Daily Archives: April 14, 2015

Driving Miss Crazy Part Two

It’s been a wonderful week of family, sightseeing, eating good food, laughing, relaxing and just having an all around good time.  David and I have spent a few days in Wilmington, North Carolina.  We went to see these people.


David’s brother and sister-in-law and their son and his family.  We had the pleasure of having these children visit our house last Summer.


This little girl is a free spirit and makes me smile.


And this little boy happy to show his missing tooth.  Just like my grandson.

We had fun with them one night shooting at cups with nerf bullets and knocking the cups down. Of course, it got out of hand and several shots hit some of us accidently on purpose!

David and I also went to North Carolina to see the azaleas during the Azalea festival in Wilmington.  Wilmington was dressed in the most beautiful flowers all over the city.  We took tours through the gardens and through some houses.  I will just let you look at the beauty that is Wilmington.


These were everywhere.





Pretty girls in pretty hoop skirts in every garden.



This was someone’s back yard.  A really wonderful place to entertain.


Someone had a lab and had this statue in their garden.  I got to pet the real lab. I missed mine.


There are beautiful houses everywhere.  Wouldn’t you just like to walk up these steps and move right into this house?  The flowers were gorgeous. Well, maybe the occupants might have something to say about that!


Loved this house.  It has a very unusual porch ceiling like the ribs of a ship.



I’m a sucker for lace curtains at the window.  So pretty.


Another house we went through.  It was so cute.



Historical houses everywhere.  They really take pride in keeping their old houses well kept.


Azaleas were not the only flowers blooming.


Even some of the sidewalks were unique.


There was a street fair going on also and I think this man was trying to sell everything!

I even saw a woman leading a llama down the street while walking.  I thought I was on Mulberry Street.


If I had to live in a city, Wilmington would be high on my list.  It’s Savannah without the commercialism and heavy traffic.   Don’t take me wrong.  I love Savannah and have been there a few times, but Wilmington rates right up there with it.


We had to go to the beach.  The first time we went, Terry, my sister-in-law and I sat bundled up in blankets sitting in chairs trying not to freeze.   The wind was blowing and it was cold.  We didn’t stay too long that day.  Then another day David and I went by ourselves to a beach north of Wilmington and found it much warmer and the beach was so nice to walk on.

While David did this….


I did this…..


Then we walked a couple of miles on the beach.  It was so nice.


For some reason quilts and fabric always manage to be incorporated into any trip we take. This time I met a friend of my sister-in-law’s who was a quilter and she brought over some of her quilts to see.  I loved this one.


This floral one was bright and cheerful.


I especially loved this one.  I like how the black and white fabric sets off the bright spokes in the fans.   I want to make one of these.  When you meet someone who likes to quilt, it is like you have met a kindred spirit.  Talking quilts always makes me happy.  I did not buy one yard of fabric this trip.  I had to make myself stay out of quilt shops as I am trying so hard to finish up several projects before I buy one more yard of fabric. Believe me, it was hard.  Even when I wasn’t looking for them, quilt shops would appear.

I am so looking forward to seeing my dogs and chicks.  Molly had surgery while we were gone and I am sure she is ready to come home.  It’s been fun, but back to reality.  I am actually looking forward to planting my garden.  My brother-in-law already has most of his garden planted but he also has a palm tree in his front yard.  It’s still too cold to plant most things in our state.  But boy, have I been inspired by all I have seen.

Here’s to azaleas, old houses and fun with family.  Bye.