Daily Archives: April 6, 2015


Easter came early this year.  I feel like we just got over Christmas.  But, Easter is my favorite holiday for so many reasons.   The main reason is that we celebrate the risen Christ who died for every one of us on the cross.  He arose the third day.  Many saw Him after he arose and many saw him ascend into heaven. He is coming back one day, you know.  He is coming to gather His church and set the world aright.  He can come back for you, too, if you believe in Him and ask Him into your life.

Easter means Easter bunnies and eggs and baskets and candy.  Easter eggs are a symbol of the new life we receive when we accept Christ into our lives.  I don’t know where the Easter bunny came from.  It’s a fun time for children.  After church, where we had a wonderful cantata performed, we came home and had dinner with family.   We had Kentucky fried chicken because I was too lazy to fry my own, scalloped potatoes, home grown corn, biscuits that I made myself, a wonderful salad my son-in-law prepared, cake and cupcakes.  It was good.

The kids were so excited about the Easter egg hunt.  There were 150 eggs hidden all over the yard, some with candy and some with slips of paper they could redeem for dollar bills.


David had to guard the door before the hunt.  See those faces?  They are already looking for the eggs.


Then they were let loose and the hunt began.


Our granddaughter looked so pretty in her floral dress.


One of my grandsons in his fedora.  He’s an old spirit in a young body.  And he really looks cute in hats.


This young ‘un can hunt eggs so quickly.   He soon had a bag full.


Afterwards we opened eggs to see how much money everyone received.  They all did pretty well.


My granddaughter with her money.


Our handsome grandson.  He is growing too fast.


Our youngest grandson lost another tooth playing with his cousin.


David enjoyed sitting on the front porch visiting with everyone. Our new front porch has become a wonderful place to gather.


We even had a bunny for the day.


Uh, we had another bunny also.  This boy is so much fun to be around.


Hope you had a blessed Easter.  He is alive!  Bye.