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January Good Times

January has always been the month I just wish would go away. Other than having David’s birthday in it, it’s always been such a cold, miserable month, but this January?  It’s been fairly decent weatherwise.  Not much sleet, snow or ice to speak of.  Today we were outside playing with the dogs and I did not feel cold at all which is strange for me as I am always cold in the Winter.  I wish you could watch Lucy playing fetch. She is so engrossed in the process, you cannot pet her or anything because she is so centered on getting that ball!   Maybe I’ll try to make a video of her sometime and show you because it really is hilarious.  I call her our athletic child because she really is good at catching the ball in midair.  She just has not learned how to give it up easily once she has it.   I really believe she could compete in those dog shows where the dogs run and leap off  into the air above water and catch the ball in midair. Lucy could do that!   Sugar likes to catch the ball, too, but she’s not near as excited about it as Lucy is and Molly holds her own even though she’s a few years older than the pups.

I got David two puzzles for Christmas  called  The Country Diary of and Edwardian Lady. One is of Winter flora and fauna and one is of Autumn.  They are so beautiful and David has already put them both together so I told him I would order him the Spring and Summer ones for his birthday. I looked up Edith Holden, who is the artist for the water colors for these puzzles,  and she was  quite the artist in her time. I can’t imagine sitting down and drawing such beautiful pictures of animals, bird and vegetation.  It reminds me of Beatrix Potter who did the same in her time, but she wrote children’s books and put her water colors  in them.  I guess during the time these ladies were growing up there was not a whole lot women were expected to do but keep house and raise children or paint or sew.  But they took their talents and made something wonderful from them for which millions of us are very glad they did.  I will try to have pictures of the puzzles on my next blog or you can see them and order them, if you wish, on Amazon.

One of my presents for Christmas this year were tickets to go see the Van Gogh immersion show that is being shown at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I actually cried when I saw the tickets because I had seen it was coming, but didn’t think I’d be able to go.  There will be a lot of walking, so we are borrowing our daughter’s old wheelchair and David will wheel me through it.   I still cannot walk long distances although I am getting a little better, but there will be a lot of walking at this show.  You walk through Van Gogh’s pictures that surround you from every side. I cannot wait.  I bought a new tunic that is of Van Gogh’s Irises painting and I will wear it and I will be immersed into the picture! HA!

I have been busily sewing in my shop. I’ve made six more pillows and a small quilt and have several more cut out.  I have so many ideas of things I would like to sell at my craft show next Fall.  I plan to finish a few quilts and lots of little things such as potholders and Christmas stockings and pillowcases, etc.   I ordered some new fabric from the line called She Who Sews and I have so many ideas for it.  I love this line and plan to order more if it’s available. It’s been very popular, I’ve noticed.  I had the She Who Sews wall calendar in my shop last year and got a new 2022 calendar for Christmas.

We got the nicest thank you note from one of our youngest grandsons thanking us for his Christmas presents.  We thought it was so nice and what was so cute was he addressed the envelope to Grandpa and Grandma. No names, just the address and we got it.  I’m sure the postman smiled about that.

I really do hope we get one good snow before Winter is through.  One that covers everything in white marshmallow heaps, but doesn’t stay on too many days.  We haven’t had much snow the last few Winters so we are due one.

Hope your January is going well wherever you are. Bye.

My Granddaughter’s quilt and a Happy New Year 2022

I said I would show you the quilt I gave our granddaughter for Christmas, but first a few more pictures of the holiday at our house.

I loved our tree. David wrapped every single present you see except for his own presents, which I wrapped, but not nearly as neatly.

This angel has stood atop our tree for many Christmases.

I actually did not remember I had this Santa holding Labrador dogs, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found him among other Christmas decorations.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

A sailboat that we got in the Virgin Islands a few years ago nestles in the tree.

We always had Spritz cookies at Christmas when I was a girl. I got a new press from a Pampered Chef party a couple of years ago and I tried it this year or rather, David pressed the cookies out. He has more patience than I do.  My daughter mentioned remembering them when I use to make them years ago.  Don’t know why I stopped making them.  I think my old cookie press was not very efficient and I lost all patience with it.

Here is the quilt I gave our granddaughter.

Thirty blocks of Little Garden Girls. Each one different.  Each one holding a bouquet of flowers I embroidered or sewed on.  Almost every one has old lace or eyelet sticking out from under her dress.

Here are just a few of them.

This is the label I sewed on the back.  I already had another label on it telling when I started it and when I finished it. It took me two years to complete this quilt.  A labor of love, I tell you.

This the quilting on the front. All hand quilted.  I echo quilted around every little girl. When I first started, I told David I didn’t know why I was quilting so close, but I had to continue and now I am glad I did.  I love how it looks.  Once I got started quilting it, it was relaxing.


This is the backing.  Perfect for a quilt about garden girls.

Now it is New Year’s Eve. People keep saying how horrible 2021 was. Unless you got the Covid or had a death in the family, I hope you think it was a good year.  We had a very nice year actually even with some health issues and other things. It’s life. Not all is good, but hopefully not all is bad, either.  I pray for health and safety for my family and myself and that the year 2022 will bring less turmoil, more peace and happiness to everyone all around the world.   God bless everyone who reads my blog and may you find joy, peace, good health and love in 2022.  Bye.