Time to Get Er’ Done

I finally thought I was done making things for my Christmas sale, so I have started a deep cleaning of my shop. Having kept three dogs in there while I was sewing, there was a lot of dog hair to clean up. The pups are going to have to stay out of the shop until after December 3rd. So, I’ve been going through all my things and finding more fabric I had forgotten I had and of course, I decided to make a few more things.

I found some of my cute Halloween fabric and just had to make a little quilt. I’ve already sewn another one that I will show you when it’s done.

Because my table was finally cleared off, having not been able to see the top of it since last Christmas and I got this idea to have a sale, I thought I would pin one of my quilts that I have been wanting to finish.

After hundreds of pins later, I finally got it all ready to quilt.

This quilt will be mine when I’m finished. It has a fine display of many of my fabrics I have purchased through the years to include some material from a dress I wore when I was a little girl.

Here are a few things I will be selling in December.

A doll quilt. I’ve made several so if you know of a little girl who would like to have a quilt for her dolls, there will be some to choose from.

Potholders. I have really enjoyed making these. I have so many pot holders of my own I have made through the years and I use them all the time. I don’t know how many I have made for the sale, but there are several in different colors.
Honestly, this is my very favorite thing I have made for the sale and I love it so much, I am going to have to make myself one. It could be a baby quilt or a doll quilt or you could hang it on the wall of a child’s room.

Autumn has come and it looks like it around our house.

We managed to get three pumpkins from our two pumpkin vines that made it through the Summer. The dogs tore up one patch and we had to watch that they didn’t get into the other patches.
Years ago, I planted this Viburnum. It would die out and sometimes only a stick would come up every year until last year when it really started to grow and it had the prettiest blue flowers on it in the Spring, but nothing else. Then, this year, no blue flowers, but these beautiful purple berries are all over it. I thought they looked so pretty against the blue Autumn sky. Proves you need patience when you garden because plants will do what they want to do at times and you just have to leave them alone. I am so glad we didn’t dig this out years ago when it wasn’t producing anything.
The Mexican torch flower wasn’t as pretty as it has been in the past. I didn’t know the neighbors pine tree was a backdrop to it, but it does make them stand out.
We hung the two wind parachutes that we got on our trip to Madison a few weeks ago. They twirl in the wind and are so pretty. I love them.
Something else we love is this dog. She LOVES to play fetch and would do it all day, I believe. Here she is watching David closely ready to fetch the ball.
I’ve been gathering zinnia and cosmos seed to plant next year.

I will leave you with a picture of a creature that has taken up residence on our front porch. Well, at least its home.

Can you see the hole where it hides? I don’t know what kind of spider is in there, but it has a huge web strung.
It’s probably a good two feet long and just as wide. A structure to be proud of, I’m sure, if you are a spider.

Here’s to happy dogs and busy spiders. Bye.

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