Pictures to Make You Happy

Just in case the election doesn’t go as you like, or even if it does, here are some cute puppy pictures, Enjoy.

Lucy sitting in her favorite chair.

Sugar pretending to be a wild tiger.

Don’t let those innocent faces betray you!

The three sweetest faces on earth.

Lazing by the pool, but she never gets in it.

Oh, oh.  Lucy sees Sugar hiding in the grass.

It’s safer up here on the chair.

Not sure I should get down.

Watching the action below.

The puppies are growing so fast and are getting more and more brave. They already know how to sit and stay and wait for their treats and soon I will be working with them on the leash.  It’s been so much fun having them.

They watch the back door and as soon as they hear it open, they are waiting at the top step to the porch.  It makes it a little hard to walk down the steps, but they are learning to get out of the way.  Molly shares her house and her bed with them and they all sleep together.

David gets up early and feeds them, then I have them the rest of the day.  Just me, the puppies and the chickens.  Ha.   Well, I’m going to watch the election returns and pray for good results.  God bless America.   Bye.

P.S.  Had to tell you a funny story. We have had Labrador Retrievers for years and our last two are number four and five.  None of our Labs in the past wanted to get in our pool which we thought was strange since Labradors are bred to go into water to retrieve the hunter’s bird or duck. Well, all our past Labs always acted afraid around our pool and we didn’t encourage them as we didn’t want our pool liner to get torn.   Well, yesterday I noticed Sugar, our new black Lab puppy leaning down into the pool and I called her out on it.  Later in the day I thought her coat looked so pretty and had a wave in it on her back. Then I pet her and noticed she was wet all over. Then I saw a big puddle  by  the steps into our pool.  Sugar had evidently either fallen in or gone for a swim willingly. It had been my fear one of the pups would fall into the pool and drown, but they have stayed away from it until today. Now one of them has tasted the joy of water and I have a feeling we won’t be able to keep Lucy out  of the pool.  Oh, well.  Life is never boring with puppies.

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