My Valentine to You

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Hope you are having a great day.  I love this day just because it is a day set aside especially for love.  We should celebrate love every day.  It is the most important thing we can have and that we can give.  Now here is my Valentine to all of you.



Don’t you love getting Valentine’s cards?  I like getting them even better than Christmas cards because I guess I don’t expect them.   I stopped sending Christmas cards years ago, not because I don’t like them, but it just became one more chore during the holidays and I already was so overwhelmed at times in the days before Christmas.  I decided I needed to dwell on the reason we celebrate Christmas instead of making myself fret about one more thing.  Then I realized I love sending Valentine’s cards because there is no pressure and sending love to people I love makes me happy.


There are so many cute and pretty Valentine’s Day cards.  I look for them everywhere.  I have a collection of them and love looking at them.




They really knew how to make romantic cards long ago.  I would love getting one of these.   These are for you.


Here are some red hots.  I love these especially on iced sugar cookies.  My younger grandsons helped decorate sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day and boy, did they put a lot of candy on them.


Here have a cookie.  Guaranteed low fat and good for what ails you.



Candy hearts.  What would Valentine’s Day be without them?




Have a Tootsie Roll Pop or two.  Not many calories and they are so good.


Here are some flowers for you.  Daffodils to remind you Spring is coming.

Have a lovely day and remember someone loves you.

Design E_

Before I leave I must announce the winners of the Craigminster Dog Show.  It wasn’t really a hard choice because these dogs are the best of the best.



Announcing Miss Bonnie Blue as best of show.  She has the form, the shiny coat and the personality to be a winner.



There were two winners this year.  Miss Bellelattedah  won as cutest pup in the show.  Her face is so cute the judges couldn’t resist giving her the championship also.  Hurray for best dogs in all the world! Bye


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