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Easter and Other Things

As a Christian, I love celebrating Easter as the day Jesus rose from the dead. He was like some of us with our government. He didn’t think much of it and He was treated very badly by the church people of the day, also. He was born of a virgin, yet the son of God and lived thirty-three years on this earth teaching about God and Heaven and hell and making plans to one day come back for all those who trust in Him. He was treated cruelly by the people who were in charge which was the Roman government. People didn’t have a whole lot of freedom with this bunch in control, but Jesus was not scared to speak up for all the people and he spoke of the love God has for everyone. He even said God wanted the little children to come to Him.

So Jesus was crucified on the cross and put into a borrowed tomb where the Roman soldiers put a huge stone in front so that no one could take his body out. They even had guards at the tomb and for three days all was normal as it could be with a man in a tomb until the third day. And that day made all the difference to the world and to every one of us. Jesus rose from the dead. Angels greeted Him at the tomb’s entrance. The women who came to put ointment on his body were astonished that his body was gone. Roman soldiers hunted everywhere for Jesus, but He was not there. He had risen and spent the next days He was on earth talking to His disciples and preparing them for what was to come. We all should be prepared for what is to come. Each of us is appointed one day to die. Do you know where you will be spending your eternity? If you put your trust in Jesus, you will have nothing to fear. I know I don’t.

So that is why Easter is such an important day for we Christians. You aren’t a Christian if you go to a church. You aren’t a Christian just because you are good. The only way to be a Christian is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I talk to Him every single day and He always there for me.

So, David and I went to church where the choir sang a beautiful cantata and then the disciple, Peter, came and talked to us. Well, our pastor was dressed as Peter and told how Peter denied Jesus three times on the day he was crucified. The very man who was closest to Jesus, the man who vowed he would never deny Him, did so three times that day. It would be like your very best friend not sticking up for you when you are in trouble, but Peter feared the Roman soldiers and the crowds that surrounded him that day. Would I be like Peter and deny Jesus when the time comes? I’d like to say I wouldn’t, but I will never know unless it happens.

After church we went home and prepared a dinner of ham, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, potato salad, strawberry salad, rolls, cake and cupcakes. Every plate had a chocolate bunny on it. We had a guest, a friend of one of our grandsons who could not get home for Easter. We were delighted to have him. We had such a good time talking together and then we had an egg hunt. Every year David hides eggs and the grandchildren hunt them. All our grandchildren are getting so big so they don’t get candy. They get a dollar for every egg they find and one hundred and fifty were hidden. After the teens were done it was the adults’ time. We had hidden a few eggs with coupons in them for different restaurants. You should have seen all the adults having fun hunting for eggs! We all had a great time and a nice visit. A perfect Easter day.

The newlyweds, our granddaughter and her husband. They are so cute.

Two of our grandsons. They are so handsome.

Our daughter and her husband.

Every year someone tries to be the first person in our pool. The water was only fifty-nine degrees, but our youngest grandson stripped down and jumped in so he’s the winner this year!

His brother was too busy playing Dolly Parton. Years ago, I played Dolly Parton at a skit at our church and I bought this wig. I gave it to my grandson. Who knows what plans he has for it! Ha!

Our three dogs were absolutely basking in all the attention they were given. Here is Sugar getting the best belly rub of her life. She was in heaven.

Speaking of dogs, here is the paint by number picture I completed this week. I am very happy with it and it reminds me so much of all our Labs.

I’ve been doing lots of other things. I bought this book on Amazon a while back because I wanted to learn to knit something besides socks. There are several different styles of knitted hats in this book and I’ve knitted a couple already.

I really love this style and it will be so warm when Winter comes again.

This is what the top of it looks like. I really love it. It’s especially nice knitted in self striping yarn.

I forgot to show a card I gave to David this past Valentine’s Day. You have to special order it and they put a special date on it. This is our anniversary date when we will be married fifty-five years this year and our names “carved” into the tree. David liked it.

I hope your days are filled with love, joy and peace. Keep your eyes on the One who loves you so because He will never leave you. Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Day. Bye.