Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

I Feel Pretty and Finishing Up Some Unfinished Business

I have gotten busy and finished up a few projects lately that I have had on the back burner while we worked on the shop ceiling.  One of them was my quilted ironing board cover.


I am really happy with my quilted ironing board cover.  It fits so well and is a joy to iron upon.


I like the way it looks and plan  to make another one in brighter colors.


See how well it fits although I think I will add an inch or so to the pattern next time.


I finished another knitted scarf.  This one is a gift.  Really like the colors in this one.


Got my little tea quilt completed this week.  It’s not my best work, but I was in a hurry to get it finished.  Still like it though.  Now I am starting on a coffee quilt.  Not to be confused with another quilt I showed you I had started.  I always have several quilts going at a time.

Now cue West Side Story music and look at all the prettiness.


I feel pretty, oh so pretty,



I feel pretty and witty and bright


It’s a pity,


any squirrel who isn’t me tonight.  Yes, White Tail is staying around and actually posing for pictures.  I keep him/her fed well so he/she will stay around.  Don’t want it to wander into the street.   Such a pretty squirrel.


Now there’s that rainbow squirrel coming around. Something strange is happening here at the Craig house.  Bye.