End of Year Frivolities

Well, it’s the end of 2013 except for the celebrating.  My idea of celebrating this year will be to go out to the chicken coop at midnight and throw the girls some chicken scratch like confetti and yell, “Happy New Year!” which will cause them all to lay an egg because they will have all been asleep.

I will also give Belle and Bonnie some bones and give David a great big kiss and go upstairs and snuggle down into my bed and read a good book.

I’m done with all the partying and trying to pretend to have fun on New Year’s Eve when really, I would rather be home with the one I love or if any of my other loved ones wanted to join us that would be okay, but don’t expect me to be the life of the party.

I use to think we needed to be out doing something on New Year’s Eve and every year I never felt like it was all it was cracked up to be.  David and I dressed up one year and went to a big party at a hotel in Indianapolis.  There were bands and lots of food and even a casino.  I don’t gamble but this was not gambling for money.  We were the oldest ones there and everyone treated us so nicely and we had a good time. At the end of the evening there was a balloon drop and it was amazing there were so many balloons.  We had masks and hats and noise makers.  It really was fun.  We stayed all night at the hotel and the next morning they served a huge breakfast buffet with everything you could think of, even sushi, which I tried and decided I didn’t like it much, but everything else was so good.  We planned to do it again the next year, but David had back surgery right after Christmas that year, so we couldn’t go and for some reason, we have never done it again

We have several birthdays in December.  Our youngest grandson was born three days after Christmas and this year he had his very own party instead of sharing a party with his older brother who was born in November.   It was like Christmas all over again for him.



He was one happy kid.



He licked his fork clean of all the icing.



He opened lots of presents.  He does that tongue thing that seems to run in our family.  My mother use to stick out her tongue when she was concentrating.

We had a nice evening visiting with my son-in-law’s family and enjoying the children.  When we were driving home we passed this amazing, Christmas lighted house.  We pulled off the road to take pictures.



A beautiful Nativity.



Polar bears around a tree.


This house had everything lit.  It was beautiful.


Santa and his sleigh.

It was a lovely ending to a very nice day.

Now that 2013 is being put to sleep and a brand spanking new year is upon us, I want to wish you all a very blessed new year.  May your year be one of health, joy and love.   I’ll be writing about my plans for the new year next time.  Happy New Year!  Bye.

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