A Week in the Life

This is about more than one week. It’s a post about several weeks. Weeks I have been meaning to write blog and life just gets in the way. By evening I am completely pooped and ready to just watch a little tv and go to bed and read a good book.

Let’s see. What should I talk about first. We had a really beautiful first days of Spring. All the planting I have done through the years really comes through when the first warm days of Spring are here.

Daffodils by the hundreds. They last a couple of weeks and were everywhere. I use to plant one hundred bulbs every Autumn, but haven’t in later years. So glad to have these harbingers of Spring to cheer us up.

Next came all the pinks. Crabapple, Redbuds, Flowering Quince, Pink Almond, Weeping Cherry. My front yard was a burst of color in all shades of pink. It never lasts long enough and if I don’t make it a point to go out the front door, I could easily miss it.

Decorated our mantle for Easter. The little bunnines hanging in front I made when we had a store downtown. First time I have ever hung them! I have a collection of bunnies. I didn’t plan to collect them, but they multiplied, well, like bunnies!

Love my little bisque bunnies I found at an antique store.

This year for Easter, I did not have to cook the complete meal. First time ever in our fifty-four years of marriage. Our daughter-in-love(our son’s ex-wife) offered to fix the meal and we gladly accepted. We went to our granddaughter’s church for Easter services. She and her husband attend a huge church that was completely filled Easter Sunday. The music was beautiful and our granddaughter sang in the choir which is why we really went. After church we had a great dinner and afterward we had an Easter egg hunt. Our grandchildren are growing up, but they still love hunting eggs. We set the age limit to 18, but we still had several hunting.

Here are our grandsons and our grandson’s girlfriend. Aren’t they all cute little children! David and I brought the eggs and we gave a dollar for each egg found.

It was fun watching them hunt the eggs. They did not find them all. Somewhere in that yard there is a lone egg waiting for a lawn mower to find it. I was on our porch a couple of weeks ago and looked over the edge and there was an Easter egg from last year! I couldn’t believe it.

It was a fun day. I got to meet another girlfriend of one of our grandson’s. She played basketball for Taylor University and he played Lacrosse where he just won a very prestigious award this week. A great way to end his Lacrosse career.

Here is the cute couple We may be looking at wedding bells in the future!

Here is his younger brother and his girlfriend. It is so nice to see our grandchildren growing up and having good relationships. He graduates from high school and his brother graduates from Taylor University this year. We also have another grandson who will be graduating from high school.

This is our daughter and her husband. They have two teenagers which I cannot believe. Seems she was just a little girl yesterday.

I have been working on several projects. We are getting our house painted as soon as the weather settles down. I have four barn quilts on it right now, but wanted to paint new ones to go with the new paint color.

I need to polyurethane them to make them waterproof, but I am happy with the results. The patterns came from Lori Holt’s book Farmgirl Vintage sampler. I have made so many things from her patterns.

I have done a little sewing. It’s been so long since I made any clothes for myself, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I managed to make a tunic apron and I like it so well, I ordered more fabric to make a couple more. I get so many threads on me when I’m sewing and my clothes get dirty when I play with the dogs so I needed something to wear to cover my clothes. I will have to show you the finished product in another post.

This fabric looks vintage. . It will make a pretty apron.

The fabric came wrapped in this pretty paper, tied with a ribbon. It was like getting a birthday present!

Were you where you could see the total eclipse of the sun? We were smack dab in the middle of it and could see it very well, indeed. As the moon passed the sun there was an eerie light. Not a light I have ever witnessed. Like someone had a very dim bulb on. We bought our glasses and sat out in our back yard with the dogs. We had heard that eclipses cause dogs anxiety like thunder storms, but out dogs were not fazed at all. Of course, they are use to loud sounds outdoors like trains passing and the weather warning siren going off every Friday at noon. So the earth getting dark? They’ve seen that. It did seem to disturb the birds a bit as they acted like they didn’t know whether to fly or settle in for the night. Not sure you can tell by the next picture what the light was like, but it was not really light and not really dark and a light I have never witnessed before. Kind of a grey over everything. Then it got almost completely dark.

This is what we saw right above our heads. We could see the solar flares off the sun. It was pretty amazing. Not something I would travel hundreds of miles to see, but when it’s in your own backyard, it’s fun to watch. I heard of a lady who follows the total eclipses all over the world from one country to the next. She must have a lot of money and time, but if she enjoys it, more power to her. I can think of a lot of other things I’d rather see.

Made hundreds of these three and a half inch blocks and sewed a quilt together. It seemed huge, but when I spread it over our kingsize bed I had several more rows to go all around so that is what I worked on today. I really want to get my sewing done before my new greenhouse gets here. A lady called me yesterday to tell me the greenhouse was done and that it would be delivered between May 9 and 14. They will call us when the date gets closer. These greenhouses are built in Arkansas and shipped for free to several states. We were lucky we are one of the states. I cannot wait to get started growing things in the greenhouse. I have wanted one for decades and finally I will have one.

And to top it all off, our house is getting painted very soon so it will be exciting around here for a while. Then with all the graduations and other things, May appears to be busy. I think when June gets here we will be glad to rest.

Hope you are enjoying Spring or is it Autumn where you live? Our world is sure amazing, isn’t it? Bye.

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