Daily Archives: April 28, 2015

One Day at a Time

You just have to take one day at a time or things get out of hand.  If I take the time to think about tomorrow, I start getting tired because today is not finished yet.  One day passes after another and suddenly you look up and a week, a month, a year has passed and you wonder where it went.   Time is going faster.  I truly believe it is.  What do you think?

I am blessed that my days are full.  I have something to look forward to and work to accomplish.  What would life be without work?  Work is invigorating.   I love work.  I learned a good  work ethic from my mother and father who were certainly not afraid to work.

We are having more new windows installed this Spring.   Today the contractor came and nothing was happening so I went outside and the contractor was looking at windows that were not going to fit.  I felt for him.  His day was not starting out very well, but I just knew it would all work out.  They were special order windows, too, so he was worried that the lumberyard would not take them back.  I told him I would pray for him.   He left and later in the morning he came back with a smile upon his face.  The lumberyard had taken them back and ordered the larger windows and gave us the discount we had gotten on the first windows.   Anyway, we got one window replaced in our livingroom and tomorrow they are replacing one in my shop.  We only have seven more windows to replace.  Next year.  This old house may get done one day.  I tell David we are sure making a nice house for the next owners.


This is the first sunrise I have seen in a long time.  I am a late sleeper and miss these beautiful scenes.  I had to get up to let the contractors in so up I got.


Remember last post I told about the lady who sent me all the material?  There were pieces like this already made for a large Dresden Plate.


Piles of pieces for Dresden Plate blocks.


Such cute fabric.


This fabric had chickens on it.  Yay.  I will cut some of my fabric and put it with her fabric and make a Dresden Plate quilt.  But first, I have three other quilts I have to finish.  I am trying to get some of my quilts done.  Quilts that have been laying around for months and some even years.  I also am making doll quilts to use up my little pieces of fabric.  I may sell some, I don’t know.  Just love piecing them and all the cute fabrics I am using in them.

The garden is looking so pretty.  Every morning there are new surprises.


The flowering crabapple is glorious.


I can see it from my front window.


Or sitting on my front porch.  See the lilac bush?  It is loaded with lilacs and smells heavenly.



A new snowball bush I planted on the north side of the porch.


Planted three azaleas like these.


I looked out my back door and saw what looked like a little tree, but it’s really a columbine.  Don’t know how it grew like this, but it is interesting.


Can’t you almost smell these right from the screen?


I bring in big bouquets of these and the house smells so good!


The azalea that I didn’t think would grow here.


Isn’t God good?  Look at this beautiful bunch of lilacs.


This little solar hen lights the garden at night.


Meanwhile, Molly sits in her chair and guards the backyard.


No one gets this seat but her.  I love this dog.  She is getting sweeter every day.  Not as many Tasmanian Devil antics where she would suddenly start biting.  She loves being with me. And I love being with her.  I love just sitting and petting her.  I knew she would make a good companion.   David and I saw a huge Mastiff at Rural King yesterday.  I just saw it out of the corner of my eye and jumped and David laughed.  I thought someone was leading a pony through Rural King.  I pet her and she was so gentle.  “This is my next dog,” I told David who I had told only a few months ago that Molly would be our last big dog.  Ha.  I knew that wouldn’t last long.

Here’s to new windows, quilting, Spring bouquets and sweet dogs.  Bye.