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Back So Soon?

I don’t usually write two blogs so close to each other, but I hated keeping the coronavirus blog up too long. As far as I’m concerned it’s a downer and I don’t deal in downers very often.  I just hope I didn’t disturb or cause angst to anyone who is truly concerned about it all. I just can’t make myself get too upset about it.  I guess if the grocery stores continue to have empty shelves, I may get a little worried, but we are being assured the trucks are delivering and the stockers are stocking the shelves.

Enough of that. I’m sitting here this Saint Patrick’s Day watching John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in the wonderful movie, The Quiet Man and thinking how different this Saint Patrick’s Day is from last years’ for many people. No celebrating in bars or wearing of the green so you don’t get pinched.  I guess I could have made green cupcakes or something, but I didn’t.  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. We will all remember this one as the one where we were not allowed to gather and celebrate because of a nasty old virus.

I’ve been sewing up a storm in my shop.  I’ve got most of the 123 blocks finished for the six quilts I plan to make.  I’ve been sifting through my containers of fabric finding treasures I had forgotten about and today I found a quilt top I had forgotten I made years ago with my quilt class when I was teaching beginning quilting.  My class made a different block every week learning how to sew straight seams, do curves, match points and other things until they had twenty blocks and then they sewed it all together into a quilt top.  Then they’d come to my house and we would lay their quilt top, batting and backing together and baste them together. Then it was up to them to finish the quilt. I don’t know how many completed their quilt, but it was fun teaching all the ladies I taught.  I always made a quilt right along with my class and I have finished all of mine except this one, but it will get finished now.

This is what my shop looks like now.  Believe it or not my cutting table was clear of anything a few weeks ago, but since I’ve started making all the block, it’s a jumble of fabric right now.

A stack of the quilt blocks I am making.

There is work going on in this mess. Really.

Each of these piles of fabric will be a quilt block.

When I have them all completed then I will have to decide which blocks go into each quilt.

About two weeks ago my sister and brother-in-law celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. When my sister got married, I was in the fourth grade and she had been like a second mother to me.   When she got a job at a bank in the city right after graduation, she used some of her hard earned money and bought me a bride doll. I still have her. I’ll have to show her to you sometime.  Anyway, I wonder if this was a portent of things to come because she soon met my future brother-in-law and got engaged. When I learned she was going to get married and leave home I cried.  Then at the wedding I cried and cried.  I did not want my sister to leave me.  But she did and 62 years later we were sitting talking and my brother-in-law said, “You didn’t want me to marry Joanne,” and I told him he was taking away my sister.  But he’s been a good brother-in-law and I’ve forgiven him for taking Joanne away.   Seems like only yesterday.  I forgot to take any pictures of them because we were visiting and talking about everything.  My parents’ farm is right next door to my sister’s house and it was sold to a relative who did not take good care of it.  The barn fell down and the house is falling down and there are trees growing in all my daddy’s fields where he use to grow corn and hay and oats.  It’s sad to see it like that.  My parents took such good care of their home and farm when they were alive.

We drove some back roads as usual when we went to my sister’s house.

Saw this along the way.

Never heard of this place, but we came upon it on our drive.

We went through the town of Liberty where my mother grew up and I have a cousin who still lives there.

His father began this supermarket many years ago and now my cousin, Tim, is the owner and manager.   We stopped in to see him. Usually I don’t see him anymore except at funerals, the last one being his mother’s, my Aunt Suzanne, so it was nice to see him on a normal day.  He and I and another cousin were all born within months of each other and we grew up together and saw each other whenever we’d visit my grandpa and my other cousin was down from Detroit where she lived. He was so surprised to see us. We had a nice visit and then we had to go on.

I didn’t show you my birthday cakes so here they are.

David got the candles on there wrong.  It should be 17!  Ha!  Seems like I was just 17 yesterday.

This was a sweet little cake that I let David eat as I ate the entire chocolate by myself. And was sorry for it!

We’ve been doing some chores around the house getting ready for gardening time.

David cleared out what I call the kitchen garden. Right now it looks barren, but it won’t be long until the rhubarb is up and all the perennials I’ve planted  through the years will be coming up.

You can barely see at the bottom of the birdhouses day lilies beginning to pop out.

Daffodils are popping out all around the garden. Spring is only days away.

Hope you are surviving the coronavirus scare and looking forward to warm and bright days ahead.  Bye.




The Day Before Thanksgiving

I am the chief cook and bottle washer at Thanksgiving.   I’ve been that for going on fifty years.   We did use to go to our son’s house for Thanksgiving, but now he lives in Chicago and that is too far for most of us to travel, plus we all would have to stay overnight and go home the next day. Since our house is central to most of the family, I make the dinner.

I got up this morning before Thanksgiving and hit the floor running.  First I went outdoors and let the dogs out of their pen, fed and watered the chickens, checked for eggs(they have been providing us six eggs a day lately,)  and put out fresh water for the dogs. Then I came inside and made rolls, got the noodles made and rolled out(made with our good, fresh hens’ eggs,) made scalloped oysters, put chicken thighs in the crockpot to make broth for the noodles, made sunshine salad, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, mixed up some cranberries and sugar to cook in the oven, and boiled eggs for deviled eggs. I still had not gotten out of my pajamas or brushed my teeth.

I am taking a break and this afternoon I will cut the noodles, pull the meat off the chicken, make another salad, make the deviled eggs, bake the oysters because I think they taste better the next day and clean the kitchen.  Tonight I will collapse in a chair and watch one or two episodes of Doc Martin, which is my very favorite show right now and get to bed earlier than usual for the big day tomorrow.  We are having chicken and noodles(because our family is not fond of turkey,) ham, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes, scalloped oysters, deviled eggs, home grown corn, two salads, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, cherry pie( Marie Callender’s because I  love her pies) and pumpkin cake with whipped topping.

Then I plan not to cook for the rest of the weekend!  And probably shouldn’t eat much either.

Make the day after Thanksgiving Outdoor Day Friday instead of Black Friday. Instead of getting in the crowds to push and shove to get one more present that will be forgotten two days after Christmas, get out and take a walk with your family, or friends or your dog. Smell the fresh air.  Look at nature.  You will be richer and healthier for it.   That’s what I plan to do.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and remember the One who provides all our blessings.  Thanks be to God.  I have so much to thank Him for.

Here’s to Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims who started it all. Bye.

Signs of the Season

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We were blessed with family and festivities and all the Christmas season is supposed to be.  A time of joy, peace and blessings.  Now we are settling in for the rest of the winter.  Cold, dreary days.  Firelight flickering.  Candles glowing.  The days for soups, chili, and comfort food. Baking bread.    The days for enjoying our Christmas gifts, if we got any, or just enjoying being inside and working on our indoor chores and hobbies.

I am in a sock knitting obsession.  I started a pair of socks in the last couple of weeks.


My first time ever to knit on circular needles.


Very tiny circular needles.   I found I liked the knitting part of it, but was dreading turning the heel.  I think I worried about it so much I dropped stitches as I was trying to knit the heel flap, got all impatient about picking up the stitches and ended up tearing out the whole sock and now am using the yarn to knit yet another scarf.  So I am back to square one in starting a pair of socks.  I think I am going to order some different yarn as this yarn is acrylic and not really sock yarn and I did not like the stiffness of it as I was knitting.  Maybe it was a good thing I dropped those stitches.  David said, “you spent hours knitting that sock,” and I said, ” I can start again.  I am determined to knit socks.”  I won’t give up.  If millions of women can knit socks, so can I.

I did get this for Christmas.


I am not so sure this will be any easier as there is a CD to watch and all kinds of things one needs to know before one starts.  How can a simple sock be so hard?   I know people who knit hats on looms like this, so it cannot be that hard.  Anyway, that is what I tell myself.


Meanwhile, I told David I wanted to learn to crochet this year, also, which made him get out his crochet needles and proceed to crochet a scarf.


He use to crochet all the time and even crocheted a huge afghan.  If David can do it, surely I can.  He says it’s easy.  Sure it is.  When you know how to do it!


We had an informal table this year at Christmas. I didn’t want to be spending the time doing dishes on Christmas day.



We used paper plates, but I did find these vintage looking ones with napkins to match at Hobby Lobby.



Kids are what make Christmas so much fun.


Even grumpy snowmen are fun.  Our oldest son modeling one of his gifts.  As one can see, it made our grandson laugh.


Another gift I received was this adult coloring book.  It has brought out the kid in me.  I can’t stay away from it.  I collected all my coloring pencils and got to work.


The pages are all these black and white drawings, but as you color you turn the pages into…


Little works of art.


I am having way too much fun with this book.

Other signs of the season are these…..


Birds at the bird feeders.  A titmouse.  We haven’t seen titmice for years at our feeder so this was a wonderful thing to see.  I hope we get lots more of these pretty little birds.





The winter garden is still wonderful to see.  There is beauty everywhere.  These flowers only bloom in the winter.  This is the first year I have had them and I plan to get some more as it is a joy to see flowers in December outdoors.

As we come to the close of yet another year, I pray for peace, for happiness, for health, and for the love of family and friends in 2016. I wish it all for you, too. Bye.


All Is Merry and Bright

The weeks after Thanksgiving seem to go in a blur for me.  I’m making, baking, creating, sewing, quilting, decorating, and doing all the other things I do during the days before Christmas.   Also, when grandchildren and their Christmas programs are added to the mix, it makes for a very busy time. 

This week we had two programs to attend.  Our granddaughter sang in her Christmas choral concert.  Really put us in the spirit of the season. 


She is getting prettier every day.  So proud of her.  She is using the talents God gave her.



  Their school is Christ centered which is really what the season is all about.  It’s nice to attend a school program where Jesus is welcome.  Too many schools don’t even want to use the word Christmas any longer which is really sad. 

  On the home front, decorations have gone up. 



The little ceramic tree I was given one year by someone I babysat for.


We put the tree in the dining room because honestly, it was the only room it would fit. 


I love our Christmas tree. 


I even like its reflection in the window!


Our neighbor down the street has a huge tree with lights.  I can see it out my kitchen window.


Lights on the front porch.  David put them up and half of them didn’t work any longer, so he had to take them down and buy new ones.  They just don’t make things like they use to.  Those light sets didn’t last a year.  Hoping these sets last a little longer. 


I am doing a lot of sewing, but since I cannot show you what I am making at the moment, I will show you a purse I made for myself recently.  I love this pattern.  I have made so many purses from it, given some away and kept some for myself.    Can’t wait to show you what I have been sewing for presents. 



I have been knitting, but not these things.  I made the sweaters and little socks years ago for my baby boys who are now in their forties.  I had forgotten I ever knit socks.  I have been following a blog that teaches how to knit socks and after Christmas I am going to try to knit on circular needles for the very first time and make a pair of socks.  I have been lusting over skeins of sock yarn online.  There are so many luscious colors from which to choose.  People have been posting their sock progress on Facebook which makes me want to start immediately.   I can see a new obsession taking hold.

Last night we attended another Christmas program put on by the fourth graders at my grandson’s school 


It was a Christmas western show.  All the children wore plaid shirts and kerchiefs on their necks.  They looked so cute.  My grandson is the red head boy in the front.  He and the other two boys had major parts in the play.


Here they are sitting around the campfire.   Why does Spin and Marty come to my mind?  You folks who grew up in the fifties in the states and watched the Mickey Mouse Club know who I am talking about.


Suddenly, angels appear in the sky. You know, the shepherds in the field keeping watch over their flocks by night.  When suddenly the heavenly host appeared singing “Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth, good will toward men.”


  They went looking for the baby who had been born. 


Carrying his sheep all the way!


During one song, our grandson played the drum. He was good too.


I love this boy.  He’s growing up way too fast.

I hope your days before Christmas are busy, happy and blessed.  Bye.



Easter came early this year.  I feel like we just got over Christmas.  But, Easter is my favorite holiday for so many reasons.   The main reason is that we celebrate the risen Christ who died for every one of us on the cross.  He arose the third day.  Many saw Him after he arose and many saw him ascend into heaven. He is coming back one day, you know.  He is coming to gather His church and set the world aright.  He can come back for you, too, if you believe in Him and ask Him into your life.

Easter means Easter bunnies and eggs and baskets and candy.  Easter eggs are a symbol of the new life we receive when we accept Christ into our lives.  I don’t know where the Easter bunny came from.  It’s a fun time for children.  After church, where we had a wonderful cantata performed, we came home and had dinner with family.   We had Kentucky fried chicken because I was too lazy to fry my own, scalloped potatoes, home grown corn, biscuits that I made myself, a wonderful salad my son-in-law prepared, cake and cupcakes.  It was good.

The kids were so excited about the Easter egg hunt.  There were 150 eggs hidden all over the yard, some with candy and some with slips of paper they could redeem for dollar bills.


David had to guard the door before the hunt.  See those faces?  They are already looking for the eggs.


Then they were let loose and the hunt began.


Our granddaughter looked so pretty in her floral dress.


One of my grandsons in his fedora.  He’s an old spirit in a young body.  And he really looks cute in hats.


This young ‘un can hunt eggs so quickly.   He soon had a bag full.


Afterwards we opened eggs to see how much money everyone received.  They all did pretty well.


My granddaughter with her money.


Our handsome grandson.  He is growing too fast.


Our youngest grandson lost another tooth playing with his cousin.


David enjoyed sitting on the front porch visiting with everyone. Our new front porch has become a wonderful place to gather.


We even had a bunny for the day.


Uh, we had another bunny also.  This boy is so much fun to be around.


Hope you had a blessed Easter.  He is alive!  Bye.

Threads of Time

Okay, does it seem like Christmas was ages ago?  We had our final family gathering last Saturday.  I never get tired of seeing my grandchildren.  It hit me, though, how quickly they are all growing and soon will be adults.  So any time I can spend with them is golden for me and David and I hope we can do it more this year.

I always like to take pictures when we are together although sometimes I forget because we are having fun.  But this time I took several pictures of the boys.  My granddaughter was home feeling poorly so she wasn’t with us.  Taking pictures of boys is like trying to herd cats.  You can’t get them to hold still or smile.  Here are a few pictures that I took.






Here they are with their Enderman and Creeper from Mindcraft.  I learned more than I ever needed to know about Mindcraft while researching how to make toys for the boys.  I’m still not sure I understand it, but they knew exactly what they were when they opened the packages so I breathed a sigh of relief.


Boys in motion.



I like this picture.  Rather elfin looking I think.  I knitted all the younger boys scarves and hats.


Eating the new sweatshirt I just gave him.


This young man is thirteen and wears size twelve shoes.  Or, as he told me, he can wear eight and a half shoes also.  Huh?!  Just know his foot is about twice as long as mine.  And he is still growing.  He’s on the basketball team.  His grandfather on his mother’s side played a lot of basketball and he is following in his footsteps.


My lovely daughter with her oldest.   We had a grand time and I look forward to seeing them all again.  My younger grandsons are already asking me when Grandma’s camp is going to be.  We want to take them caving this summer.


If you live in the northern states you know we are being hit by Artic air right now.  I almost got frostbite this morning cleaning out the chicken house and feeding them.  I keep candles burning because it just makes me feel warmer.


I brought my sewing indoors as the dogs have taken over my shop for the duration of this cold.


I am getting ready to quilt this quilt.  It’s kingsize and I’m not sure whether I will hand quilt it or do it on the sewing machine.  I think it’s called Granny Squares.  I pieced it a year or so ago and am just getting ready to finish it.


It’s been a nice quilt to use up my bits and pieces of fabric.  Since I have quite a stash, I could make several more of these.


Each block has a different color scheme.


This will be the backing.  We sold this when we had our quilt shop.  I have loved it ever since and wanted to use it in something I will keep.

This week I had the joy of teaching a friend and her two cute daughters how to piece a block and learn some quilt basics.  They decided to make pot holders.  After a lot of cutting, sewing, tearing out a couple of times and sewing again, they almost finished them except for a border or two.


It brought back memories when I use to teach quilt classes at our store.  It is so rewarding to see someone who does not know about quilting learn about it and find out it’s fun.  Their pot holders show their individuality. Pam picked Christmas fabric to match some new dishes she received.


Tiffany picked bold, floral fabrics that made a beautiful pot holder.


Danielle picked homespun fabrics and I really liked how her pot holder turned out.

It was fun and made me want to teach classes again.  See behind Danielle?  Molly and Belle watched us continuously.  This was usually their naptime and didn’t know why I wasn’t letting them into the shop.


I got this cute mug Saturday.  My grandchildren and their mom and stepdad went to Cleveland where the Christmas Story house is.


I love this mug.  It holds about two cups of coffee…………


or hot chocolate.  If you are in the freezer this week, stay warm, drink hot chocolate and enjoy your indoor time.  This, too, will pass.  Bye.




Sleds and Santa

This is one of my Hoosier Girl stories.   Things I remember.  It may not be what other members of my family remember,  but I’m sticking with my story.

Sleds and Santa

  A heavy blanket of snow covered Daddy’s Indiana farm.  Katie looked out the kitchen door and saw drifts of snow on the sidewalk and back porch.  Daddy came in the back door carrying an armload of firewood to put in the big  black iron stove that sat in the kitchen. As Katie ate her breakfast of hot sweet tea and cinnamon toast, she felt warm and cozy.  Daddy sat at the head of the table and Mommy sat next to him. They were discussing what needed to be done that day on the farm.

  Katie’s brothers came down from the cold upstairs.  Katie’s bedroom window had had frost on the inside of it that morning!   She had not wanted to leave her warm nest in her bed.

  “Hey, let’s go sledding this afternoon,” said Andy.  That sounded like a great idea to all the children  First all the chores must  be done before play.  On a farm the livestock comes first and all the animal must be fed and watered before anything else.  The eggs must be gathered before they froze in their nests.  That was Katie’s job.  Soon they were all bundled to go outdoors to do their chores.

  The cold wind whipped Katie’s face as she walked to the chicken house.  Inside it was warm and the chickens began clucking and stirring when they saw Katie.  Sometimes Katie would have to reach underneath a setting hen to take her egg.  The hen would not like this, but it had to be done.  Eggs were never left to be hatched in the hen house.  Mommy used many eggs in her baking each week and the ones she didn’t use were carefully washed and crated and taken to the grocery store to be sold to the grocer for him to resell.  Mother’s chicken eggs were especially good.  Thy were always fresh and the yolks almost orange.  That was because the chickens were allowed to peck and scratch outside and eat a lot of different things besides the ground corn Daddy fed them.  The eggs purchased in grocery stores today have very light colored yolks and are not always as fresh as they could be.

  After a good hot midday meal, Katie and her brothers dressed in several layers of clothes and snow boots and gloves and hats and went out to Daddy’s workshop where the sleds were kept  They walked down the road to a hill owned by a neighbor, Mr. Bond.  Sometimes he would have cows in the field where the hill was, but they never came near the children.

 They climbed over the fence and trudged through the deep snow to the top of the hill.  It seemed gigantic to Katie.  The first few times sledding down were not very good because paths had to be made through the snow.  After a few rides down the hill it became slicker and slicker until you were absolutely flying!  At the bottom of the hill was a small grove of trees that had to be maneuvered through.  It was dangerous, but fun at the same time.  Sometimes the Clevenger boys, who lived across the road, came over and joined the fun.  The boys liked to throw snowballs at one another as they sled down the hill.  Katie liked it when they threw snowballs at her even though she cried for them to stop.

  All too soon for Katie it was time to go back home.  She was chilled to the bone but hadn’t noticed while she was sledding.  Back in the warm house Mommy made hot chocolate and Daddy popped corn and made popcorn balls.  After all the exercise it all tasted so good.

  Sometime during the winter season Daddy and Mommy began whispering to one another and hiding things from the children.  It was Christmas time, one of the best times of the year for a child.  Soon after Thanksgiving the Christmas tree would be cut down and set in the front room and decorated and Mommy would put the red plastic wreaths with the red bulbs in the windows.  A plastic Santa riding a reindeer was one of Katie’s favorite Christmas decorations.  It lit up and looked so merry.

 Katie became so excited  that she was about to burst with excitement.  There would be a Christmas party at school and a special Christmas program at church to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  It was all wonderful.

  As Christmas drew nearer Katie could hardly contain herself.  What would Santa bring her this year?  Then, finally, it was Christmas Eve.  One year Katie wanted to stay up and see if Santa was really the one who brought the toys each Christmas.  She begged Mommy to allow her to stay up if her older sister, Joanne, stayed up with her. “You may stay up, but you will be asleep before Santa gets here,” said Mommy.

  That night Katie and Joanne each picked a chair to sleep in.  With pillows and blankets they prepared to stay up and see old St. Nick bring their presents.  Katie waited and waited until she felt her eyelids becoming heavier and heavier.

  All at once there was a soft glow in the room  Katie rubbed her eyes because she could not believe what she was seeing.  In front of her, so close she could have touched him, was a short, round little man in a beautiful red wool suit with the whitest fur trim.  He had a grand beard that covered his chest.  Katie sat in silence for fear the man would notice her.  It was Santa Claus and he might be angry to see her watching.  Suddenly he turned around and looked directly at Katie and smiled at her and said, “Go back to sleep, Honey.”  Katie felt no fear, but a feeling of love surrounded her.  The next thing Katie knew she was waking up in her own bed.  It was Christmas morning.

  The children all had to wait until Mommy and Daddy said it was okay to come down the stairs.  When they did. there was a mad dash to get to the Christmas tree to see what Santa had left them.  Katie doesn’t remember what she got that year, but she does remember it was the year she saw the real Santa Claus.

The End

   I remember this as though it were yesterday.  It is as real to me today as it was when I was a little girl.  I believe.  Bye.

After the Day

Has Christmas really come and gone already?  Wasn’t it just a few days ago I was putting out the pumpkins for Autumn and decorating for that season?  Seems that when October gets here the days just fly toward December 25th.  I don’t know why, but for me they do.  It’s all a blur.

I finally crashed today after church. I knew it was coming because I have been on warp speed for the last few weeks.  I came home from having dinner and laid down on my bed and slept for hours.  I am still extremely tired, almost like jet lag.

But, enough of that.  We had a very pleasant Christmas.  I say that because after everyone had gone home David said, “Now that was a nice Christmas.”  It wasn’t gawdy or raucous and the food wasn’t all that splendid because I just didn’t feel like cooking a big dinner, but everyone seemed to enjoy the day.   I must say the grandboys hit the bonanza with gifts.  Their uncle gave them their favorite gifts this year.


Cincinnati Reds backpacks. But that wasn’t all. Inside the backpacks were Reds jerseys, tickets to a Reds game and a scorecard book to various other Reds’ activities.  The boys loved them.




This boy put on his bathrobe I had made him and his backpack and did not take them off the entire day!  Look, what movie is on television?  It runs all day on Christmas.


Did I mention how tall my grandson is and that all the rest of us are Hobbits?


Yes,  we are all Hobbits.


My older son had asked me to make him a quilt for his couch, so I did.  I think he liked it.  It’s called the Australian Bush quilt.  I have made several of these.  Got the pattern from a quilt magazine years ago.  I use to teach classes on it.


I made our daughter a butterfly quilt and I forgot to take a picture of it.  As usual.  I’ll try to remember to get a picture of it when we are at her house this week.


I received some nice gifts.  A new computer since mine broke a few months ago and I have been using my husband’s old one.  I received this wonderful picture.  Reminds me of the place where I grew up for some reason.  I don’t know why, since our barn was red, but we did have several out buildings like in this picture.  And there was always a snowman in the yard or barn lot during the winter months.


Remember that big mystery box I received from Santa?  The one I couldn’t open until Christmas?  This was in it and I love it.  An antique chicken feeder. From a friend who knows I love chickens.    I have never seen one with such wonderful graphics and I have plans for it already.  In fact, I think I am going to decorate an entire room around it.  I have wanted to redo our dining room for a while and now I have a reason.  I see cream colored walls, red buffalo checked curtains from Country curtains and this as a centerpiece with dried flowers in it.  I haven’t painted a room in a while and it’s about time.  I also have a bathroom I am going to redo this winter.  I have the curtain material for its window and know the color paint I want.  I just need a new ladder as the old wooden one we have is very rickety and I don’t feel safe on it.   I got a gift card from Lowes so I know what I am going to do with it.  My favorite thing is going to Lowes to look at paints or to Rural King and look at farm things.  I’m a farmer’s daughter and I will always be one.


Christmas Day night we  saw the best Christmas movie I have seen in years called, The Secret Santa.  It made me a believer in Santa. As if I don’t already believe!  I think it will become a must watch movie for us, just like Christmas Story.

Closing the window on another Christmas.  Next year I hope more of our family can join us, but we are scattered now and it is harder to get together.  But I have hopes.  Now it’s on to a brand new polished and bright New Year.  We can make a new start.  We can dream new dreams.  We can hope new hopes.  May the new year bring you health, peace and happiness.

My next post will be a Christmas story about when I was growing up in the 50’s.  Bye.


Down Memory Lane

While decorating the Christmas tree I always get nostalgic remembering Christmases past.  David and I have shared so many together with children and without children.  It was so much fun having children to get us up early Christmas morning and watching them racing down the stairs to open the presents that Santa had left.  It’s not quite the same with two “old” people who get up later and creak down the stairs and make coffee and eat something before we open our presents to each other, but I would not want to change anything for the world.  Christmas has always been special to me.  I love the carols, the church services that celebrate Jesus’ birth, the Sunday school parties where grownups act like kids sometimes.  I love that we celebrate Christ’s birth even though we are probably a few months off on when He was born.

Hanging each ornament on the tree reminds me of a past Christmas.


Santa on a stork.  David’s grandmother gave this to us when we were expecting our first child, our older son.   The son who did the 5K with me on Thanksgiving day.  I have kept it and put it on the tree every year since.


This little snowman candle looks its age.  It use to hang on my grandfather’s tree.  One year Daddy, my brothers and I went back in the woods behind my grandfather’s house and cut down a tree and brought it back to decorate.  I don’t remember my grandparents having a Christmas tree very often, but I remember this one particular year.  The ornaments were few, but I loved them and when both my grandparents had passed away, I was fortunate enough to get their ornaments.  I have two of these snowmen.  They are probably seventy or so years old.  I love them.


A friend traveled to Europe and brought back this cute little wooden doll.  Pull a string and her legs go up.


Our grandchildren made both of us an ornament one year.  We found one broken this year which made me sad, but we still have this one.


McDonald’s gave these away in Happy Meals one year.  I kept this one and put it on the tree.  A Christmas mouse.



We made a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania one year and I bought some tree ornaments.  It was the vacation when, as we were driving there, our younger son sat up and said, “I think I left the freezer door open.”  We had this big freezer that had a door that was hard to shut and I was always reminding the kids to shut it tight.  I guess it had been ingrained in our son’s head and he thought he had left it open and panicked.  David and I just looked at each other and said, “Well, it’s too late now.  If all the food is defrosted there is nothing we can do about it.”  I actually even forgot about it the rest of the trip and when we got home, the freezer door was closed tightly and all the food was fine.  But it makes for a funny memory.


Things our children made at school always get put on the tree.


A few years ago we went to the Virgin Islands and I bought this wonderful sailboat with Christmas lights strung on the sail.


Through the years I have made ornaments.  This is suppose to be a reindeer with twig antlers.


A tiny manger scene I have had for years.


One year my daughter and I decided we didn’t like all the “old” ornaments so we went to Target and bought all new balls and decorations for the tree.  David did not like that tree so he put up another one with all the old ornaments on it.  Now I very seldom use the new ornaments we bought although I do love these particular ones.


I love our tree.  We considered not putting it up this year as we had put a tree on the new porch, but it just didn’t seem right not to have a tree in the house so while I took a three mile walk last Sunday with Belle and Molly Marshmallow which became a drag me three miles walk, David put the tree together(yes, it’s a fake tree)  and we decorated it and I am so glad we did.  It sits in my girly room where I can see it while I work on Christmas projects.

Christmas memories are wonderful.  Sometimes they make you laugh, sometimes they make you miss someone, and sometimes they just make you happy.  Hope you have more happy memories than sad ones this Christmas.  Bye.

A Blessed Weekend

We celebrated Easter today. Being a Christian, this is one of the most important days of the year.  Our Savior rose from the dead over two thousand years ago and lives today.  One day we will see Him again.  Easter isn’t about colored eggs, the Easter bunny or baskets of candy. Those are fun, but it’s not what Easter is all about.  It’s about a risen Savior who came to earth to live and He died on the cross for every one of us in the world. He loves us that much.    He arose from the dead and sits at the right hand of God, His Father, and one day He will come again to gather his church and judge us all.  Our church choir sang an amazing cantata today and it was wonderful to be in church this morning.  Wish you could have heard it.

We had a family get together today also.  I always enjoy having family around.  We took pictures.



Two of our three children were here.  Am I getting shorter or are my children still growing?





Three of our grandchildren and our daughter-in-love were here.



This is our daughter and her family.   Shoes were optional.  Now I know why I wanted these big wide steps.  For picture taking!

We had an Easter egg hunt after dinner.  There were one hundred and three eggs to find, plus a golden egg with money inside.  Grandkids always like candy and money.


The smaller boys got to hunt in a special area.  They wouldn’t have a chance with their bigger cousin standing there.


Then they all hunted the rest of the eggs.  It didn’t take them long to find all but two of them.

It was a fun day and a tiring day.  Not a half hour after everyone had left David and I both fell asleep.  Him in his recliner and me on the couch and I slept for two solid hours.  Not saying we were worn out or anything, but we were tired.

The building of our porch is going gung ho.


This big truck parked across the street with our lumber.




With this vehicle, it was easy to unload the lumber to our yard.



The steps looked like this just a couple of days ago.



The cedar siding is going up on the house. I am going to stain this.



Piles of lumber still sit on the porch for the railings and the rest of the siding.  My little magnolia tree has made it through all the tearing down and building up.  It opened its flowers fully this morning, just in time for Easter.


David is already enjoying the porch.  We hope many memories will be made as they were on the old porch.   Come and sit a spell with us sometime.  Bye.