Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is a day for love.  I don’t know why we just pick one day when we should be loving on people all the time. Have you a loved one with you today?  Or are you alone and thinking no one loves you?  That isn’t true.  Have you lost a loved one this year?  Has someone spurned you that you loved?  Just remember this.  There is someone who loves you more than anything.

If you are alone today, get out if you can and go somewhere and just smile at people.  Do you know there are people in this world who never get one smile in a day?  Not one.  If we were the one to smile at them then quite possibly we could make their day just a little bit brighter.  Or even say, “How are you today?”  Have you ever said that to someone who was checking you out at a store?  It makes all the difference in how they treat you and it makes them feel like they are a person instead of just someone doing something for you.

Do you have a talent you could share?  Do you knit or crochet or quilt or play the guitar or anything?  Teach a child how to do something today.  Hug a child.  Hug your mother and your father.  Are your parents gone?   Love on some older folks whose children aren’t around.

 You see, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples.  It’s for everyone to try to show love to others.  Jesus loved each of us so much He died on the cross to take away our sins so that one day we could be with him in Heaven.  What greater love is there?  I never feel unloved.  I do have a husband and family and friends that love me, but even if I didn’t have them, I know I am loved.  You are so loved today.  I love you for spending some time here.  If you could be with me I would bake us some biscuits and cook up some of my chickens’ good, fresh, organic eggs.  We’d have a cup of coffee or tea and sit a spell and talk.  I bet your life is more interesting than you could ever imagine.  Every life is special and God loves you.  Talk to Him today.  He’s been waiting.


   Here’s some flowers for you.  I hope you like them.  I wish you the very best today.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  You are loved.  Bye.

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