The Chicks Have Landed and a Quiz


Six little ladies have come to our house to stay.  Two Buff Orpingtons, two Rhode Island Reds, and two Barred Rock pullets.  I’ve been studying up on different breeds of chickens and these seemed the best breeds for eggs and temperament.  I’m hoping in a few months to be gathering fresh eggs.



Until we got the heat lamps situated close enough, the little chicks piled into a ball of fluff in the corner of the cage.  Now that they are warm enough, they are venturing out into their big world of cagedom.


I’m going to name them all, but I am waiting for their personalities to come out.  Chickens really do have personalities. I notice one is more vocal than the rest, one is more aggressive having already pecked my finger, and one is pretty passive.  They are all so cute. They are so much fun to watch.  I grew up around chickens so I have been around baby chicks before, but this is the first time I have been responsible for them.  I feel like they are my babies and I want each one to make it to adulthood.



They are already getting their pinfeathers.  They are growing up so fast,  Waaaa.


Looks like your typical Easter chicken doesn’t she?  Didn’t remember how messy chickens are.  They are going to keep me busy.


And now for a quiz.



What is this?

1. A giant hairball?

2. A breast implant that went terribly wrong?

3.  A figment of my imagination?

4. None of the above?


If you said “none of the above” you are smarter than the average bear. Who use to say that?

Of course you know this is a fabric ball.


When I buy new fabric, I tear off the selvages and put them in a basket and when I have time, I roll the strips into balls.  I guess you can tell I have bought great quantities of fabric because I have made several balls.  These are solid fabric.  I have seen fabric balls for sale and they are usually Styrofoam balls with a few strips of fabric wrapped around them and sell for two or three dollars.  No Styrofoam balls in mine.   After I had made way too many, I decided I was going to try to make a giant fabric ball and so…..


I began rolling and rolling fabric until I had one this big.



This is how it compares with the regular size ball.  I have made it my goal to make the biggest fabric ball I can.  Everyone needs a goal?  Right?  Maybe I will get into the Guiness Book of World Records.


Before I leave I will introduce you to our granddog, Jackson.  He has been staying with us this week while his parents were having fun elsewhere.  He’s going home soon.  I will miss him.  Here’s to dog sitting, baby chicks and ball rolling. What an exciting life! Bye.

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