  I’m still wondering how fat Molly got over that gate. I’m sure she felt the need to stay with the puppies to protect them and she got over somehow.

We went to the Artist’s Colony restaurant in Nashville with our daughter and her family. This is what they served. It was all delicious, and I didn’t have to cook!

Now for old books.

I’ve been going through my books and found some I forgot I even had.

This is very outdated but very interesting. Some of the countries don’t even exist any longer, I don’t think.

Korea is around but split in two.  This picture was before it happened,

I have a feeling Canadian children don’t dress like this any more.

Norwegian boys “coasting.”

Evidently they only took pictures during the Winter.

No, here are two darling children dressed in their traditional clothes.  Not sure they would be comfortable to play in.

Romania spelled differently?

We were watching Alice Though the Looking Glass a few weeks ago and I found this book I didn’t know I had.

Lewis Carroll drew the illustrations.

Alice and Humpty Dumpty. Did Humpty Dumpty come before or after this book was written?  I don’t know. I may have to investigate this.

Beware the Jabberwocky!

Enough to give a child nightmares if this were read right before bedtime.

I was collecting Wizard of Oz books for a while, but they have become quite costly.

A story behind this book. I loved this book when I was a little girl and I still had a very vivid imagination. There is a time in the book when Princess Ozma is put into a peach pit and kept there.  It just so happened my mother was doing peaches at the time and I took one of the peach pits and put it beside my bed. I just knew Princess Ozma was going to come out of that pit and be my friend forevermore.  After a few nights, I knew it was not going to happen, but I really did think it would.  To this day, I think Ozma is still in that pit!

I always loved this story of who killed Cock Robin.  “It was I,” said the Sparrow, “with my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin.”  I thought it was the saddest of tales.

I haven’t read this book yet, but as you can see the lady who wrote the Little Colonel wrote this book and I loved the Little Colonel.

Oh, the “Jalna” books by Mazo De La Roche.  Books about a family who settled in pioneer Canada.  You can still buy the books and I have almost all of them. It follows the family as they build this wonderful house and raise their children. I just may have to read these again.

If you like to read gentle stories about good people who care for one another, read the Miss Read books. She writes about a village in England called Thrush Green and the school that is in it and all the characters in the village. I absolutely love these books and snatch one up anytime I find them because it’s hard to find some online.

I learned to read from these books.  I saw new Dick and Jane books were being produced.

This pictures tell a story even if you couldn’t read.

I’m not so old that I learned to spell out of these books, but my parents were.

Even in the classics, there were pictures most times.

Haven’t read this, so not sure what is happening with this spider. I will have to find out.

Back in time this was not politically incorrect, but you won’t see a picture like this in any book today.  It’s hard to imagine now.

I got this book cheaply at a sale.

I got it for the beautiful pictures inside of garden produce and flowers.

I had purchased this next book years ago and thought I would frame some of the pages, but since I’ve changed my mind and will keep the book intact.

In the days when they didn’t use photographs, but actual painted pictures.


Silas Marner. Anyone read this in school. I did.

This is well used book.

I am going to read this book. Years and years ago back when I was a second or third grader, we had a little library in a hole in the wall at our school and I remember going there with my best friend and would you believe, this is the book I picked out to take home.  I was a reader already and began to read it, but never finished it.  It’s on my list to complete.

This isn’t even a little bit of my personal library. I’ve been a voracious reader all my life. Right now I like reading psychological thrillers intermingled with feel good books about relationships and love.  I read mostly on my Kindle now, but I found this page I tore out of a magazine years ago.

It tells of the importance of books. Words on paper. I still like to pick up a good book and read it. I still love the smell of bookstores and libraries.  If you love to read as I do, you know what I mean.  Are you a reader? I can’t imagine not having a book ready to read at hand.  I fall asleep reading, after I say my prayers.  They say you are never alone when you have a book to read and you can travel anywhere you’d like to go.

So, here’s to wonderful books and their authors and puppies who love to run with yarn. Bye.