Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

Here’s What I’m Up To


I have been a busy beaver in my shop.  I am making hay while the sun shines because I know when the chicks get here and it gets warm, I won’t have the time to play like I have right now.  And I am playing.  I finished a full size quilt last week which I cannot show right now as it is a gift for someone.


The quilt above is my coffee klasch quilt.  I got the pattern over at the blog Pamkitty Morning.  She also has designed  a lot of the fabrics that I have in this quilt.  Love the colors.  Can’t believe I use to look for dark, homespun colors years ago when making my quilts.  I loved vintage looking calicoes and woodsy colors. Thimbleberries fabric was some of my favorite fabrics then.  Now I look for bright, happy colors.  They just make me happy.  Perhaps all the blogs I read from England have influenced me as their choice of colors when decorating are bright and cheerful.  At least in the ones I read.



I’m almost done with this one.  Looks a lot like my Tea quilt, doesn’t it, only bigger.  I need to find some fabric for the border. Probably will be from the Pamkitty Morning or Pamkitty Love line of fabrics.  I love this quilt.  So much fun to put together.



Looking through this old magazine I found another quilt I want to make. I just started it today.



It’s called Blue Jeans and Bubble Gum.  Five inch Hole in the Barn Door blocks.



I’ve made three so far. Only ninety-seven more to go.  Whoopie!  I love a project that takes a lot of different fabrics and has lots of blocks.  This will take some time and I probably won’t finish it in the near future.



This will be the main background fabric.


This is a stack of some of the fabric I will use in it.  Of course I will HAVE to buy more fabric before this is finished.



Here’s another block.  Love the vintage looking fabric.



Here’s sweet Bonnie who keeps me company while I am sewing.  Well, she’s there anyway.  Usually snoozing away in her comfy Lazyboy recliner.  What a dog’s life she lives.


“You talking about me, Mom?  Please don’t make me move.”



Just wanted to show you a sailor suit I made for my firstborn many years ago.  It’s made from polyester and cotton.  Polyester use to be the fabric of choice in the seventies.  I made David a polyester suit once. We still laugh at pictures of him in it. It had a tie belt and I placed the belt loops a little too high up and the belt is up around his chest almost, but he wore it without complaining back then.

The sailor suit I made for my son was worn to a children’s television show in Cincinnati called the Uncle Al Show.  It was a much loved show for children in our area.  I remember I dressed both our boys up and hoped they would get on camera a lot.  Remember that Santa Claus in Christmas Story who acted like he would rather be anywhere else than where he was?  One of the people who were on the show acted just like that with the kids.  Kind of grumpy and making them run around like robots.  I felt a little sorry for them.  The show wasn’t as much fun in person as it was on television mainly because there were about fifty kids all crowding around trying to get near Uncle Al and his sidekick Captain Wendy who was his real life wife. I have a picture of my boys with Uncle Al somewhere. If you lived in southern Indiana or in Ohio you probably remember this show.


My next post I am going to show all the blocks I painted for the ceiling in my shop.  See you then. Bye.