Ice Melt and Birthdays

Isn’t it wonderful that finally the ice is beginning to melt?   If it just didn’t get on where one has to drive and walk, it would be pretty.  We had some amazing icicles on and around our house this week.








We watched this one icicle grow from just a few inches until it was the full length of our window.


Remember the ice tree I told you about a few posts back?  Well, we could have started our own mini ice bush right in our yard.  I was going to throw some food coloring on this, but didn’t get it done before it started to melt.

My birthday was this week.  I wanted to keep it low key.  Well, as low key as I am able.  David gave me some of my favorite perfume.  His mother gave me a used bottle of this perfume many years ago and every time I wore it, someone would mention how good it smelled.  I used that bottle until the last drop and then got another one and used it forever, it seems.  I was using the fumes off it and wanted another bottle.  It’s kind of pricey so it’s not something I just go out and buy at a whim. So when David gave it to me, I was thrilled.  The bottle has been changed and I think it is so pretty.



I will use this until I am just using the fumes again.  Thank you, David.  I love it.

I also bought some new clothes, two Yankee candles, and of course, fabric for my birthday.  At least I used that for the excuse to buy them.  I got a Rose and a Vanilla Cupcake candles.  The Vanilla Cupcake smells good even when it isn’t burning.


We had already made our purchase at the Yankee Candle store and were leaving when my eye was caught by this cute sight.  A bunny and a baby chick in a basket that held tea lights.  Well, impulse buyer that I am, I bought it to add to my rabbit and chicken collection. Two birds with one stone. A good thing I always say.

I finished the ironing board cover for my little ironing board.  I like to think my daddy would like to see it.





It’s a mini log cabin quilt design.  I think it turned out so cute.

Now, for those with delicate sensibilities, I am going to show something which you might not want to see.  Consider this a warning. Do not read any further if you are easily offended.  WARNING ALERT!!!

I have a thermal shirt that I wear with pajama pants to bed.  It got a hole in a strategic place, if you know what I mean.



Since I like this shirt and wanted to keep wearing it, I had to cover the hole with something.  What to do?  What to do?  Then I came up with this(what I thought) was a great idea.

Since I am becoming the egg lady, why not use something to do with that?  Huh?



This is what I came up with and it covered the hole nicely, but it didn’t look right all by itself.  So………



Ta-Dah!!   What do you think?  If you have read this far, you are not allowed to be offended.  I warned you.  I cannot wait to wear this.  Of course, I would never wear this in public.  Would I????  Nope, isn’t going to happen.

Here’s to icicles, birthdays and fried eggs.  Bye.


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