I Got This New Camera, so……..

Last fall I dropped my little camera that I have been using ever since I started my blog.  It wasn’t an expensive camera, but it did the job I wanted it to do.  When I dropped it, I couldn’t zoom in for pictures any longer.  So, David got me a new camera for Christmas.

Since we got to spend some time with our grandchildren this week, I got to practice taking pictures and my grandchildren were happy to oblige.








Photo bomb.


My granddaughter wasn’t here at the time.  She was busy getting her first book published.  Yes, my fourteen year old  granddaughter has written a book.  One of a trilogy and she will soon be a published author.  That will be a blog in itself when the book gets published.  Therefore, I didn’t get many pictures of her.

I wanted to get a picture of all the cousins together.  Getting kids to all smile at the same time can be hard as you will see by the next few pictures.







Finally got a decent picture, but, as you can see, I got the other adults’ pictures, who were trying to take photos too, in the mirror behind the children.


This boy was a chubby little baby just a blink of the eye ago.  Now he can bench press his six year old cousin.


We gave the  children some Christmas gifts.  These are games David and I built and painted.  We gave them an assortment of balls and they spent a good part of the evening rolling the balls down the ramps.  There was a third one, but I didn’t get a picture of it.


I tried getting creative and took a picture of my daughter’s Christmas tree’s reflection in the window.  I think it looks awesome.  They live out in the woods up a big hill.  The view in itself is awesome.

I’m really looking forward to taking pictures in the coming year with my new camera.  Who knows where it will take me or I will take it.  What adventures we will have.  Maybe something spectacular will be photographed.  Who knows.  The new year lies before us with all its joys, sorrows, fun, and living to experience.  I want to photograph it all.  Bye.


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