Juvenile Delinquents

Before I continue writing this, I just want to say, “PEOPLE FROM CHINA and ISRAEL ARE READING MY BLOG!!!!!”  I know, I know, some of you out there who have been blogging for years and get people reading from all over the world are pretty blasé about this now, but for me, I am so excited.  Hi, all you people in China and Israel and the UK and Ireland and Australia who have read my post.  I am so glad you found me and hope you will come back again. In fact, I love anyone who reads my post and I really love you if you leave a comment!

Okay, took care of that, and now for more chicken news.  I know I am becoming quite obsessed with my chickens, but they amuse me in so many ways. I didn’t know raising chickens would be so much fun. These little girls are so cute,nosy and have true personalities.


The chicks are becoming like adolescents now with their big feet, long legs and wings that they don’t know what to do with.  They preen and pick and flutter and cheep and chase each other around the cage and I just watch them laughing.  Now when I open the cage, they come running. One of them has her eye out to see if she can buzz by me and get out into the real world. Juvenile delinquent.  She never fails to stretch her neck and look beyond me to the great big world she sees behind my back(my shop.) I have to watch that girl.  I don’t know what I would do if she got out because there are so many places to hide in my shop.


This is Phoebe. A Rhode Island Red. She is my favorite.  Just don’t tell the others. She is always looking at me when I come in  the shop.  Scrutinizing me is more like it.  I think she is trying to figure me out.  I am in big trouble if she ever does.  She will sit in my hand and eat and her little feet are so cold.  Need to knit her some socks.

Soon, when it warms up, the girls will be moved to their coop in the back yard and will be free to wander in the garden.  That will really be a shock to them after being cooped up in a dog cage for the last few weeks.  Freedom!!  Then I will have to worry about that big hawk that is always flying above our yard looking for food. He’s not getting one of my chickens.  He had an altercation with some crows a while back.  A real air battle took place above our yard as the crows attacked the hawk and sent it packing.  The hawk did not give up easily.  I will have to hire some crows to protect my chickens.

Been doing some yard work today.  It’s so wonderful to see all the flowers poking up and some daffodils that will be open in another week or two.  Maybe by Easter it will be getting pretty around here.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Bye.

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