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A Day Antiquing

David had to go up to the VA hospital in Indianapolis last week to have his ears checked.  They said he was good to go, so we went.  Antiquing, that  is.  We took back roads to Noblesville where there are some really nice antique malls.  We didn’t have a lot of time, but what time we had was fruitful.


I wasn’t looking for a pitcher, but this one practically jumped in my hands and said, “Please take me home.”  So I did.  It was a good price and I can see flowers displayed in it on Easter.


Another vintage tablecloth was found.  I am pretty particular the tablecloths I bring home now because I have been collecting them for years, but this one was so vibrant and in very good condition. It doesn’t, however, fit our big, square dining table so I will have to put another tablecloth under it that fits and put it on top.  I like it though. I use my tablecloths.  I don’t just store them away never to see the light of day.  There’s something homey about a tablecloth on a table as if something special is going to happen.  Mother always had an oilcloth tablecloth on the kitchen table at home and when we had company, she got out her good tablecloths.  It always made the meals more special.


Love the colors.




David is good at scoping out things I like.  He came up to me and asked if I had seen the fabric and I hadn’t.  Found these pretty pieces that will be going into a quilt. In fact, I have already cut into them.  With good fabric going for eight to ten dollars a yard anymore, it’s nice to find a yard or two for two or three dollars.


Found this book on a half price table and since I love vintage children’s books, I decided to get it.  After I got it home I was reading it and found that it had some quirky renditions of old fairytales and nursery rhymes.


Such as When The Old Woman Moved From the Shoe.


Or The Search For Bo-Peep’s Sheep.


Here’s Little Bo Peep.  Hey, wouldn’t that be a good name for a chicken?  Just thought of that.


Love the graphics in old children’s books.  This book was published in 1937.


I feel like with the cold weather and being so busy, I have neglected the furry pets in our family. This is what meets me every time I go out the door.  Belle with her rope, wanting to play.  She can just about pull my arm out of the socket when she tugs it.  Strong little critter.  Most labs don’t have such a strong mouth.


Then there’s Bonnie who is ignoring me because I spend way too much time with the chickens and not enough with her.


This use to be Delilah, but David and I both think she looks like an eagle, so her name from now on will be Freedom.  I cannot get a really good picture of her because she is always moving, but she really does look like an eagle.


White head and all.


This chick is learning to perch and I found her here yesterday.  ‘I’m king of the hill!”



These are a couple of things I baked this week.  Apple crunch and blackberry crunch. Sorry, but they have both been eaten.  David and I are pigs, I’m afraid, when it comes to sweet stuff.


Well, hope you have better things to do than to sit around staring at chickens.  Have a great day.  Bye.



Spring in Indiana

Well, did you wake up to a wintery fairy land this morning?  Here we are in our first week of Spring with a beautiful snowfall in March that puts January to shame.  When I was a girl, my mother listened to the radio all the time while she was working around the house.   They played a different song for every month and here is March’s:

March comes in like a lion,

Old Man Winter’s gonna scram.

Spring is on the way and that’s why we say,

March goes out like a lamb.

Great things are happening all month long

on WKBV radio!

March came in like a lion this year and now it is going out like a lion so I guess that old adage isn’t working this year.









Some scenes from different windows from my house.  It truly is beautiful and I kind of like it knowing we really don’t have any control over the weather and the seasons.  Spring will come when it comes and Summer after and there isn’t a thing we can do about it.  Last year at this time it was in the eighties, my Spring flowers had already bloomed and were almost gone and we really didn’t have a normal Spring.  The days got hot fast and stayed hot for the Summer.  I like this weather much better and hope Spring will come with mild weather and soft sunlit days.  The flowers will bloom later and that’s all right.


This makes me so glad we left these Christmas lights up in the crabapple tree.  People driving by last night got a little light in the dark snowy weather.  It was so pretty.  When the crabapple blooms, I will turn the lights on again at night and I know it will be beautiful with lights shining through the blossoms. .

I am going to enjoy this day.  Feed the birds.  Play with the pets.  Do some sewing. Bake some bread.  Order some plants and fabric online.  Yes, it’s a good day.  Hope you have a wonderful day.  Bye.


Simple Pleasures

I am a woman of simple tastes and pleasures.  I am just as content with a good book and a quiet afternoon to read as I am going on a vacation to a far away exotic place.  I can go anywhere in the world with a good book.  I enjoy the simple home arts that are coming back now as more and more young women are staying home to raise their children and are blogging about their lives and learning from each other.

I read several blogs by young mothers and I want to tell you, there are a lot of creative and energetic young women out there raising their children, home schooling and making do with what they have.  It is a joy to read many of them and I learn so much in the process.  People crave a simpler time when family and home were the most important things.  Simple pleasures.

Sewing is my very favorite simple pleasure.  I love to sew quilts and the last week I finished sewing the tops of two of them.



I started this quilt before Valentine’s Day and I hope I will have it quilted by next Valentine’s Day.  It is made from Pamkitty Love fabric which I LOVE and have bought quite a few yards of this year.


I love the vintage graphics on this fabric.


Makes me think of Valentines I got when I was a girl.


I got the border sewn on my coffee cup quilt.  This was also made with Pamkitty fabric.  I hope she designs some more fabric because I really love this.



You know I am never content with working on just one quilt. Here are fabric strips made from two and a half inch squares.  I will need fifty-two fifty-two square strips to make a king size quilt for our bed.  I am using up a lot of my old fabric. It’s fun to see all the fabric I have bought in the past years going into one quilt.  This is one I will work on when I am not trying to get another one done.  Get that?  I do have one I am working on now and will just HAVE to buy more fabric for, but I cannot show you as it will be a gift in the future.  When it is done and given away, I will show it to you.  Simple pleasures.  I love to make things for others.

Chickens!  I promised myself I would not mention my chickens in this post, but I am breaking my promise to myself.


I bring my black lab, Bonnie, into my shop with me occasionally, and when she discovered the chickens, she couldn’t keep her eyes off them.  Considering what she did to a young robin last spring, I don’t have a lot of hope she will not try to eat one of my chicks, so this is as close as I will ever let her get to them. She is mesmerized by them.


Every once in a while she will let out a whine as if to say she wants a little closer.  Not in this life, Bonnie.  You will not be having chicken for dinner any time soon if I have my way with it. Simple pleasures.  My chicks and my dogs.  They are so much fun.

A few years ago I discovered a wonderful British series on PBS.


Rosemary and Thyme.  It is about two women, Nora Thyme and Rosemary Boxer, who find each other in a serendipitous way and become fast friends.   I love finding friends like that.  When you least expect them, they pop into your life.


Rosemary Boxer is a landscaper who works on the gardens of the wealthy.  She is tiny, but spunky and has gotten herself into some dangerous situations.DSCN5600

Nora Thyme, played by Pam Ferris, who was Miss Trunchbull, that evil head of the school in the movie “Matilda.”  She was so mean in that and very unattractive.  Pam Ferris is really a pretty lady.  Anyway, she plays Nora, a former policewoman who marries and becomes a homemaker.  In this house.



Couldn’t you just walk through this door and set up housekeeping and be happy for life?  Well, poor Nora’s philandering husband left her for a twenty-three year old “skinny tart,” as Nora called her.  She was broken hearted and moved into an inn where she met Rosemary.


These two began working together in the landscaping business and what do you know?  They always fall into some kind of crime they have to solve and with Nora’s background doing police work they always get their man(or woman.)


I love this series because you have mystery, crime, murder, beautiful British gardens and two intelligent women who work well together to solve the crimes.  Since we got Netflix, I can now watch this any time I want.  There are only twenty-three episodes. I wish there were hundreds, they are so good.  Simple pleasures.  A series one can watch and not have to hide your eyes for fear what you might see.  It’s got all the ingredients for a show that I like.


Nora and Rosemary have just found out something surprising here.  If you can get this show, you should watch it.


I will leave you with one of my chickens doing the Chicken Dance.  Bye.


Juvenile Delinquents

Before I continue writing this, I just want to say, “PEOPLE FROM CHINA and ISRAEL ARE READING MY BLOG!!!!!”  I know, I know, some of you out there who have been blogging for years and get people reading from all over the world are pretty blasé about this now, but for me, I am so excited.  Hi, all you people in China and Israel and the UK and Ireland and Australia who have read my post.  I am so glad you found me and hope you will come back again. In fact, I love anyone who reads my post and I really love you if you leave a comment!

Okay, took care of that, and now for more chicken news.  I know I am becoming quite obsessed with my chickens, but they amuse me in so many ways. I didn’t know raising chickens would be so much fun. These little girls are so cute,nosy and have true personalities.


The chicks are becoming like adolescents now with their big feet, long legs and wings that they don’t know what to do with.  They preen and pick and flutter and cheep and chase each other around the cage and I just watch them laughing.  Now when I open the cage, they come running. One of them has her eye out to see if she can buzz by me and get out into the real world. Juvenile delinquent.  She never fails to stretch her neck and look beyond me to the great big world she sees behind my back(my shop.) I have to watch that girl.  I don’t know what I would do if she got out because there are so many places to hide in my shop.


This is Phoebe. A Rhode Island Red. She is my favorite.  Just don’t tell the others. She is always looking at me when I come in  the shop.  Scrutinizing me is more like it.  I think she is trying to figure me out.  I am in big trouble if she ever does.  She will sit in my hand and eat and her little feet are so cold.  Need to knit her some socks.

Soon, when it warms up, the girls will be moved to their coop in the back yard and will be free to wander in the garden.  That will really be a shock to them after being cooped up in a dog cage for the last few weeks.  Freedom!!  Then I will have to worry about that big hawk that is always flying above our yard looking for food. He’s not getting one of my chickens.  He had an altercation with some crows a while back.  A real air battle took place above our yard as the crows attacked the hawk and sent it packing.  The hawk did not give up easily.  I will have to hire some crows to protect my chickens.

Been doing some yard work today.  It’s so wonderful to see all the flowers poking up and some daffodils that will be open in another week or two.  Maybe by Easter it will be getting pretty around here.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Bye.

What do ya get?

What do you get when you cross a can of spray paint,


an old wooden bracelet,


and a box of yellow chicks?


You get a chick bracelet or a bracelet for chicks, whichever you prefer.


When I saw the box of chicks at the store, immediately my mind said, “Mind, those would be so cute on a bracelet.” Yep, that’s how my mind works.



First I sanded the bracelet.


Then I spray painted it.  That took the longest. About three days to get it covered well and dried.  Then with my trusty glue gun I began to glue on chicks.


Not these chicks.



These chicks.  I was really happy with how it turned out.

As I photographed the chicks today they got closer,DSCN5558

and closer,


and closer,


What?!?!  Are you lookin’ at me chicky?

Here’s to chick bracelets and nosy chicks.  Bye














A Birthday and a Week Gone By Too Quickly

Whew, has a whole week of March already passed?  March, April and May are my favorite months and they always seem to go by so quickly.  Of course, it seems like time is going by so quickly nowadays.   I will tell you about my birthday and the week, but first, I must tell you about my mother who would have celebrated her ninety-eighth birthday today.



My Mother grew up during the roaring twenties, got married during the great depression, lived through two world wars, the Korean war and the Viet Nam war.  She was a town girl who married a farm boy and lived on a farm all her married life.  She raised six children, took in my aunt when she had no place to live, cared for her father-in-law during his last months of life, brought her mother home to live with us when her father died.  She woke up each day before sunrise to bathe and read her Bible.  She very rarely went out to eat, but cooked at least two full meals a day.  People loved to eat her cooking.  She lived most of her married life in a house without indoor plumbing, air conditioning or central heating.  She didn’t get to enjoy those until later in life.  She hung clothes out to dry in all kinds of weather.  I remember her bringing in blue jeans stiff and frozen from off the line and standing them in the kitchen to melt.

My mother was a voracious reader.  She would take my brother and me to the library every two weeks and we would all come home with an armload of books.  She read constantly when she wasn’t cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing or taking care of children.  She taught me to love reading, made me learn to cook although at the time I hated it, taught me to sew and taught me to have a mind of my own.  She certainly did.

My mother and father were married for over fifty years and acted like sweethearts all those years.  When Daddy died, my mother’s life crumbled.  She had to have back surgery the week after he was buried.  She missed him until the day she died.  I know that now they are together in heaven and I can’t wait to see them both.  Happy birthday, Mom. You were a wonderful mother.

Monday was my birthday and we celebrated by going out to eat at Olive Garden. Then we went to DSW where I got two new pairs of shoes.  Then we went antiquing.  I found this neat wicker suitcase.


At least I thought it was a suitcase until I opened it.


It was a picnic basket with four china plates, four china cups in their own little basket and four sets of silverware.  Made for a fancy picnic.   I told David I would make pimento and ham salad sandwiches and tea cakes and take a pretty tablecloth to spread and we would have a real British picnic.  Sounds like fun.


I also got this tablecloth.  It is big enough to fit our big square dining table.  Most tablecloths won’t fit it.


The fabric is so pretty for Spring and Summer.


Tuesday night and into Wednesday it snowed.  It was so pretty, but I really am ready for Spring.


I am leading a Beth Moore Bible study, James Mercy Triumphs, for the next eight weeks and I have been studying.  There are five levels to this study and one of them is to copy the complete book of James in longhand.  I find I notice things I may not have noticed if I were just reading the book.  It impresses things on your mind when you copy them down.  Just think, for years the only way to have a Bible was if someone copied it and you happened to get one.  Bibles were scarce at first.  I can’t imagine copying the whole book although I told David I would like to try.  He said I didn’t have enough time.  Well, it would give me something to do until I die!


The chicks have been keeping me entertained.  They are growing their pinfeathers now.  I love to watch them strut and stretch their wings.  They are getting use to them as they flap them and chase each other.  One flew out of the box I put them in while I clean their cage.  Have to get a taller box.



I have decided on names for the chicks.  They will be Biblical names. Beatrice, Dorcas,  Penninah, Jemima, Delilah and Phoebe.  That Buff Orpington above would make a good Beatrice.


I have been trying to get the chicks to come to me and today I put some of their feed in my hand and held it out.  Almost immediately chicks began to peck at the feed.


Soon I had a handful of chicks pecking away.  It felt so funny.


See that cute little Rhode Island Red in my hand?  The wing feathers are so pretty.


The Barred Rocks have little white spots on their heads.  They will be a striped chicken when they are grown and lay brown eggs.



This one looks a little scrawny.   She tends to stay away from the rest.  Must be a loner.  She will have to get over that.

I am so enjoying the chickens.  I guess it is the farm girl in me. I don’t look at caring for them as work.  I enjoy doing it.  Daddy always told me you take care of your livestock first before you take care of yourself.  Feed and water them and then you eat.  I have always taken that to heart and do the same with all my animals.  I had a friend once who I asked if she fed the birds and she told me it was too much work and she didn’t have time.  Definitely a city girl.  It takes about ten minutes to clean the pen and feed and water the chicks.  I also feed and water two dogs and quite a few birds.  It’s probably a good thing we don’t have more land or I would have a horse and some goats.

Well, got to go.  The Bible is showing on television and last week’s was really good.  Have a wonderful week.  Bye.



The Chicks Have Landed and a Quiz


Six little ladies have come to our house to stay.  Two Buff Orpingtons, two Rhode Island Reds, and two Barred Rock pullets.  I’ve been studying up on different breeds of chickens and these seemed the best breeds for eggs and temperament.  I’m hoping in a few months to be gathering fresh eggs.



Until we got the heat lamps situated close enough, the little chicks piled into a ball of fluff in the corner of the cage.  Now that they are warm enough, they are venturing out into their big world of cagedom.


I’m going to name them all, but I am waiting for their personalities to come out.  Chickens really do have personalities. I notice one is more vocal than the rest, one is more aggressive having already pecked my finger, and one is pretty passive.  They are all so cute. They are so much fun to watch.  I grew up around chickens so I have been around baby chicks before, but this is the first time I have been responsible for them.  I feel like they are my babies and I want each one to make it to adulthood.



They are already getting their pinfeathers.  They are growing up so fast,  Waaaa.


Looks like your typical Easter chicken doesn’t she?  Didn’t remember how messy chickens are.  They are going to keep me busy.


And now for a quiz.



What is this?

1. A giant hairball?

2. A breast implant that went terribly wrong?

3.  A figment of my imagination?

4. None of the above?


If you said “none of the above” you are smarter than the average bear. Who use to say that?

Of course you know this is a fabric ball.


When I buy new fabric, I tear off the selvages and put them in a basket and when I have time, I roll the strips into balls.  I guess you can tell I have bought great quantities of fabric because I have made several balls.  These are solid fabric.  I have seen fabric balls for sale and they are usually Styrofoam balls with a few strips of fabric wrapped around them and sell for two or three dollars.  No Styrofoam balls in mine.   After I had made way too many, I decided I was going to try to make a giant fabric ball and so…..


I began rolling and rolling fabric until I had one this big.



This is how it compares with the regular size ball.  I have made it my goal to make the biggest fabric ball I can.  Everyone needs a goal?  Right?  Maybe I will get into the Guiness Book of World Records.


Before I leave I will introduce you to our granddog, Jackson.  He has been staying with us this week while his parents were having fun elsewhere.  He’s going home soon.  I will miss him.  Here’s to dog sitting, baby chicks and ball rolling. What an exciting life! Bye.