Festival Fun

Before I tell you about the festival we attended Saturday, I have to show you the other Strawberry Shortcake doll I found while putting the rest of them away


This is Sour Grapes and her snake, Dregs.  I had completely forgotten about her.


She uses way too much mascara.  I think she is a villainess.  She doesn’t look too friendly.


David and I went to a festival that was being held at our grandchildren’s  school.  It was a lot of fun.  This lady was walking around giving everyone a “high” five.  The kids loved it.

You paid one price and got to do everything there was to do and there was a lot.


There was sumo wrestling.  The suit was almost too big for my grandson.


It rather overwhelmed him, but he wanted to try.  This was the second time he did it that day.


The men had to stand the two contestants upright and then they were supposed to try to knock each other down.



They were both down within seconds.  I think the weight of the suits was what did it.    I laughed so hard at this.  It was really funny to watch.


Then they were  placed upright again and tried once more.


Then down they went again.


This is my grandson who was the sumo wrestler.  Yes, his hair is fire retardant.  He’s the one who reminds me of my dad so much.


There was reverse bungi jumping.  My granddaughter is putting on a vest she had to wear to do this.  The object was to run against the bungi cord and try to get to the end before it pulled you back. I told her if she could make it to the end, I would give her five dollars.  Sneaky, but I knew she wouldn’t be able to do it.  Larger people than she had tried, but she gave it her all.


She began to run as hard as she could.


Hair flying, she ran against the bungi cord as hard as she could, but it sprung her back less than halfway to the end.  I gave her five dollars later, anyway.


Another grandson climbed the big rock.  It was pretty high, but he made it to the top and rang the bell.  He’s so athletic.


He also became a human bowling ball.  Strapped in this contraption, he was rolled toward the bowling pins.


It took longer to get him strapped in than it did for him to be rolled toward the pins.  Safety first.


There was a man drawing caricatures and he drew this one of my granddaughter.  I think it’s really cute.  But then, I think she is really cute.  The man drew for over two solid hours nonstop.  I don’t know how many caricatures he drew, but it had to be a hundred or more.


There was so much for kids to do and they could do it as much as they wanted.  This was popular with the boys.



The water dunking booth was popular.  The men in the tank were good sports and goaded the kids to try to knock them down.   I tried once, but I threw like a woosy girl.  Absolutely no arm strength.  Some of those boys could throw the hard balls.

All in all, it was a fun evening.  There were vendors there also selling elephant ears, funnel cakes, Italian food, Chick-fil-A(yum) differently seasoned French fries.  island food, ice cream, and much more.  We tried several things and they were all good.

Here’s to fun festivals and grandchildren to enjoy them with. Bye.


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