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Winter Wonder?

Well, the blizzard I was hoping would hit us in January never appeared. In fact, we had the warmest January in years and February is turning out to be warm also. Today it was 67 degrees out.  It smelled like  Spring.  We sat on our front porch and watched the  Sandhill cranes flying above us heading toward Camp Atterbury where they will rest.  They have a distinctive call as they fly and David heard them before we saw them. Trill your tongue against the roof of your mouth and that is  kind of what they sound like.  We saw two flocks today, but there will be several more.

I wanted January to last for a long time. It seems it’s the only month we are not super busy. A time to get things done inside before Spring.  I have knitted three pairs of sock, made one quilt and completed another since Christmas.  I also made a couple of new pillows last week from some leftover patchwork fabric I found.


I’ve been working on this quilt for a while and was so happy to get it completed. All machine quilted.


I used a lot of different fabrics in this quilt which gives it an old fashioned look which I was aiming for.


These are the two pillows I made this week.  They are big and fat and comfy to lay your head upon.


These are socks I knit for David. No, they do not match exactly because this yarn did not have a repeating stripe, but he likes them. He has to wear blue jeans and navy shirts to work at Ralph Lauren so these socks will go with his outfit.

I also knit a couple of other pair, but since they might be gifts one day, I can’t show them now.


Oh, I forgot I made this pillow also. It came in a kit for a small wall hanging, but I wanted a pillow out of it.  I really love it.  It was so much fun to make and I’m thinking an entire quilt made with this pattern would be cute.


We have missed sitting on our porch and when the weather is even halfway decent we sit outside and watch the world go by.  Even when we have to bundle up.


But, as I wrote, our temperatures have been such that we sat out in our shirtsleeves today and were quite comfortable.


The skies have been so blue. You can see the Snow Moon peeking between the branches of this tree. Last night it was full and so bright. They say we had a lunar eclipse which we missed and a comet was supposed to pass close to earth. We didn’t see that either.  I saw the moon early this morning from our bedroom window and it was so beautiful. There is something about a full moon that lifts my spirits, know that there is a God and makes me feel at one with Him.   He set the moon to guard the night, lift the tides and light our way.

Speaking of lighting my way, this dog does it for me every day.  She is so sweet and makes me laugh just to see her.


The sun was shining on her this particular day and she looked absolutely beautiful.  A shiny coat, a broad chest and that little white patch.  OOOOh, she is so cute.  David has been working with her as she likes to bite his feet so I told him to keep treats with him and when she starts to bite his shoe, stop, tell her to sit and then give her a treat. He also has been playing fetch with her and she seems to be breaking the habit of biting on him.  He has been sorely tested by this dog I will have to admit. She has been slightly more rambunctious than any of our other dogs have been.   She has the sweetness of a Labrador, but the playfulness of a Boxer and sometimes the two don’t mix well.   We think she is more Boxer than Labrador.


But how can you be angry with her when she has chewed up one more thing, when you look out and see her with her chin on her chair fast asleep?  Kind of like naughty children. They look so sweet when they are asleep!


Sent out a few Valentine’s Day cards.  I like sending them better than Christmas cards because people don’t really expect to get them.

Can’t believe February is almost half over already. This year is speeding along.  One season following the other in quick succession.   Hope your year is going well. Happy Valentine’s Day.  Bye.



Despite it is only five days before Christmas and despite I haven’t finished shopping yet and despite I haven’t wrapped any of my presents(David has almost all his done) and despite I haven’t decided what I want to feed the mob coming Sunday and despite the house needs a good cleaning and despite the henhouse really needs a clean out and despite I really need to go to the grocery to get enough food for Sunday and despite I really need to get a new hairdo(which will not happen before Christmas, now)  and despite I feel this sense of urgency, this is what I am doing instead.

I get up lazily every morning. That’s what you can do after you are retired after decades of working and raising children.  It’s been really cold here and getting out of my warm heated bed is so hard to do. I make coffee and pour some peppermint creamer in it and light the cedar candle.   After Christmas, I just may plan one day to spend in bed and read and sleep.   Like that will really happen.


I all of a sudden decided today I needed to go through all the magazines I have collected through the years. Don’t judge me.  I have magazines from the 1970’s and still love looking through them. Magazines were much better years ago. A lot more reading in them and less ads and pictures.  Now they are all ads(mostly drug ads) and pictures with very little reading to do.  I remember when Good Housekeeping had several stories in them every month.  I don’t know why I felt this was something I needed to do, but I found satisfaction in it.  I find magazines that set me off on my love of antiques.  The décor in our house seems to have evolved through the years depending on what the magazines had in them.



I have been knitting patchwork socks using the leftover yarn from all the socks I have been knitting.   Yes, I need to get this done immediately!


Binding a Christmas quilt that still won’t be finished this Christmas.


My Christmas Chickens quilt.  I still have some quilting to do on it.


Feeding the birds. They eat all this in one day.


Loving seeing these pretty boys in the shrubs.



Watching this silliness on the bird feeder and laughing.


Watching Longmire on Netflix and taking naps.  I am under all these quilts and blankets.


Playing with these two.  I have a gun that shoots tennis balls and they would play chase the ball all day as long as I have treats for them.  See how alert they are?  I have treats in my hand.




Going around the house snapping pictures of things that look Christmasy to me.


And last but not least. I found a new blog by a woman who creates wonderful things out of fabric, paper mache, and found objects.  I will write about her blog sometime.  Anyway, she made these really cute little trees and provided a pattern and directions for them, so, of course, I had to stop everything I was doing to try to make a few of them.  I will show you after they are finished. They don’t look like much now, but trust me, they will look cute, I hope.  Her name is Ann Wood if you would like to check out her blog.  She has a pattern for hens on nests that I plan to get and make.    All this makes me so happy.

Of course none of this is what I should be doing, but I feel free and easy and probably won’t really get to work finishing up everything until Friday.  Christmas will come whether I get it all done or not.   I want to enjoy every single day.

Hope you find things that are making you happy too.  Bye.



What’s Going On

Well, I’m just sitting here wondering where in the world Summer went. It came in a blast of rain and heat and is leaving the same way.   I had so many plans.  Some came to fruition, others went by the wayside.  Like I totally missed our state fair again this year.  Every year David and I say we want to go, but this year we had a nasty bug and were waylaid for a couple of weeks, so we missed it.

I wanted to go to the zoo.  Haven’t made it there.

I’ve wanted to go on a picnic somewhere besides our backyard. Haven’t done it.

I have been swimming a whole lot more since it’s been so hot and humid this Summer.  But because of the heat and humidity, our lawn grows tall enough that we could bale it before we get the energy to go out and mow.

We tried to buy some more land which would have meant more mowing and I was wondering, “What are we thinking?”  Luckily, we didn’t get it.    They wanted way more than we were willing to pay.   It was all David’s idea.   But I always go along with him.  We are partners in crime, after all.

I took care of dogs and chickens all Summer.  Plus fed the Hummingbirds to the point we use about a five pound bag of sugar every week just for them.   They say animals are dumb?  Then why am I doing all the work, feeding, cleaning after them, taking them to the vet?  Molly hurt her eye somehow so we took her to the vet yesterday. I made an appointment for the morning and went to put her in the car, but she refused.  She weighs eighty-eight pounds so I couldn’t lift her.  I begged, pleaded, and gave her treats, but nothing was getting that dog into the car so I had to cancel the appointment and make one when David was here to get her in the car.  So, guess what?  Time for the appointment, she hopped right up into the car and David looked at me like I was crazy.  Go to the vet, she acts like everyone there is her best friend wagging her tail all over the place.  Even sat still while the vet put drops in her eye.   Get her home, she doesn’t want to get out of the car.  Crazy dog.  But I love her.


I guess she knows who is boss.

Our garden has overflowed with cucumbers and tomatoes.



I would go out and pick them one day and the next…….


Bam!  More. I can only eat so many so David has taken at least a half bushel to work with him and given them away.


This is my puny try at freezing some tomato juice.  So much work. So little produced.  Considering I don’t even use tomato juice very often, this is plenty for us. I have a friend who cans enough food for her and her husband to last all winter.  I admire her and she puts me to shame, but I’m not ashamed enough to do what she does.

I have three little hills of cucumbers and they have produced enough for David to have all he wants and to take to work and give away.  I am so glad those people like our produce.  I hate to throw it away.

We have had two of the grandboys a couple of nights this Summer which isn’t much, but they and their parents have busy schedules.




So they had these toothbrushes that lit up when they used them, so we turned off the lights and they demonstrated them for me.  It’s so easy to entertain Grandma.

We did manage to go to one auction.  It rained the entire day so I spent most of it in the car knitting while David stood out in the rain and bought a few things.  He got this for me. Five hours later.


A cute little Adirondack chair.   As I sat in the car, they sold a boat right in front of me for $500. It was a really nice boat too.


I’ve knitted socks.   Oh, yes I have.


David tried a new hairdo.

When we were getting our porch built a couple of years ago, one of the men working for our contractor brought me a flower since he saw I liked flowers.  He told me I couldn’t kill it.   Well, I watered in and kept it protected and watched it die down for the winter and it didn’t come up the next year.  This year it didn’t come up either, at least for a long time. Then one day I saw some leaves where a bare spot use to be, and soon the plant was growing taller and taller, so David made a cage around it so the rabbits wouldn’t eat it.  Now it is a beautiful big plant and I looked up what kind it is.



It’s called a Passion Flower and is so beautiful.  They only bloom for one day, but there are several flowers on the plant.

We are going to see the Ark in Cincinnati this week.  It’s an exact replica of the one described in the Bible.  There is a zoo there also so I get to make my trip to the zoo.   Thousands of people have already visited it and it just opened this Summer, on Dave’s and my anniversary.

Tomorrow I will start decorating the house for Fall.  Before we know it, it will be election day, then Thanksgiving(hope I will be thankful who got elected) and then Christmas.   Time is coming quickly.   Did you know time comes. it doesn’t go?  I learned that this year.   You can’t stop it.  It’s going to come so make the most of every day and give God the glory.


He’s provided some glorious sunsets this year.

Here’s to another Summer.  Good-bye, Summer, you were really special.  Bye





This is Retirement?

I don’t think David and I thought very much about retirement when we were younger.  We were just trying to make a living and raise our three children and keep food on the table.  I always heard that retirement was the time when one could kick back and relax.  Do some traveling.  People picture Grandmas and  Grandpas sitting on the porch, Grandma with knitting in her hands.  Well, a little of that happens around here, but we evidently didn’t get the message about how to behave when retired.

It seems we are busier than ever.  Work just as hard and the days go by much, much more quickly. Here it is, June already.  Where did May go?  I spend most of my days outside in the garden or taking care of the chickens and playing with the dogs.  Between laundry, cooking, cleaning, and other household chores, I keep pretty busy.  I don’t know how our ancestors did it without all the labor saving devices we have now.  My great-great-great grandmother had to heat the water for the laundry, wash everything on a washboard, hang the clothes outside, weather permitting, iron all the clothes and by the time she was done with that, it was time to start all over.  She did this while raising a garden, canning enough food to get the family through the winter, cooking every single meal, and raising a family.  Whew.  I get tired just thinking about it.  I can stick a load of clothes in the washer, go outside, and when I come in, the clothes are washed.  It almost seems like a miracle to me.  But I see miracles in a lot of things.   Not all that long ago if you had leftovers, you had to get out pans and heat them on the stove and then you would have all the pans to wash afterward. Now, with the microwave, we can fill up a plate with leftovers, heat it for a few minutes and have a good, hot meal, almost as good as the original you cooked before.  Miracle.

But I got off subject. I do that all the time.  Here are a few things that we have been doing the last few weeks.



We celebrated Memorial Day, a day to remember our fallen soldiers and also to remember loved ones who have died.  David’s grandmother always called it Decoration Day because it was the day she always took flowers and decorated the graves of family members.


I fix a pot of grass for the chickens every once in a while.  They need their greens, too.


“What are you looking at?  Can’t we eat without being disturbed?”

I’ve become a sock model.



Why do I always have a bruise on my shins?




See that pie safe in the background?  I took that step ladder there and climbed up to see if it needed dusting on top.  Well, since I  haven’t dusted up there in years, I found a dust storm up there.  I was a little amazed, thinking I kept a pretty clean house and there was such a dusty place almost right over my nose.  I took everything off it, washed what I could to include several American flags I had in a can.  I scrubbed the top three times until I felt like it was clean enough.  Now it’s good for another ten years!  I reckon if I looked hard enough, I could find several dusty places in my house, but I’m not going to look too hard.  The thing about dust.  It will always be there.  It won’t go away on its own.  I read one time that we could have the dust from the first Adam’s body in our dust bunnies under our beds because dust travels all over the world.  Maybe I have Moses under my bed or maybe Christopher Columbus.    If so, they will be quite safe there as I don’t like to dust all that much unless I really feel like it.





We had sixteen people here for dinner the other day and the kids all played in the pool. I love having lots of kids in the pool.  They had so much fun.  Besides that, they stir up all the stuff on the bottom of the pool and that actually helps to clean it.   And the water definitely was stirred.

David and I have eaten at a couple of different restaurants lately.  One was called Stone’s Family Restaurant in Mihousen.  The food was so-so, but it was worth the trip to eat the fried biscuits and apple butter.  We could have made a meal out of those.  The restaurant is in this little off the beaten path town time has forgot.   We drove several back roads to get there and the scenery was so pretty.  I don’t think any place is prettier than Indiana in Summer.

The other one was in the little town of Vernon.  Vernon hosts a town wide garage sale every Labor Day weekend.  There are yard sales all the way along the highway to Vernon. We went one year and there was just about everything for sale, plus there were vendors selling their wares.   We have eaten at this restaurant before.  Really good food.


We missed the Karaoke.


This is what it looks like on the outside.  Nothing special, but I don’t think I have ever had as good fish as I did there.   It was done to perfection.  Not greasy and not fishy tasting.


We ate there on the way back from this place.  Streamcliff Farm.  A nursery, winery that was having a flower sale.  I was not going to buy anymore flowers this year. But…..


Of course, I did.  You took a little red wagon through the greenhouses to pick up your plants.

I bought several perennials and a rhubarb plant. By the way, our rhubarb has done wonderfully this year.  I have several packages of it frozen so that in the middle of the winter, we can have rhubarb pie and think of Spring.



The plants sold here are so healthy and big.  I don’t know what kind of fertilizer they use,  but the plants sure do flourish.


There are little gardens everywhere.  I wonder what it is like to wake up every morning and know all this is yours and you can walk through it anytime?


Fish in the fishpond. Everyone needs a garden they can escape to whether it’s on several acres or on the rooftop of a city building.

There was a man there playing  and singing Johnny Cash songs and he sounded just like him!



Man in black.  I love Johnny Cash songs.  He was a great song writer and singer.



This is what I have been doing today.  David is replacing the fence boards along one side of our back yard so I decided to stain them.  There will be hundreds. Today I stained forty some.  He went and bought some more and some more stain, so guess what I will be doing tomorrow.


David put up the original fence about twenty-five years ago.  It’s held up pretty well, but it’s time to be replaced.


Just so they won’t think I have forgotten them, here’s the puppers.  Always watching for me to come out.  Playmate, come out and play with me, and bring your dollies three, climb up the apple tree.  Look down the rain barrel, slide down the cellar door.  And we’ll be jolly friends, forevermore.  My mother use to sing that song to me.


Molly looks like she has a big cigar in her mouth.

Hope you are having a wonderful Summer(or Winter in some parts of our world.)  Soon the longest day will come and the days will start to shorten again.  It never changes.  Bye.


Rainy Day

See that beautiful redbud and bright blue skies above?  That is what we had a week ago.  Then rain, sleet and snow came and we are back in winter weather.   It is suppose to warm up again and none too soon for me.


During the cold days there is potato soup making. (This is actually broccoli soup, but I did make potato soup also.)


There is yarn winding.  Here’s my very patient husband helping me wind a ball of new yarn.


There’s outdoor fires and sitting around the fire with friends.


This is one of the friends. Ha.  Look at that toothy grin.


Despite all the problems she has caused us(David), I love her so much.  She is definitely my dog.  Looking at me with her doe eyes.  Trying to pretend she wouldn’t do anything bad.  No, not at all.


It rained all day today.  Looking out the window it looked so misty and mysterious over in the now empty lot beside us.  Still getting use to not having a big house there.


That muddy place is where the big, beautiful house once stood.


David says he would love to buy this lot.  I sit and imagine planting hundreds of flowering trees and flowers and making our own park in it.   The grandkids could really have a great Easter egg hunt there.  I see wandering paths and benches for people to sit upon.  I already have it all planted and landscaped and it isn’t even for sale!


Our back yard is coming to life.  It looked so awful just a few weeks ago and then the miracle happens like it does every year.  I never stop being amazed at the change in such a short time.  David has mowed the grass once already and it needs it again.  Note to self.  Plant more flowers and trees and get rid of more lawn this year.


The garden is in its pink phase.  My very favorite.  First there’s the yellow daffodils. Then all the pink flowering bushes and trees burst into bloom.






Love it.


Rain pouring off my shop roof. I haven’t been out there to work on anything for a few weeks.  Knitting socks has been consuming my time.


I do have this pretty, Spring like fabric that I will be using to make a skirt.


So cozy sitting in a warm house looking out on the rain.  It’s really beautiful in its own way.


See the rain pouring from the gutter?  It really came down hard for a time.  They say rivers are going to flood around our city.  A few years ago we had a major flood. Our hospital was flooded, patients having to be evacuated.  Many people lost everything when the water came up to their houses.  We have several friends who lost everything and had to completely redo their houses.  I can’t imagine how horrible that was.  We were not affected at all.  In fact, I didn’t know it was that bad until a day later.  Our town is surrounded by rivers and a flood can really devastate.  Hope it never gets that bad again.


But the garden loves this rain.  It’s true.  April showers bring May flowers or in this case, April flowers.


I planted grass for my chickens.  Yes, my chickens like grass and crack.  What can I say?  Ha. Actually, I am growing lawn grass and when it gets tall enough I will put these in the chicken yard so that they can have a salad.



So hopefully glorious Spring  will return tomorrow.










Merry Month of Many Memories

March is one of my favorite months.  Probably because it’s my birthday month and I kind of celebrate it all month long.  I had a cake.


I got to eat out with some of my favorite people and I got some gift certificates.  Always love that.

David and I took a weekend off and just did what we wanted.  Ate out, relaxed, saw three movies and had a very nice couple of days.   We think we enjoy that as much as we do taking a long vacation.  We will probably do a few more of these weekends this year.  We have one planned to go to Cincinnati in May where I am going to a book signing of one of my favorite bloggers.  If you read Susan Branch’s blog, you know what I’m talking about.  I love her blogs especially the ones where she wrote about Downton Abbey.

I bought myself some new fabric. Seems like every March I do this.


Love getting new fabric. I don’t have a clue what I will make with this yet, but it will be used, I am sure.


Love these little flowers.


Decided to complete this child’s quilt I started last winter.





Each block has a picture of a child playing.


Among all the getting ready for Easter and company Sunday, I did get this pinned today. I also made potato salad, cleaned the chicken house, mulched some of the garden, did two loads of laundry, did the ironing, fed the dogs and chickens, moved bags of mulch, prepared supper for David and myself and then I collapsed on the sofa and have not gotten up since!  Oh, yes, I mixed up a batch of sugar cookies too.


Meanwhile the dogs want me to play with them.  I try to give them some play time with me every day, but today, not so much.  Sorry girls.


‘”Then I just won’t look at you, Mom.”


The hens are finally laying again. They went through a few weeks that we were fortunate to get an egg a day.   But now, we have them coming out our ears.  The eggs taste like butter, I’m telling you.  So rich and yellow.


They have been fertilizing my garden area all winter so I should have a great garden this year.  I think I am just going to plant pumpkins and tomatoes.  I have about fifty tomato plants started with some ready to plant outside when the weather is warmer.


Chickens still love their “crack.”


They’ll follow me anywhere when I have a bowl of this in my hand.


I got this quilt pinned this month.  I’m going to quilt it on the sewing machine.


I just got a brochure in the mail this week for a quilt magazine and this very quilt was in it.  All finished. I hope I get this finished in a few weeks.


I’m still knitting.  When I get frustrated trying to knit socks, I knit another scarf.   I’m trying to use up all my old yarn.


Speaking of socks, I got the heel flap knitted on this sock and then something horrible happened and I ended up tearing out the whole sock.  That makes about six times I have tried to make a sock.


I’m almost afraid to tell you about this sock because it’s the farthest I have gotten on one.  I knitted the heel flap, turned the heel, picked up stitches(Oh, that was horrendous) and am knitting the gussets now.  I am seeing a very dim light at the end of the tunnel, but until I get a sock finished I am not going to crow.  Even with all the ripping out and starting over, I quite enjoy knitting socks.  I just have to finish one. When I do, you all will be the first to know besides David, as he has been keeping up on my progress and encouraging me when I get all flummoxed.  When learning to knit socks, you need an encourager beside you so you don’t give up.

Spring has sprung in Indiana.  It takes me by surprise every single year.  One day it’s all grey and dark and the next tiny green leaves are sprouting from the ground and on the trees and bushes.


The Nanking cherry bushes bloomed first and early this year.  They are already almost gone, boo hoo.



Our two dwarf magnolias are just about to burst into bloom.  The magnolias around us and in town have already been blooming for a week or two.




Daffodils blooming everywhere.  I have planted hundreds of them through the years and they really are beautiful this year.


One of my top five favorite flowers.  It’s a shame they only bloom in Spring, but I’ll take them whenever I can get them.



I really need to divide these flowers.  August Lilies or Magic Lilies. They won’t flower until August after all the foliage has died.  Looks like we will have a lot of flowers in August.


My Spring angel by Jim Shore.


Holding a bird in her hand.  The birds are nesting and singing their hearts out.

Happy Spring and have a blessed Easter.  He is risen.  Halleluhah!!  Bye.




Birds of a Feather


My chickens are molting.  I went out into the chicken house this morning and thought there had been a massacre.  Feathers everywhere.  My poor chooks look like someone has plucked them for dinner.   I think they are a little embarrassed.  They also are not laying very well right now as we are only getting one egg a day.   I tell them they need to get busy and start laying again because we are coming into the baking season!

David got a pointy egg the other day.  It barely fit in the egg carton.   I wonder who is the one laying the one lone egg every day.  All the other chickens do all day is eat and poop which is nice work if you can get it, I guess.

We had another tree cut down the other day.  A big elm that had to have been sixty or seventy years old.  It was beginning to drop branches in the driveway every time there was a storm or wind.  We were thinking it might be dangerous as it was so near to the house.  So several men came and cut it down.


It has stood over our house for many years, but now it was becoming dangerous, dropping branches and we feared a good stiff wind might blow it onto the house so we called the tree men.


We have had the same people cut down a few of our trees.  Up the bucket went into the tree and the cutting began.


The men  worked with precision, dropping the big limbs carefully down where they cut some up for us and mulched the rest.


David did not want to split the big logs, so they loaded them onto their truck.  They rolled them onto that lift and it lifted them up into the truck bed.


It took three men to roll them onto the lift.


The man in the sun glasses did all the cutting off of the limbs.  He sure knew what he was doing.


They still left a lot of wood to be cut and split.  David has been working on this pile for a few days.  We have wood stacked everywhere.   Wood we will burn in our fire pit.  We love to burn fires and sit out in the fresh air and talk.   Wish you could smell the wood.  There is something about the scent of fresh cut wood that reminds me of days in the woods.  Years ago, we had an old red truck and three children at home and we would load them up and go to Camp Atterbury where we had permission to cut up downed timber.  We would spend the day in the woods, David cutting it and me helping him load it into the truck while the children played.  Then we would all sit in the cab of the truck, five of us(there were no seat belt laws then) and took our load of wood home where we would once again have to unload it and stack it.  They say cutting wood warms you three times, when you cut it, when you stack it and when you burn it.  It’s true.




Fall is the only time when I feel like making donuts.  I decided to make a bunch of donut holes the other day. David fried them while I rolled them out and cut them.  Then I shook some of them in a bag with sugar and cinnamon and glazed the rest with icing.  Yum, were they good.  We took some to Sunday school to share with our classes.


We had the most glorious sunset the other night.  I was sitting in our living room and noticed the sky looked yellow.  So I took my camera out back and snapped some pictures.



Loved the way the trees were silhouetted against the sky.



How majestic is a God who can create such beauty.  I could not stop looking at the sky.  I always feel so close to God when I see something so spectacular in nature.  The sky looked like it was on fire.  These pictures still make me feel awed.


Had a fire in the fireplace tonight.  Doesn’t it look pretty?  Would you believe this is an electric fire?   No wood involved?   We got this at Lowes tonight and I am thrilled how realistic this looks and it has a heater too.   We don’t burn wood in our fireplace any longer.  We use to have a wood burning stove in it and burnt wood all the time.  One year, when I was baby sitting several children, I felt our chimney(it runs straight up the middle of the house) and it felt really hot.  So I gathered all the children together and called the fire department.  I told him I thought we were having a chimney fire, but it wasn’t an emergency and please don’t use the sirens when coming to our house.  Well, several fire trucks showed up at our house, sirens blaring.   Big firemen in big boots with axes in their hands came into our house.  The next thing I knew they were chopping a hole in a wall and climbing through the ceiling to our attic and going on the roof.  I was so afraid they were going to chop a hole in the roof, but they didn’t. All the while, the little children were watching the firemen bug eyed and I couldn’t help but laugh. They said there had been a fire, but it was out and we had nothing to worry about.  Except for that big hole in our wall!  Thankfully, insurance took care of that.   Therefore, we don’t burn wood anymore in the house.

Now I will leave you with a picture of our cowgirl dog.


Belle does not look at all happy to be wearing this hat.  We got it in Texas.  I think she looks cute.


“Me, too, Mom, me too!”  “Yes, Molly, you, too”  Bye.

Oh! Molly!

If you have been reading my blog, you know I have a Boxer-Lab mix puppy who has about been the death of David and me.   You have read how she tore a large hole in the side of the house almost getting into the house. You have read about the time she dug up pipes to our pool and I saw my husband getting as mad as I have ever seen him in our forty-seven years of marriage.  You have read how she chews wood and brings up whole logs onto our deck to gnaw upon.

This week Molly and Belle broke out of the yard(I left the gate unlatched) and went on a crime spree through our neighborhood, going onto our busy street picking up every dead animal they could find and dragging them into our yard.  They brought in a rabbit skeleton, a squirrel tail(I don’t know what happened to the rest of the squirrel) and last, but not least, a complete skunk body, odor and all.



I don’t know how they kept from getting hit by a car and I have no idea how long they were free, but they sure had a good time.  The dead skunk lay in our drive for two days until David scooped it up and threw it across the road.

Several weeks ago, Molly killed a lizard and chased me all over the yard wanting me to play with her.  She topped herself last night.  David usually puts the dogs in their pen at night in case it rains because that is where their doghouses are and they are too stubborn to go into their pen by themselves.  He came back into the house and said Molly would not go back into the pen and he could not get what she was carrying  away from her.  “What is it, a rabbit?” I asked.  “Nope,” replied David.  “A bird?”  “NO”  “A possum?”  “No.”  “It wasn’t one of my chickens?” “No.”

Just then Molly came running up to the back door and in her mouth hanging from both sides of her mouth was a  big snake.  Needless to say, I did not go outside to check it out.  Today I did not go out the back door because I was afraid Molly would come running with her new “toy” wanting me to play.  I used the front door all day to get to my shop.  I looked out my shop window and saw the snake laying in the yard.  When David came home, he took the snake and threw it away where Molly could not get it, I hope.


Sure, she looks innocent.   Bye.


Good-bye, Old Friend

I have had dogs in my life for as long as I can remember.  We always had a dog or two on the farm and when one would die, another one would magically appear, it seemed.  None of our dogs were registered. All were mutts, but all were good dogs, except Butchie.  Butchie belonged to my oldest brother and he brought him to live at the farm when he couldn’t take care of him any longer.  Butchie had been teased by neighborhood children and learned to bite as the result.  More than once he chased the milkman to his truck and our neighbor to her car.  I really think the milkman hit him on purpose one day and that was the end of Butchie.

We had a little dog who went under the corn crib and birthed a puppy.  My brother, Fred, came into the house one morning and said he heard a puppy crying under the corn crib, but he couldn’t reach it.  Its mother had died and it was all alone under there.  So I was selected to crawl under the corn crib as I was the smallest one around and bring out the puppy.  It was a black and white puppy, almost like a dalmatian.  I think our dog had been with one of our neighbor’s dogs that were dalmatians.  Anyway, we brought the little puppy into the house and Mother wrapped her up and fed her warm milk with a bottle and we raised her like that until she could eat from a bowl.  Mother named her Orphan Annie because she was an orphan.  It became my job to feed her and care for her. Orphan Annie grew up to be a sweet little dog.  She did have a few mishaps along the way.  Like the time we kids were jumping out of the haymow into a bed of straw on the barn floor and I thought Annie should be able to jump, too, so I pushed her and her leg was broken and she was in a cast for several weeks and I was in trouble.  Then she was out in the field when Daddy was mowing hay and got one of her legs cut off.  She ran around on three legs the rest of her life.  Seems that little dog had a hard life, but I think she was happy for the most part because we all loved her.

Through the years I saw dogs come and dogs go.  My brother’s favorite dog disappeared one day and he looked for him for weeks and one day he found him caught in a fence.  Poor thing had died there all alone. I still feel bad about that.  It was hard on my brother.

When I got married, we didn’t have a place for a dog so we had none for a few years.  Then we got one that immediately ran away and we never found her.  We got a black Labrador and when we moved to where we live now, she was stolen from us.  One of our boys was sure they saw her in the back of a pickup truck one day.  I hope she had a happy life.  So more dogs came and went.  I decided I wanted another Labrador so we bought Bonnie.  She was registered from a long line of registered dogs.  Never having had a registered dog, we didn’t know what to expect, but they are just like any other dog.   Bonnie was a nipper at first and drew blood quite often until I broke her of the habit.  After that, she became the sweetest dog. Right after we got her, we took a trip out west so we hired a dog sitter.  I missed that dog so much the whole trip, even drawing pictures of her and writing about her.  I know, I am weird, but I do get attached to my animals.   Bonnie loved to jump and play and run races around our old dog, Subaka, who was getting along in years.  She was on her last legs when we got Bonnie and, you know, I think Bonnie kept her alive for another couple of years by playing with her.  They would chase a ball all around the yard and field for what seemed like hours.

When Subaka died, I decided I wanted another lab.  This time we got a chocolate lab and named her Bellelattedah, Belle, for short.  The day we brought her home, Bonnie picked her up and threw her over her head.  Even after doing that, Belle and Bonnie became best buds.  Sleeping together in the big doghouse or under the deck.  Wherever one was, there was the other.  And then we got Molly Marshmallow.

Bonnie died last week.   It was one of the hardest days I have been through for a while.  She got up one day and could not walk on her back legs any longer and was gasping for breath, so I called the vet.  They could not get her in and sent me to another vet three hours later.  Bonnie did not have three hours and I called back my vet and said I wanted them to take care of her “Now.”  David and I put her in the back of his pickup truck.  Her last truck ride.  She loved riding in cars and trucks.  I stayed at home and cried.  I knew she was dying.   When David came home with her collar, I sobbed.  The vet said her lungs had filled up with water.

Bonnie will always have a piece of my heart.  I will miss so many things about her.


I will miss this sweet face.


I will miss seeing three dogs looking at me through the back door.


Bonnie never became a mother, but her motherly instincts kicked in when we brought Molly Marshmallow home.


She seemed to enjoy the little puppy.


I will miss Bonnie’s sweet smile.  She seemed to always be smiling.


I will miss Bonnie smelling the flowers.  From puppyhood, she always was smelling the flowers in the garden.


I will miss feeding three dogs on the back deck.

Some people will say, “she was just a dog.”  Yes, she was a dog, but she was much more than that. She was a friend, a companion.  someone who was with me even more than my husband.  She was around 24/7 always ready to come to me and be petted.  Never angry, always happy.   She was family.  She has made me smile so many times and only made me cry on her last day.  No, her death is not as important as a grandparent’s, a parent’s, a sibling’s , a friend’s or any loved ones, all of which I have experienced, but she has taken a piece of my heart just like all the others did with her passing.  I will miss her the rest of my life.


Good-bye, old friend. I loved you.  I don’t know if dogs are in heaven, but I sure hope I get to see Bonnie one day again.  Bye.



The Death of Grandma Moses

I use to play with puppets when I was a girl.  My brothers got marionettes one Christmas.  I was so jealous and I played with them as often as I could.   My hand puppets had rubber heads and cloth bodies and just enough room for a small hand to be put inside.  I would put on my own puppet shows to entertain myself and my little brother.

A year or so ago David and I were in Nashville and I came across these really nice puppets.  I thought they would be good to use as a puppet ministry with my Sunday School class.  I did it a few times, but they have been sitting in a small chair in my girly room and once in a while when the grandkids come over, they get them out and play with them.

There is Scar, the pirate.


There was Grandma Moses.


And there is Molly the puppet.


The grandkids were here the other day.  After they were gone, I noticed Grandma Moses was missing. I just thought she was someplace in the house and I would find her one day.

Then David brought in a little dress that he had found Molly playing with.


I didn’t recognize it and just assumed Molly had dug up something under the deck.  Then David started finding feet and hair.


When I saw it all together, I realized what it was.  It was Grandma Moses.  Someone had taken her outside and left her to the mercy of a dog who chews everything.   I was not a bit happy that she had been taken outside because we have told the grandboys several times not to leave anything out in the back yard they don’t want chewed on.  Well……….

One day the grandboys will be over and Scar the Pirate and Molly the puppet will have a talk with the boys about who took Grandma Moses outside.  Scar and Molly miss Grandma Moses and want to know who would have taken her outside and just left her.  She was a poor, little grandma who never did any harm to anyone.

We will have a proper burial for Grandma Moses when they get here.  I hope they bring flowers.


We lost a good friend this week.  When my heart doesn’t hurt so much, I will write about her.  Bonnie  died yesterday after eleven and a half years of being a part of our family.  I will miss her.  Bye.