I’m a Believer

Today I am going somewhere completely different from what I usually write about.  There are things going on in this world that cannot be explained.  There are portents of things to come in what is happening all around us.  Those of us who have studied the Bible are not surprised by what is happening.  Did you know the Bible mentions ghosts?  Not the Holy ghost, just ghosts.(Perhaps I should clarify that yes, the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is mentioned in the Bible.)  When Jesus first appeared to some of the disciples, they thought at first that he was a ghost.

There are some things I believe in.  I believe there is a God, that Jesus died for me and that He sits at the right hand of God right this minute.  I believe in angels and I believe there is a devil and his demons who roam the earth wreaking havoc on all people.  I believe in heaven and in hell.  I believe there is a battle going on all around us that we cannot see between angels and demons.  I believe there are many things we cannot explain.  I believe God does not want one of us to perish.  He sent His only Son after all.  I don’t think I could love that much to give up one of my sons to die for everyone.  But God did.  But this post is not about that.  I hope you will know I am being sincere in what I am telling you.  I couldn’t make up things I am about to tell you.

There are many things that cannot be explained through science or through practical knowledge.  We are all spiritual beings whether we are believers or not.  Some have just shut off the spiritual side of themselves and I believe they are missing a lot of what God has planned for them. But I am not talking about this kind of spirituality.

I have never believed in ghosts.  That said, I have some really strange ghost stories to tell.

Years ago, our family went on vacation and we stopped at this park where there was a fire tower that we wanted to climb, but our daughter was too little.  So David walked up with the boys taking the camera with him.  He took a picture of my daughter and me standing beneath the tower.  When we got home and had the pictures developed, we noticed something odd about the picture of my daughter and me.  It appeared there was another figure standing beside us.  A very distinct shape of a person.  There had been no other people around us that day.

We live in a 100 year old house.   From the very beginning of living here I began to see a cat running in the house.  Up the stairs usually.  We had cats later, but at the time, we had no cats.  Then a few years ago I was sitting in our living room and saw a cat run across the room right into the wall.  The hairs went up on the back of my neck.  I called to David in the kitchen and said, “You are not going to believe what I just saw.”  I don’t think he did.

When my father died, a few nights after his death I was lying in bed and heard who I thought was David walking into the room. I lay there with my eyes closed.  Suddenly, I felt a presence standing over me and felt the most wonderful feeling of love.  I opened my eyes and David wasn’t there.  He was downstairs.  I have always thought it was my daddy coming to say good-bye.

One night I was in my bedroom in bed and heard David come into the room and when he didn’t get in bed I opened my eyes and he wasn’t there.  I got up and called downstairs and asked him if he had come upstairs.  He said he hadn’t.

Something happened that makes me think we have something going on in our house.  Our grandsons stayed overnight one night and the next day going home one of them said he didn’t want to stay overnight anymore because a bad man came into his room.  That sent the hairs on the back of my neck up because our daughter had the same experience once when she was small and had screamed from her room one night waking us all up from a deep sleep saying there was a man in her room. We searched everywhere.    She doesn’t remember it now.   Now when I ask her about it, she says it was bees in the window, which did happen once, but not that night.

Well, this week two things happened that were really strange.  Okay, more than strange.  David and I were in the kitchen when out of the corner of my eye I saw a man in a white shirt  with dark hair coming into the kitchen.  He seemed to be surprised that we were there and backed out immediately and disappeared.  I said, “David, there was a man there just now.”  He just laughed.  Soon something strange would happen to him.

Yesterday I was out in my shop and David was in the house.  He came out to the shop and said,”Were you just in the house?”  “No, I said, why?” ” Someone whistled at me at the back door and I whistled back.  It sounded just like you.”  Okay.  Ummmm.  I don’t know what happened, but he definitely heard someone whistle. So we have a cat owning, white shirt wearing, whistling ghost I guess.  As long as he’s friendly, I will be okay.  Sometimes I think someone is standing right behind me while I type here.  I feel nothing scary about it.  It just is.

The husband of a friend of mine is a doctor and he ran into a ghost with no feet floating down the hallway at the hospital.  He smelled gangrene.  He said the ghost was just as surprised to see him as he was to see the ghost.  I’m not the only one seeing them.

When my grandfather died, my mother said she saw him at the foot of her bed just standing there looking at her.

Do you have a ghost?  Do you believe in ghosts?  I really don’t believe in them, but what is happening at my house?   The explanation must be supernatural.

I saw a show on Netflix about a guy who one day started to see angels, demons and dead people.  It was causing him much angst.  He was really having a horrible time about it.  He went to a psychiatrist who said he was mentally stable.  He went to many people to have his brain studied. Everything was fine.  What makes one person see these things and another doesn’t?    He did say that angels are very tall, beautiful creatures with large wings and they sparkle.  That is what I think angels would look like.

I believe there are things going on all around us that most of us cannot see.  There are battles being waged.   I have heard that all time is going on at the same time, just in different dimensions.  Could it be that someone or something gets caught in the wrong dimension?  God sees it all from the very beginning of creation to the end of time as we know it.   We only see a very tiny bit.  Hope I haven’t scared any of you because I’m not scared. Much.  Bye.

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