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Doing the Splits at Seventy-three

Okay, I know there are women and men, too who are so agile at seventy-three they can do the splits and all kinds of other twists and turns most people that age would not attempt, but I’m not one of them.  That said, I did the splits yesterday.

I am at a never ending battle dusting my old house.  Seems it gets dustier sooner than it use to.  Someone said that dust was coming from Africa.  I don’t know about that, but I do know that my husband and I were sitting out on our porch one day and saw a wall of dust come into our yard. Don’t know where from, but it was a lot of dust.  Like a mini dust storm.  No wonder my house gets dusty!

I am constantly Swiffering the floors and dusting the furniture, but next day, dust again.

Anyway, yesterday I was Swiffering the floor upstairs and was paying such close attention, I didn’t realize one of my feet was on a throw rug and the other on bare floor. Suddenly the rug began to move with my foot following it.  My other foot began to slide the opposite direction. I knew I was going down, but what then?   I literally did the splits, something I have never done in my life even when I was young and limber. A full split, one foot one way and the other foot the other way.  All I felt was pain as I landed on a knee that has been bothering me for a while anyway.  Oh, the agony!    I felt every muscle, every tendon in my lower body cringe with pain.   Now, how to get up?   My knee really hurt. All I could think was that David would come home and find me lying on the floor, but I couldn’t let that happen so I began the struggle to get to my feet.  I finally righted myself and then wondered what to do.  I hurt sooo bad.  I had some Tylenol in our bedroom so I went there and took some and laid down for a bit.  Would I be able to move again?   I really was in stress.  But I finally got up, made the bed and got myself downstairs where I collapsed in a chair and knitted for a while.

My head hurt, my back hurt, and my groin, well we won’t go there, but I was in pain.

As the day wore on I got some housework done, took care of the chickens and did some laundry.  I was not going to die or be handicapped in any way because of the splits, but I would not recommend doing them for anyone my age.  Especially if you have never done them before.

But now I can honestly say at the age of seventy-three I have done the splits.  Maybe not the way I would have planned, but I did do them and survived.  I’m still feeling pretty sore today and sleeping last night was not easy as my knee hurt so badly, but I think I’m going to be okay.

Have you ever done something you never thought you could do or never planned to do, but it happened?  I have done the splits at seventy-three and despite the pain, I’m pretty proud of the fact I lived to tell about it!  Bye.