I’m Back and so Glad

Well, I had the surgery at the hospital with anesthesia and all went well and I am pretty much back to normal. No pain and really glad of that. I feel like this whole month has past me by in a fog, but now I am making up for it.

During all this, David and I managed to freeze twenty-eight quarts of sweet corn. Between trips to the doctor and the hospital. It’s been so long since we have had sweet corn we have binged on it for the last couple of weeks and we finally have some frozen ready for dinners this Winter.

David has been such a good nurse, cleaning my wound and bandaging me. The nurse at the doctor’s said he did a better job than the nurses at the hospital and I told her I could hire him out to come in and bandage people for them!

Before this all happened David and I were working on some more projects or as I have to say, my ideas, his sweat equity.

Here is David, up on a ladder, working on one of them.

I saw this message written on painted boards on Facebook. I don’t know who thought of it so I cannot give them the credit they deserve, but I copied their idea for my meadow garden and David added the birdhouse on top.

I think this is a good message for everyone. What we think about is what we are. Are we growing flowers or weeds in our minds? I’d like to think my mind is a huge meadow of flowers. With a few little weeds!

I’ve wanted on of these for years and we finally got one. A cotton candy machine. I’m in heaven!

Here I am, just like the lady at the fair, twirling cotton candy on a stick. It’s really easy to do and fun.

Then you get to eat it. We have only made cotton candy one time. Trying to pace ourselves. But it tastes just like what you get at the county fair. The grandkids are going to have to come over and test it out.

We have several birdhouses that we have bought over the years that have not gotten put up. I have asked David several times and he finally got them all up, except for one, this month.

He hung this bird town earlier this Spring. I love all our birdhouses and the birds have been checking out the newer ones. I hope by next year every one of them will be full of little baby birds sticking their heads out and begging for food. Someone had a video of some birds feeding their babies in the nest. Mama bird was trying to cram a whole tomato worm in their mouths. If you have ever seen a tomato worm they are the giants of the garden worm variety and the little birds’ mouths are so small.

We were supposed to go to a family reunion this month, but my surgery was the day before so we missed it. Family members I hardly ever see were there and I was disappointed, but nothing we could do.

Glad the weather is breaking from the super hot days. I look forward to Autumn and the beautiful colors and the cooler weather. We are going on another Country Friends tour where ladies and a few men, sell antiques and homemade things in their homes or little shops all out in the country in southern Indiana. They always have a contest where when you buy something you get so many tickets and you put your name and phone number in their boxes and they draw out the winner’s name on the final day and guess whose name they drew this year??? Mine!! I was so surprised. I get a fifteen dollar gift certificate to every shop which means I will be spending more money! They know what they are doing, but it was a really nice surprise especially since when the lady called I thought I was only getting one gift certificate to one store, but no, it was for all of them. What will I buy? Christmas is coming.

Hope your Summer has been better than mine although I really can’t complain knowing there are people worse off than I will ever be. Glad to be back in blogland. Bye.

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