Things I am Making

Every day I go out to my shop and sew for hours. I am making things for my sale in December. Here are a few things I have made. There are hundreds more.

These are my church dolls all rolled up and ready to go to some little boy or girl to play with while sitting quietly in church. There are three dolls in each and they come with a quilt or a knitted blanket.

One of dozens of patchwork stockings I have made. All are different.

I’ve been rolling my strips of fabric into fabric balls for years, but have decided to sell a few of them. They are solid fabric, not strips of fabric over styrofoam balls you find for sale in other places. I keep a few in a bowl for decoration.

David made the fence and I made the garland. This is mine that I made for my Autumn decorations.

I added spools of thread and cinnamon sticks between each piece and hung the garland pieces with tiny clothespins.

I’ve sewn lots of gift tags. I love making them so much, I cannot stop. I made a few today. They would look so cute on your Christmas gifts.
I sewed buttons on each one and tied it with a ribbon or twine.
While most of the patchwork Christmas stockings I have made are smaller, I have made a few very large ones for someone who you want to give lots of gifts to. This one is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture.

So, I’ve been busy sewing up a storm in my shop, but I know December 3rd will be here before I know it so I must keep busy.

The pups have been busy also. We have a few pumpkins coming on and they discovered one.

This is their version of a carved pumpkin. They picked it and carved it all by themselves. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was actually Sugar who did all the carving as she seems to be the one who is always looking for something to chew on, but since I didn’t catch her at it, they all get the blame.

Here’s to the joys of sewing and to dogs who carve pumpkins. Bye.

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