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The Quilt Blocks on my Ceiling

A while back I showed you what I had been working on for a long time.  I called it my big fat project.  Today I am going to show you each individual block I painted.  Believe me, I enjoyed doing this so much and was kind of sad when I was finished.  When we started, I thought I was going to have to paint sixty some quilt blocks.  I didn’t have to paint nearly that many although I did end up painting one hundred and fifty blocks including the all white ones.

So here are the blocks.


This one is called Snowball



Four crowns.



Mexican Rose






Kentucky Chain.



Sunbonnet Sue.







Monkey Wrench



Card Trick.


Cabin Windows.


Maple Leaf.



Pride of the Forest.


DSCN5419 G

Greek Cross


This one is just called “Vase” because it is the medallion for a quilt.   It’s my very favorite block I painted.



Clay’s Choice.



Toss the Bouquet.



Kansas Star.



Grandmother’s Quilt.



Folk Art Album, another medallion for a quilt.


Flying Birds.


Oak Leaf and Cherries.


Sadie’s Choice Rose.






Cottage Tulips



London Roads.



Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.



Rose of Sharon.  One of my first block that I painted.  Ignore the boo-boos.



Navajo Weaving.



Rail Fence.




Pansy.  Looks more like a tulip to me.


Ohio Star.



Rolling Stone.


Paddle Wheel painted in Easter colors.


Dresden Plate.



Friends Among the Pines.






I think this one is called Squares and Triangles.  Makes sense.


Pine Tree.



Rail Fence.



Moon and Stars.




Bright Hopes.


Topeka Rose



I’m going to have to look this one up as I forget its name at the moment..

That’s about all of them.  This was such a fun project.  This Spring I am going to paint a barn quilt for the front of our house.  Maybe I will just cover our house in quilt blocks.  Wouldn’t that make an interesting tourist attraction for Columbus?  The Quilted House.  I like the sound of that.  Wonder if the city fathers would frown upon it?   Have a great day. Bye.


Here’s What I’m Up To


I have been a busy beaver in my shop.  I am making hay while the sun shines because I know when the chicks get here and it gets warm, I won’t have the time to play like I have right now.  And I am playing.  I finished a full size quilt last week which I cannot show right now as it is a gift for someone.


The quilt above is my coffee klasch quilt.  I got the pattern over at the blog Pamkitty Morning.  She also has designed  a lot of the fabrics that I have in this quilt.  Love the colors.  Can’t believe I use to look for dark, homespun colors years ago when making my quilts.  I loved vintage looking calicoes and woodsy colors. Thimbleberries fabric was some of my favorite fabrics then.  Now I look for bright, happy colors.  They just make me happy.  Perhaps all the blogs I read from England have influenced me as their choice of colors when decorating are bright and cheerful.  At least in the ones I read.



I’m almost done with this one.  Looks a lot like my Tea quilt, doesn’t it, only bigger.  I need to find some fabric for the border. Probably will be from the Pamkitty Morning or Pamkitty Love line of fabrics.  I love this quilt.  So much fun to put together.



Looking through this old magazine I found another quilt I want to make. I just started it today.



It’s called Blue Jeans and Bubble Gum.  Five inch Hole in the Barn Door blocks.



I’ve made three so far. Only ninety-seven more to go.  Whoopie!  I love a project that takes a lot of different fabrics and has lots of blocks.  This will take some time and I probably won’t finish it in the near future.



This will be the main background fabric.


This is a stack of some of the fabric I will use in it.  Of course I will HAVE to buy more fabric before this is finished.



Here’s another block.  Love the vintage looking fabric.



Here’s sweet Bonnie who keeps me company while I am sewing.  Well, she’s there anyway.  Usually snoozing away in her comfy Lazyboy recliner.  What a dog’s life she lives.


“You talking about me, Mom?  Please don’t make me move.”



Just wanted to show you a sailor suit I made for my firstborn many years ago.  It’s made from polyester and cotton.  Polyester use to be the fabric of choice in the seventies.  I made David a polyester suit once. We still laugh at pictures of him in it. It had a tie belt and I placed the belt loops a little too high up and the belt is up around his chest almost, but he wore it without complaining back then.

The sailor suit I made for my son was worn to a children’s television show in Cincinnati called the Uncle Al Show.  It was a much loved show for children in our area.  I remember I dressed both our boys up and hoped they would get on camera a lot.  Remember that Santa Claus in Christmas Story who acted like he would rather be anywhere else than where he was?  One of the people who were on the show acted just like that with the kids.  Kind of grumpy and making them run around like robots.  I felt a little sorry for them.  The show wasn’t as much fun in person as it was on television mainly because there were about fifty kids all crowding around trying to get near Uncle Al and his sidekick Captain Wendy who was his real life wife. I have a picture of my boys with Uncle Al somewhere. If you lived in southern Indiana or in Ohio you probably remember this show.


My next post I am going to show all the blocks I painted for the ceiling in my shop.  See you then. Bye.

My Valentine to You

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Hope you are having a great day.  I love this day just because it is a day set aside especially for love.  We should celebrate love every day.  It is the most important thing we can have and that we can give.  Now here is my Valentine to all of you.



Don’t you love getting Valentine’s cards?  I like getting them even better than Christmas cards because I guess I don’t expect them.   I stopped sending Christmas cards years ago, not because I don’t like them, but it just became one more chore during the holidays and I already was so overwhelmed at times in the days before Christmas.  I decided I needed to dwell on the reason we celebrate Christmas instead of making myself fret about one more thing.  Then I realized I love sending Valentine’s cards because there is no pressure and sending love to people I love makes me happy.


There are so many cute and pretty Valentine’s Day cards.  I look for them everywhere.  I have a collection of them and love looking at them.




They really knew how to make romantic cards long ago.  I would love getting one of these.   These are for you.


Here are some red hots.  I love these especially on iced sugar cookies.  My younger grandsons helped decorate sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day and boy, did they put a lot of candy on them.


Here have a cookie.  Guaranteed low fat and good for what ails you.



Candy hearts.  What would Valentine’s Day be without them?




Have a Tootsie Roll Pop or two.  Not many calories and they are so good.


Here are some flowers for you.  Daffodils to remind you Spring is coming.

Have a lovely day and remember someone loves you.

Design E_

Before I leave I must announce the winners of the Craigminster Dog Show.  It wasn’t really a hard choice because these dogs are the best of the best.



Announcing Miss Bonnie Blue as best of show.  She has the form, the shiny coat and the personality to be a winner.



There were two winners this year.  Miss Bellelattedah  won as cutest pup in the show.  Her face is so cute the judges couldn’t resist giving her the championship also.  Hurray for best dogs in all the world! Bye


I Feel Pretty and Finishing Up Some Unfinished Business

I have gotten busy and finished up a few projects lately that I have had on the back burner while we worked on the shop ceiling.  One of them was my quilted ironing board cover.


I am really happy with my quilted ironing board cover.  It fits so well and is a joy to iron upon.


I like the way it looks and plan  to make another one in brighter colors.


See how well it fits although I think I will add an inch or so to the pattern next time.


I finished another knitted scarf.  This one is a gift.  Really like the colors in this one.


Got my little tea quilt completed this week.  It’s not my best work, but I was in a hurry to get it finished.  Still like it though.  Now I am starting on a coffee quilt.  Not to be confused with another quilt I showed you I had started.  I always have several quilts going at a time.

Now cue West Side Story music and look at all the prettiness.


I feel pretty, oh so pretty,



I feel pretty and witty and bright


It’s a pity,


any squirrel who isn’t me tonight.  Yes, White Tail is staying around and actually posing for pictures.  I keep him/her fed well so he/she will stay around.  Don’t want it to wander into the street.   Such a pretty squirrel.


Now there’s that rainbow squirrel coming around. Something strange is happening here at the Craig house.  Bye.



Pre-Valentine’s day musings.


I love Valentine’s Day.  I have loved it since that first day in elementary school when we  decorated shoeboxes and set them on our desks in preparation to getting lots of Valentines from our classmates.  Of course, back then, we got to celebrate the day in the classroom.  I don’t know if the powers that be consider it politically correct to celebrate a day of love.  There might be some unloved people who might be offended.  I hope not.

Anyway, I looked forward to the day with much excitement.   Mom would take me shopping for Valentines to pass out to my classmates. Big decisions had to be made as to what kind we would buy.  Then we would take them home where more big decisions were made on who would get which Valentine in my collection.  The cute boy would get the most lovey dovey one, of course.  My best friends would get the best ones in the lot.  People I weren’t too fond of would get the smaller Valentines. There were always a few that were smaller than the others.  Everyone in my class got one, though because no one was to be left out.

The big day would finally arrive and I would dress up just a little better that day. I wanted to look pretty for the boys. Yes, I was boy crazy even in elementary school.  I took my precious Valentines to school and put one in each student’s box.  We all would then have to wait until the last hour of the school day for the Valentine’s Day party.  Some years my mother was in charge of bringing cookies or cupcakes and a drink.  My mother always went all out in making pretty decorated treats for all of us.  I still have her heart cookie cutters and use them every year.

We were all excited and could barely contain ourselves waiting for the party.  It’s a wonder we got any school work done that day.  Then our teacher would tell us to put our books away and we knew it was time.  Our boxes stuffed with Valentine love were brought out and we began to look at each one deciding if the person who gave it really “loved” us or not. Gee, I wish I still had those Valentines.  They are probably collectibles now.  Then we were served our refreshments and ate happily all the sweetness that had been prepared for us.  Our teacher would always have a couple of games for us to play.  Then the bell would ring and the party and the school day was over.

I would hold tightly to my Valentine box on the school bus home and as soon as I got there I would open the box and look at all the pretty Valentine cards again.

As an adult, I have received my share of Valentines cards, but usually I am the one who sends them rather than gets them.  I knew I was not marrying a romantic when my husband to be brought me a box of chocolates the day after Valentines Day.  They were cheaper you see!  He has more than made up for that faux pas in the years of our marriage.  He may not always send flowers, but I know he loves me when he builds me a quilt ceiling in my shop or a chicken coop for my planned chickens or lets me get another lab puppy like he is going to this year, I hope.  The most romantic and sweet thing David ever did for me was when our daughter was born.  My mother was taking care of our sons while I was in the hospital and David bought her and me both a dozen red roses.  I just loved him for that.  Of course, I always said my mother liked David better than she like me!    They always got along really well.

I have always felt badly for husbands whose wives expect them to go out and buy them something for Valentine’s Day. I don’t expect anything and then I’m not disappointed.  Anyway, why is it just the husband who is expected to treat the wife?  Why not the other way around?  I don’t know any personally, but I do know there are women who get really angry if their husbands or boyfriends don’t buy them something expensive or at least get them flowers.  One year I told David I did not want to be one of those women who expect her husband to buy her flowers or a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Guess what?  That year I got flowers and a card.  Was I happy?  Of course, but I really didn’t expect them.

This Valentine’s Day I wish you all love.  You are loved whether you know it or not.  I know I am loved by someone who was willing to die for me.  Jesus.  If no one loves me, I know He does.  I know there are many alone on Valentine’s Day. Don’t ever feel that you are not loved.  I love you and wish you the most wonderful day ever.  Love someone, hug your dog, cuddle a baby, give a smile to a stranger, they might need it.  Happy Valentine’s Day a few days early.  Bye.DSCN5305

Back in the Saddle Again and a tutorial


Whew, the last few weeks I have been sewing and quilting deprived as I worked on my big, fat project which I disclosed to you on my last post.  But this week I have been sewing up a storm and enjoying every minute of it.



When we had a quilt shop several years ago, I carried a lot of Debbie Mumm material and quilting books.  I have a lot of them myself.  This is one of them. See that cute Tea quilt in the background?  I have wanted to make it for years, but the time never seemed right.



This is the one that was in the book.  I like the colors, but I had a Valentine type one in mind.  I have some fabric called Pamkitty and Pamkitty Love that I have used in several projects. I love the colors in these fabrics.  So bright and cheerful.  So that is what I used in the first quilt picture in the blog.  I haven’t quilted it yet, so will show you when it is completed.



This is a block from a small quilt I started this afternoon.  I am just designing it as I go along.  This is Pamkitty Love material also.  It is so vintage looking.  I hope I get it done before Valentine’s Day.



I have been doing some baking also.  I made a yellow cake this week.  I used a box cake mix, gasp.  Really, I like a yellow cake made from a box mix rather than from scratch.  When I was growing up, I made so many yellow cakes.  There was one called the one, two, three, four cake, I don’t know why now, but I made them all the time.  My mother made everything from scratch.  No cutting corners with her.  When I discovered box cakes after I was married I very seldom made cakes from scratch until lately again. Anyway, I didn’t want to put icing on it so I beat up some whipping cream with a little sugar and a couple of tablespoons of homemade strawberry preserves.



Added a couple of drops of food coloring to make it pretty.  Left a little on the beaters to lick.  Did I say a little?  Hmmmm.



Put a small dollop on a piece of cake.  Did I say a small dollop?  Let’s just say I like a little cake with my whipped cream.  It was so good.



Add a dollop to a cup of coffee and oh, man, you have died and gone to heaven.  And you tell yourself you better walk an extra mile today.



Now for my tutorial.  Have you ever looked for a pretty ironing board cover?  I never can find one I like.  When Martha Stewart was in Kmart, she had some pretty ones once in a while and I have ordered Laura Ashley ironing board covers from Amazon.  Lately, there is a dearth of pretty ironing board covers.  I saw a homemade one on a blog I read and thought to myself, “Self, you can make one of those.”  So I set right in to trying it.   First I made a quilt big enough to fit my ironing board.  You could use an old quilt if you have one around you don’t mind cutting up.


Next I taped several sheets of newspaper together to make the pattern.



If you have a husband or any man will do, you will have him turn your ironing board upside down on the newspaper and draw around it with a fine point marker.   I then marked an extra three and a quarter inches to the pattern for the lip of the ironing board and a one inch turn under.

If I make another one, I will add an extra inch to work with because my cover just fit the board. That would be an extra four and a quarter inches.



Next I turned under a one inch casing for elastic. See that pretty flowered backing I have on  the back of my quilted cover?  That’s from a sheet I got at a garage sale for one dollar.  Can’t beat that.  I didn’t turn under the raw edge as my quilt had been made with heavier batting than I would generally use for this, but it was what I had on hand at the moment and I couldn’t wait to go buy some more. This edge won’t show anyway, so it’s really not a problem.



Next you measure around your ironing board to cut your elastic.  I just taped one end to the board and walked around the board holding the elastic until the two ends of the elastic met and I cut it then.  It took over three yards.



I mark both ends of the elastic so I will match the right sides when I sew them together.  Using a safety pin, run the elastic through the casing.  This is where it gets a little hard.  If you don’t have a lot of hand strength, which I don’t, your hands become very tired trying to get the elastic to run through.  I enlisted my good husband and it took us both to pull and tug the elastic, but we finally got it done.  I am thinking of another, easier way to put in the elastic, but I’ll tell you about it when I make another cover.



This is not the finished product because I forgot to take a picture of it.  Suffice it to say, it fit beautifully and stays on better than the store bought covers.  I plan to make more in many colors because I do a lot of ironing and like to do it on pretty covers.



This is what my old  cover looks like and see, it doesn’t stay on very well.  I find that often with store bought covers.  No matter how much you stretch them and work with them, they just don’t fit your ironing board very well.  If you like making things like this, it is a fun, easy project.  I had it completed in a couple of days and I was working on my quilt during that time also.


It’s the month of love, so love the one you’re with, find someone to love, love your dog, cat or rabbit or just love your neighbor as yourself.  Bye.