Grandparents’ Day and Whirling Dervishes

David and I had the opportunity to attend Grandparents’ Day at three of our grandchildren’s school this week.  I always love to go to these because it is always so uplifting to see the kind of education my grandchildren are getting.  They go to a large Christian school and I believe they are getting the best education they can get.





When you enter the school you see all these inspirational signs on the walls.  This is a Jesus Christ centered school.  The children and teachers are all so friendly and happy and there is just a wonderful atmosphere in the whole school.


We grandparents were directed to the auditorium where a jazz band was playing big band music.  They had us all tapping our feet and clapping our hands.  Sorry my zoom lens wasn’t working. The boy playing the xylophone twirled the sticks as he played.  The trombonist was amazing.


There were greetings from the principal and others and then this pastor gave a short sermon using the piano as an object of the sermon.  There is a middle C.  Christ should be the center of our lives.  The black and white keys symbolize the good and bad that happens in our lives.  There are major key people and minor key people.  He played as he talked using music to enhance what he said.  He played one song playing it fast for the young people, slow for the older people and then really fast to show how fast our lives pass.  He was a great teacher and it was a wonderful object lesson.  I could have listened to him much longer.


The Praise Team sang and that girl in the green shirt.  That’s our granddaughter.  She sings in all the chapels they have each week.  I am so proud of her.

There were two days for Grandparents’ Day  The middle school was the first day and elementary the next.  This was on day one.


Our granddaughter took us around the school showing us where all her classrooms are.  This is her locker.



She is on the honor roll.


There were photographs in the hall taken by middle schoolers.  I was amazed at how professional they looked.  When I was their age I could barely put one foot in front of the other without tripping!



The next day David and I had to split up.  David went with our younger grandson and because he didn’t have the camera, we didn’t get any pictures of what they did.  They made hand prints and put them together on a page and our grandson wrote a really sweet note to us.   I got to hang out with this grandson.  He is so much fun.   I noticed he was seated in the front row in home room and I wondered why.  Hmmmm.  He and I almost started giggling when a man sneezed really loudly.  Maybe he takes after me a little.


The students stood up around us  and said a really long passage from the Bible from memory.  I was impressed.


This is his locker.  I looked inside it and was amazed how neat it is because I have seen his room.   I love this kid.


Saw this sign on the side of one of the teacher’s desks.  I think it could be parentisms also as I have said many of these things to my children.



In the evening we played Dizzios, a form of Dominoes.  It’s probably one of my favorite games even though I think I have only won it one time.  My grandsons are really good at this.

Speaking of grandsons, I will leave you with some pictures of my two youngest grandsons who spent the night with us last weekend.  I brought out the old electric football game our sons use to play with and the boys were entertained for a long time.  As you will see, I could not get a picture that wasn’t blurry because these boys were on the move all the time.  Whirling Dervishes.




Here’s to wonderful Christian schools and grandchildren.  Bye.

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