Accidents Happen.

Accidents happen to people all the time. Some are silly and not harmful. Some are terrible and cause much pain and suffering.  I’ve had a few accidents in my life. None life threatening, but painful, nonetheless.    Two of our grandsons were in a car accident right before Christmas when someone ran a stop sign and broadsided them.  One grandson had a concussion and the other one got his feet cut by walking on broken glass from the accident while he was stocking footed.  I was so thankful because it could have been a lot worse. They were going to get pizza with a friend.  A last minute decision and their mother didn’t even know they had gone until she heard about the accident and found out her kids were in it!    A parent’s worse nightmare.  I know.  That’s another story.  This past week was a week for accidents at our house.

We have had some ice around the house for the past few days, so David has been taking care of the chickens for me because I really don’t have good shoes or boots for walking on ice.  He’s been doing so good, then one day he slipped and fell.  He came in and told me he had fallen and I told him he should call the doctor, but he refused.

The next day came and David decided maybe he should call the doctor and he went to see him and was sent for x-rays.  Later that day the doctor had seen the x-rays and said he wasn’t a technician, but he believed David’s arm was just deeply bruised.  Today, several days after, David showed me the bruise on his arm and it’s pretty bad.  He’s been in a lot of pain, but he still lifted chicken feed and other heavy things the other day. Now I feel guilty that he has to do this for me.  So now I’m wondering if his arm is broken.  I think he needs to see the doctor again, but he’s stubborn.

I can’t say much about being stubborn. Forward a few days after David’s accident, I was working in my shop with all the pups sleeping in their crates and it was time to put the puppies, who are large dogs now, outside.  Usually I have Lucy and Sugar sit and wait until I open the cage door, but that day I just started opening the door and they lunged for it and slammed it against my shin, really hard.  I thought to myself, “I’m going to have a bruise.” After I got all three dogs outside I rolled up my pants leg to see the damage and to my astonishment, blood was gushing out and running down my leg soaking my stocking.  I looked around for something to stop the bleeding. Luckily I had just brought a new roll of paper towels out there so I grabbed a wad of them and held them against my leg. Immediately they were soaked in blood. Oh, no!   So I grabbed some more and held them tightly on the wound.  Then I took some torn fabric and tied it like a tourniquet around my thigh and tied a few paper towel sheets onto the wound.  I was so afraid I’d bleed out and David would find me dead on the floor in a pool of blood.  I sat on a chair we have in my shop and put my leg up and waited for David to get home.

While sitting there I thought I should go inside and make supper. So I did.  My leg was still bleeding, but not nearly as much.  I got supper ready and when David walked in and he saw me he said, “What did you do!”  I proceeded to tell him and he looked at the wound and said, “That needs some stitches,”  and I said, “Nope.”  I’m tough. It will heal and maybe I’ll have a scar, but who will see it?  So I didn’t get stitches.

I’ve had stitches before.  Many years ago when our boys were little, we took a trip to Colorado Springs with  them and my parents.  We pulled our camper behind and we all slept in it.  When we got to Colorado Springs,  we were setting up camp and the windows were rolled out and as I walked around the camper I hit the corner of my eye on the window.  My mother said I needed stitches so David and I went to the hospital and I got stitches and had a black eye the rest of our vacation.  People would look at me funny and I wondered if they thought I had been hit by some person.

Another rather gruesome accident I had concerned a piece of driftwood I brought back from Michigan one year. It was in the shape of a dragon, but the bad thing about it was it had a huge spike sticking out of it.  I kept it out by our above ground pool for years and no one ever got hurt on it. Then the day came I was working around the pool and took a step by the driftwood and ran the spike right up into my lower leg.  It was in pretty far and there was no one around to help me, so I pulled it out.  It was pretty awful.  I cleaned the wound and bandaged it and when David saw it he said, “You should have stitches.”  But we had planned to drive to Cincinnati to a Reds game that very night, so I said, “No!”  and we went to the game,  I limped the whole evening, but I never went to the doctor and my leg healed and I have no scar there which is amazing.

I’ve had enough accidents to know to keep my tetanus shots up to date.

So David has worn a sling all week and I’m keeping my wound covered with a large bandaid and we keep on doing what we do every day.

I could tell you of more accidents I have had happen to me or to others, but I think I’ve told enough about them right now.

Have you every had an accident?   Here’s to safety first.  Bye.

Snow Days and Sew Days

We finally got snow!  Wonderful, beautiful, white, shining snow!  I was so happy. Quite joyful, really.  I know all you who have to get out and shovel and try to drive in snow weren’t as pleased as I was to see snow, but we haven’t had a substantial snow in soooo long.  I was really hoping for a blizzard and at one time as I watched the snow blowing off the roof of my shop and saw the snow so thick at times it was hard to see very far, but it didn’t last long and after a day it was over.

I’ve been wanting a day like this for a long time.

And looking outside my shop, I was so filled with happiness. Nothing is cozier than being inside warm and snug and watching the snow fall.

But we didn’t stay inside all the time while we still had snow. We went to the hills to watch grandsons sled down them.

Driving back roads, through woods and over hill and dale, we finally came to the hill where the grandsons wanted to sled.

Playing with snow is so much fun.

A lake lies at the foot of the hill and it was frozen solid.

Our grandsons and their father walked out on it. I was a little worried that it wasn’t solid enough, but our son-in-law grew up near the Adirondacks in New York and is well aware of how thick ice should be to walk on.

Ready to go.

Dad and son coming down!

Watch out!


Our daughter.  She is so photogenic.

Me, not so much.  I am always caught in the most horrible poses.  I look like I could bite someone here and I was really very happy.  I brought hot chocolate and marshmallows for everyone to drink.  Please, look away from the picture now before you turn to stone!  Some day I will show you a good picture of me. I’m really not that scary.

The snow will not last, sad to say. It’s supposed to be almost fifty degrees tomorrow.

We have done so much already this Winter.  We went to see a Van Gogh exhibit where you are immersed in the pictures. It was wonderful.

People sat around on the floors and watched as the pictures changed.

The pictures seemed to melt onto the floor.

I wore my Van Gogh shirt with these irises on it.  So I blended in well.

Van Gogh was a prolific painter, but he sold very little of his work.  He died a pauper.

At one point he was into chalk drawings.  The drawings appeared to be drawn on the floor at one point.  Some of the pictures came to life, it seemed.  Birds flew. Thunder sounded.  It was all amazing and wonderful.  I could have sat there all day and looked and looked. There was so much to see.  If you get a chance to see this, do.

I took one art class when I was in college and I liked it, but I have never been artistic in this way.  My art is in my quilts.

Speaking of which.   I mentioned I was hoping to have a Christmas sale this year so I have been very busy in my shop making things.

This is what my table looks like right now in my shop.  When I am working on a project fabric gets flung from here to there as I look for just the right fabric piece I need.

I have been making pillows.  I made several of these for Christmas and they were a hit.  I’m also making pillows of my own design.   I plan to make lots of pillows, aprons, pin cushions, pot holders,  small quilts, table runners and anything else I can think of to make.

And because I have been sewing a lot and because you NEVER have enough fabric when you are a quilter, I ordered more.  The line I ordered from is called She Who Sews.

I am absolutely in love with this fabric.   David ordered me a bunch of it for Christmas and I just got it this week.  A  late Christmas present.

Here are some of the other pieces in it.

Each piece has a Bible verse hidden in it. Can you find the one here?

I love, love, love this!

Believe it or not and I’m sure you believe it now, I have ordered more fabric from another company and am waiting for it as it was a pre-order also.  This company sends its fabric all wrapped up in this.

Tissue paper.  I love when companies give that little extra service that makes you feel they care.  This is a great company also if you are looking for fabric.

David got a couple of puzzles for Christmas from the Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

Winter and Fall. He completed them both in record time so I ordered him the Spring one.

And he finished it in a couple of days so he went looking in our closets for another puzzle and found this one.

Different quilt patterns.

Which was only 500 pieces and he finished it in a day and a half.  I’m going to sell this one since he’s done it.    I got my dining table back now and he’s going to have to find something else to do!

I had to buy this book.

It is a facsimile of Edith Holden’s diary she wrote in the early part of the 1900’s. She wrote about the flowers and animals all around her and did water colors of many.  She was an exquisite artist and married a sculptor later in life. She lost her life tragically while searching along a riverbank for some more things to draw, fell in the river and drowned.  She has left us this wonderful  book of her drawings and writings along with poetry and latin names of most of the things she drew.  She was very intelligent.

To be able to draw so beautifully is such a blessing.

Each page is a treasure.   She left us something wonderful to read and beautiful puzzles to do.

February is going as fast as January did so I will be keeping very busy in my shop until warm weather and then it will be time to get back outside and plant flowers again.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. You are loved so very much by the very One who made you.  Bye.







January Good Times

January has always been the month I just wish would go away. Other than having David’s birthday in it, it’s always been such a cold, miserable month, but this January?  It’s been fairly decent weatherwise.  Not much sleet, snow or ice to speak of.  Today we were outside playing with the dogs and I did not feel cold at all which is strange for me as I am always cold in the Winter.  I wish you could watch Lucy playing fetch. She is so engrossed in the process, you cannot pet her or anything because she is so centered on getting that ball!   Maybe I’ll try to make a video of her sometime and show you because it really is hilarious.  I call her our athletic child because she really is good at catching the ball in midair.  She just has not learned how to give it up easily once she has it.   I really believe she could compete in those dog shows where the dogs run and leap off  into the air above water and catch the ball in midair. Lucy could do that!   Sugar likes to catch the ball, too, but she’s not near as excited about it as Lucy is and Molly holds her own even though she’s a few years older than the pups.

I got David two puzzles for Christmas  called  The Country Diary of and Edwardian Lady. One is of Winter flora and fauna and one is of Autumn.  They are so beautiful and David has already put them both together so I told him I would order him the Spring and Summer ones for his birthday. I looked up Edith Holden, who is the artist for the water colors for these puzzles,  and she was  quite the artist in her time. I can’t imagine sitting down and drawing such beautiful pictures of animals, bird and vegetation.  It reminds me of Beatrix Potter who did the same in her time, but she wrote children’s books and put her water colors  in them.  I guess during the time these ladies were growing up there was not a whole lot women were expected to do but keep house and raise children or paint or sew.  But they took their talents and made something wonderful from them for which millions of us are very glad they did.  I will try to have pictures of the puzzles on my next blog or you can see them and order them, if you wish, on Amazon.

One of my presents for Christmas this year were tickets to go see the Van Gogh immersion show that is being shown at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I actually cried when I saw the tickets because I had seen it was coming, but didn’t think I’d be able to go.  There will be a lot of walking, so we are borrowing our daughter’s old wheelchair and David will wheel me through it.   I still cannot walk long distances although I am getting a little better, but there will be a lot of walking at this show.  You walk through Van Gogh’s pictures that surround you from every side. I cannot wait.  I bought a new tunic that is of Van Gogh’s Irises painting and I will wear it and I will be immersed into the picture! HA!

I have been busily sewing in my shop. I’ve made six more pillows and a small quilt and have several more cut out.  I have so many ideas of things I would like to sell at my craft show next Fall.  I plan to finish a few quilts and lots of little things such as potholders and Christmas stockings and pillowcases, etc.   I ordered some new fabric from the line called She Who Sews and I have so many ideas for it.  I love this line and plan to order more if it’s available. It’s been very popular, I’ve noticed.  I had the She Who Sews wall calendar in my shop last year and got a new 2022 calendar for Christmas.

We got the nicest thank you note from one of our youngest grandsons thanking us for his Christmas presents.  We thought it was so nice and what was so cute was he addressed the envelope to Grandpa and Grandma. No names, just the address and we got it.  I’m sure the postman smiled about that.

I really do hope we get one good snow before Winter is through.  One that covers everything in white marshmallow heaps, but doesn’t stay on too many days.  We haven’t had much snow the last few Winters so we are due one.

Hope your January is going well wherever you are. Bye.

My Granddaughter’s quilt and a Happy New Year 2022

I said I would show you the quilt I gave our granddaughter for Christmas, but first a few more pictures of the holiday at our house.

I loved our tree. David wrapped every single present you see except for his own presents, which I wrapped, but not nearly as neatly.

This angel has stood atop our tree for many Christmases.

I actually did not remember I had this Santa holding Labrador dogs, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found him among other Christmas decorations.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

A sailboat that we got in the Virgin Islands a few years ago nestles in the tree.

We always had Spritz cookies at Christmas when I was a girl. I got a new press from a Pampered Chef party a couple of years ago and I tried it this year or rather, David pressed the cookies out. He has more patience than I do.  My daughter mentioned remembering them when I use to make them years ago.  Don’t know why I stopped making them.  I think my old cookie press was not very efficient and I lost all patience with it.

Here is the quilt I gave our granddaughter.

Thirty blocks of Little Garden Girls. Each one different.  Each one holding a bouquet of flowers I embroidered or sewed on.  Almost every one has old lace or eyelet sticking out from under her dress.

Here are just a few of them.

This is the label I sewed on the back.  I already had another label on it telling when I started it and when I finished it. It took me two years to complete this quilt.  A labor of love, I tell you.

This the quilting on the front. All hand quilted.  I echo quilted around every little girl. When I first started, I told David I didn’t know why I was quilting so close, but I had to continue and now I am glad I did.  I love how it looks.  Once I got started quilting it, it was relaxing.


This is the backing.  Perfect for a quilt about garden girls.

Now it is New Year’s Eve. People keep saying how horrible 2021 was. Unless you got the Covid or had a death in the family, I hope you think it was a good year.  We had a very nice year actually even with some health issues and other things. It’s life. Not all is good, but hopefully not all is bad, either.  I pray for health and safety for my family and myself and that the year 2022 will bring less turmoil, more peace and happiness to everyone all around the world.   God bless everyone who reads my blog and may you find joy, peace, good health and love in 2022.  Bye.




What I Made and a wonderful Christmas

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine. It’s always good to have family around and eat good food and open presents.

I worked up to the day before finishing presents.  It was a work of love, for sure, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

First of all, the socks. These are a few of the socks I have knitted this year.  I hang some of them on the mantle and let people pick out the pair they want.  This year I knit over twenty pair of socks and had some left over.  I have already started next year’s batch.

I made this pillow for our daughter. My mother made the Dresden plate many years ago out of her old dresses and aprons and  one of my dresses.

The purple fabric is from a dress I wore when I was little. I remember that dress well. I loved it and hated when I outgrew it.

I made patchwork pillowcases for some.

Another pillow I made.

A small quilt with four barns on it with four different quilt patterns in the door.

I made several pillows from this pattern from a book I got from Country Threads.

I love this one with the moon where the star should be.  I have already got a request for another one.

I also did one in Christmas colors.  These were so much fun to make, I could not stop making them.

My daughter got a new kitty before Christmas. She lost one of her sweet dogs and the kitty helped her so I made her this quilt.  I had this quilt pieced for years and never finished it, but when I saw her new kitty, I knew that I would have to finish it for her. The fabric was in my mother’s stash that I received after she died.

This was the backing. You know how sometime you make something to give away and you hate to give it away?    This quilt was one of those.

This isn’t all the things I made, but I haven’t given away some things so I can’t show you.  It was fun making everything and I have ideas for next year, but first, I am going to work on things for a sale I want to have next October or November. I plan to make lots of pillows, small quilts, socks and other things to sell in my shop.  Kind of a one woman Christmas bazaar.  I will see what I can get done and whether I will make enough to have the sale.

David made picket fences and birdhouses for everyone and they were pleased to get them  I used the one he made for me as decoration on our front porch with garland and lights on it.

Went to the eye doctor and he said my eye was doing very well, but he wanted to see me again in six months.  I asked him if I was going to have to see him every six months forever and he asked me, “Don’t you like us!”  Ha.  I like them, but that doesn’t mean I want to go there every six months. It’s a forty-five minute drive and several hours wait for a five minute checkup so no, I don’t like seeing them!

We had a very nice Christmas with the grandchildren. We gave them these balls that fly and return to them, among other things, and they were a hit. Balls were flying everywhere!  I  gave our granddaughter a quilt I made several years ago and got a blue ribbon at the county fair.  I told her at the time that when I died she would get it, but I got to thinking maybe she may not get it after I died, so I gave it to her for Christmas. I took lots of pictures of it and I will show you my next post.  It’s a Little Garden Girls quilt.  Another gift it was hard to give away, but I’m glad I did.  I know she will cherish it and take care of it, maybe for her daughter one day.

Here’s to Christmases past and present and may we always have a reason to celebrate because we do.  Bye.




Shhhhh.  I’m busy making things for Christmas that I can’t show you now.  So, I will see you on the other side.  I will have lots to show you.

Merry Christmas everybody and may God bless you all. Bye.

Getting Lasered

When I was in my twenties, back in the stone age, I got Ocular histoplasmosis which is bleeding in the center of your eye.  I noticed it right after our daughter was born when I started seeing double vision on the tv.  I went to an eye doctor who told me I could have cancer of the eye. He sent me to the IU medical center in Indianapolis.

When we got there, I met with the head of the vision department, Doctor Schlagel, and he put me through all kinds of tests, the results being I had Ocular histoplasmosis.  The treatment was a shot in the eye.  When he told me that, I almost fainted, but I knew it had to be done so I manned up and took the shot.  This I would have to do several times and each time I had to go through all the tests again.  One test something, which I learned later was sulpha, was shot into my veins so they could see more things in my eye.  After having this done a couple of times, I fainted every time they did this. I was allergic to sulpha!   So they could no longer use this test.

I went for quite a long time to the center and got my shots until Doctor Schlagel told me he had done all he could do, that the bleeding in my eye was stopped, but that I would always be blind in my central vision in that eye.  I could live with that as long as I still had a good eye.  Ocular Histoplamosis  is a disease that is in many people’s bodies, but never affects them in any way.  Histoplasmosis is prevalent in the midwest, Doctor Schlagel told me.  He said just about everyone in the midwest had Histo in their bodies.  My son found that out when he was in the military and they found a spot on his lungs. He was sure he had cancer. After being tested, the doctor asked him where he was from. When he told him Indiana, the doctor knew exactly what the spot was. Histo.   He said the same thing. It was prevalent in Indiana.  I guess we are lucky!

It traveled to my eye because my body was under duress.  I had just had a baby, we were planning on moving to a strange city and to top it off, we chaperoned a youth group from our church on a trip to Arkansas to see the Passion Play there and we were going to camp with them.  I was under a lot of stress at that time.  All at once.  My body just had to react some way.

Here I am many years later, and I very rarely even think about being blind in my left eye unless I’m getting my driver’s license or someone mentions it.

But things happen when you are making other plans.  A few weeks ago I was sitting out on the swing with David looking at the sky and I saw hundreds of gnats.  I realized they weren’t gnats, but floaters in the eye.  This continued for a few days until I decided I should have it checked.  The eye doctor told me that a piece of my retina had torn loose and was floating around which is why I was seeing floaters and a dark spot occasionally.  She wanted to send me to a retina specialist in Indianapolis.  I felt like history was repeating itself.

So David and I made the trip to Indy this week. My appointment was for 2:15.   We were early and the sign on the door told people not to check in sooner than fifteen minutes before their appointment and that no one could come in but the patient.  I told David he would go in with me.  We discovered very quickly that everyone had someone else with them.  So we checked in and waited. And waited. Finally, I was called and we went back and I had a few tests then we were told to take a seat and wait for the doctor.  Well, we sat there and saw patient after patient leave. People who had come in after us were called. Four hours later, we were the last people in the waiting room and finally they called my name.  I went to another room where the doctor talked to me and told me what he was going to do.  He was going to laser the piece back onto the retina.  Okay. That sounded interesting and a little frightening, but I knew it had to be done so I manned up and did it.

The doctor and I went into a special room where the laser machine was. He had me sit up and put my chin in a cup and hold onto the bars of the machine. And did I hold onto those bars!  Having your eye lasered is like having firecrackers go off in your eye(without the noise.)   One right after the other and I could not blink because the doctor had put something on my eye so I couldn’t.  I was holding onto those bars for dear life and praying to God to give me strength and courage. Then as quick as he began, the doctor said I was all done.  Phew!  Then he said I would probably see things in purple and I did!   “Purple Rain,” I told him.  It was over. I had survived.

It was dark out by the time we left and we were one of maybe four cars left in the parking lot.  As we drove home, the lights of the city looked like Christmas lights and the moon was hanging from a star in the sky.  I could still see and for that I was thankful.

I have to go back after Christmas to be checked again. I got an early appointment so we would get home before dark.   I am so thankful there are doctors who can repair eyes so people can still see.  Years ago, this treatment I had would not have been possible.  Never take your eyes for granted and take care of them because it really is a blessing to be able to see.

Now it’s back to preparing for Christmas.  Bye.

Views From an Autumn Day

Didn’t it just seem like Summer and now it’s almost Winter?   I know I talk about how time is flying all the time, but now it’s on jet wings flying through space at the speed of sound.

Before it is Winter, I want to show you some of the scenes we have well, seen, in the past couple of weeks.

On a wonderful sunny Autumn Day, David and I took off on a little journey.  The skies as blue as a fresh Robin’s egg.

Past lush fields and valleys.

With beautiful Autumn foliage on all sides.

Past cornfields ready for harvest. I always wish the farmers a bumper crop and it looks like they might get it this year.

By trees changing from green to golds, reds and yellows.

One absolutely gorgeous tree standing alone.

Through patriotic little towns.

Towns that have remembered their vets on their lamp posts. I thought that was wonderful.

We must never forget them.

Such a wonderful memorial.

Over bridges.

Past Lake Monroe.

We have been on a pontoon boat on this lake. It is so beautiful.  My daughter and her family have camped by this lake also.   I would love to have a pontoon boat and take it out in the middle of the lake and stay there all night looking at the stars.  It could happen.

To little privately owned shops all around south central Indiana. I didn’t get many outside pictures this time as it began to rain, but we got to several shops and I did buy some things which I cannot show because it’s “tis the season.”  This shop in particular had several things I purchased.  It’s the second time this  Fall we have visited this shop. Last time I bought those cute fence toppers that were on my blog header.

Back home again and I have been working on several projects. One I can show you.

I made this quilt.

From this book.

This is my version. Autumn and Halloween prints throughout.  I love it. It’s a rather large quilt, but I hope to get it done this next year.

Almost one hundred pieces in each fifteen inch block.  Once I figured it out, it went together rather quickly.

Looks so pretty with the golden light shining in the window.  You can just barely see the chick quilt I made from Lori Holt’s book Farmgirl Sampler.

I’ve been working on some things from this book.  Mary Etherington and her friend, Connie Tesene published this book a while back. Mary writes on her blog about the quilts she makes and the animals she cares for.

I would love to make this, but not this year.

I’ve chosen to make these instead. Pillows. I’ve made a few of them already. They are like potato chips. Can’t stop at one.

Here’s one I was preparing to pin.

The big quilt I showed you. This is a smaller version I made a while back.

I really think this pattern would be pretty in Christmas colors.

Outside our back door sits three dogs waiting.  The three amigos.

” When are you coming out to play?” asks Molly.

The athlete in the family. Lucy loves to play fetch so much that she never wants to stop.  We play with them every day and every day when we stop and are just sitting in our lawn chairs, Luch keeps bringing different toys to us for us to throw. Over and over and over again. She would never stop fetching, I don’t believe.  We have never had a dog that loved to fetch as much as Lucy does.   She’s not the dog you can sit there and pet. Oh, no. There must always be some action. Her sister, Sugar, however, loves to be petted and have her tummy rubbed.  And Molly does too.

The next couple of days I will be in the kitchen preparing for Thanksgiving.  There will be eight or ten around our table depending on who shows up.   I’ve tried a new frozen cranberry salad that is so good because I tasted it when I was scraping the bowl.   I hope others will like it because it’s so easy and a pretty dish.  We don’t eat turkey in our family. Not because we want to save the turkeys, but because none of us like it. It’s chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes at this house.  And I will make scalloped oysters even though just me and my son-in-law likes it.

Hope your Thanksgiving is blessed if you are celebrating it at your house or others.  Remember to thank the One who created it all and blesses us every day with His goodness.  Bye.






Yikes, Time Flies!

Here is it deep into November and I cannot get into my blogging mojo because I’ve been sooo busy making Christmas gifts which I can’t talk about. Tis the season not to be nosy, I tell my family when they ask what I’m making.  I always do this. Just before Christmas I get in the “must make gifts” mode and start sewing up a storm.

I’ve been going through all my boxes of fabric and I tell you, it’s like Christmas. I am finding fabric I had completely forgotten about and have gotten so many ideas for Christmas gifts.

I have found several quilt tops that need to be quilted. That is on my list for 2022. Finish some of those quilts.  And I’ve found some things my mother had started and not finished that I would like to complete, also.  I go to bed all excited about the next day when I can get out into my shop and sew!    And I won’t be able to show you anything  I’ve made until after Christmas!

David has been off this week getting some work done around the house.  He also has built some things I can’t show you because of, well, Christmas.  It’s Santa’s workshop here for sure.  I really love what he has made and after I add my touches I think there will be gifts well received.

We went on another Country Friends tour where all these ladies open their homes and shops and sell things they have made or had in stock.  We made it to about five of the places until it started pouring down rain. I was happy, though, because I got what I was looking for.  Can’t show that stuff, either. Sorry I cannot show pictures this time.  The real reason is that I have a new camera and have not learned how to get my pictures up to my blog, but I will learn soon and get it done.  I have tons of pictures I have been taking.  Just hope I remember what they are pictures of when I get them ready to show you.  Anyway the tour was fun and we got to drive the back roads of rural Indiana and see all the beautiful Autumn colors.  The colors were so vivid this morning like a light had been turned on the trees and bushes.   I love Indiana in the Autumn.  We have talked about living in a warmer climate, but I know I would really miss the seasons so we are where we are supposed to be.  I am even looking forward to snow. We haven’t had a really good snow for a few years.

A few weeks ago we were at Rural King and at the counter I saw Sugar Daddies for sale.  If you don’t know what Sugar Daddies are they are caramel on a stick essentially and I loved them as a kid. I remember when my baby brother was born. He’s now in his sixties.  When Mom and Daddy brought him home they placed him in the baby bed and all us other children surrounded the crib to look at him. Daddy had brought us all Sugar Daddies and we were all eating them as we stared at the new baby.  I was a little jealous because that had been my bed just a few days ago!   Fast forward to me at Rural King seeing Sugar Daddies for sell again and I had to have one. I hadn’t eaten one since I was a kid.  A few days later I decided to eat it and it was so good, but halfway through I felt a crunch in the caramel and I looked and saw what I thought was a broken tooth.  I cleaned the piece up and called the dentist.  It turned out I had pulled off a crown and thankfully I had saved it so the dentist just had to reapply it so it wasn’t anything major, but I’ve had to give up Sugar Daddies. And I had two more cavities.  Can you be too old to have cavities?  I thought that, but I was wrong.

I’ve rattled on long enough.  Next time I promise pictures.    Really.  Bye.


October is Going, Going…..

I can’t get over how quickly the months have passed this year.  I don’t know if it’s because the stores rush us from season to season with things to buy that they want to sell, or if it’s just my age and the time passes much faster.  Remember when you were a child and it was the last couple of weeks before Christmas how long it seemed?  The time seemed to stand still then although it really didn’t and went no faster  or slower than it goes today. Still, I really wish the days were longer sometimes. Especially now that David is getting off work in the early afternoon and I still have things I want to do besides prepare dinner.

I have really grown to hate cooking the last few years. After all, I’ve cooked for various people every meal almost in the last fifty years and it’s getting old.  I never liked to cook in the first place and it gets worse for me the older I get.  Those pre-packaged, ready to cook meals I see on tv look more and more appealing to me, but I know David, with his finicky eating would not like most of them because there are VEGETABLES in most of them.  Not the kind of vegetables he likes such as corn and green beans. Well, those are the only vegetables he likes.  I eat just about every kind of vegetable there is because I was brought up on a farm and we raised all our vegetables and we ate what was put before us.

I don’t know how I got off on that tangent. Oh, yes, the shorter days and having to stop to cook, Ugh.   The days David doesn’t work he will sometimes prepare a meal and I love it. His meals tastes better than mine.  Are you that way?  The food you cook doesn’t taste good, but someone else could make the very same meal and it’s yummy.   I made roast pork loin, green bean bake and mashed potatoes with apple crunch for dessert today.  None of it tasted good to me, but David ate two helpings so it must not have been too bad.

Well, to change the subject.  I have been working on an Autumn quilt for the past month. It has twenty fifteen inch square blocks. Each block has about one hundred pieces in it. It’s been a fun one to make.

David came into my shop the other day and said, “I know you know what each pile of pieces are for, but to me it looks like a jumbled mess!”  I laughed and pointed out each pile and told him the size of the pieces in each one.  There is a method to my madness. I can work in chaos and come out with something in order.

This is just one of the blocks.  I now have the quilt top completed and will show you when I get a good picture of it.  As you can see, there are many different fabrics in this quilt.  I love the Fall colors so much.

Here is a stack of the blocks I had done that particular day.  There was a LOT of cutting of pieces for this quilt. I made a smaller version of it a couple of years ago.  It’s on a chair in my living room so I can look at it all season.  I will really try to remember to get pictures to show you my next blog. I notice I have promised to show things in the past and completely forgotten about showing them when I write new posts. I will try not to do that this time.

Now that I am done with that quilt it is on to making Christmas gifts. I  was going through my fabric boxes getting ideas for what to make and found material I had completely forgotten about but that would go very well into the projects I have planned.  They say the store shelves may be emptier this year for Christmas shopping so I am preparing to make a lot of my gifts.

We had a beautiful rainbow the other day.  We could see it from our front porch. We have been having some rainy days recently.  Yesterday and today have been rather dreary and cold.  But then there comes a rainbow.

We took a drive up to some property we have in the hills of Brown County.  We still don’t know what we will do with that property. We would love to build a log cabin and I have designed exactly what I want, two buildings, one for the living area and kitchen, bath and laundry and the other for the master bedroom and bathroom with an enclosed dog trot between them. And I want another building just for storage and my quilting.  One can dream.  Always.

This is part of our property. It runs down a hill to a little stream at the bottom.  David wants to go over there sometime and bush hog some of the land to make a path to walk.

One of our grandsons played in the championship game of his soccer travel league.


We took our lawn chairs and blankets and watched behind the fence.  It was a pretty good spot as his team spent most of their time at this end and we saw a lot of action.

Here he is with his medal.

It is a very nice medal and we are so proud of him.

As we were leaving the game we saw the Hunter’s Moon above us.

It was so beautiful with the clouds all around it.

I managed to get some pretty good pictures of it with my little camera. Looks like Halloween. Do you see the witch flying across its face?  When I was a child and there was a full moon, my mother would scare all us kids by saying she saw the witch flying across the moon.  I was so sure she was right that I saw her, too!

Hope your October has been happy and you have enjoyed the Autumn Days.  Hopefully our trees will be changing their colors in the next week.  Happy Halloween!  Bye.