Boys, Bibles and Backwoods

The days have been busy and yet enjoyable.  Enough happening to keep from getting bored and not too much that I feel overwhelmed.  I have learned to say no to many things.  I know that I can do one or two things well at a time, but if things start piling up, I get stressed out.  Right now everything is going in a steady, easy flow and I am enjoying the days.

I had the grandboys for a weekend.  It was a fun weekend of playing, swimming, eating out and just being together.


We went to Rural King and let the boys pick out some toys.  One picked a bag full of army soldiers and tanks.  The other picked a bag of Revolutionary war soldiers and their horses and cannons.


Armies were set up on the living room floor.  Revolutionaries against modern military.


Battles ensued.


Strategizing where to put the soldiers and tanks and cannons.  I had to watch where I was walking with bare feet as those little soldiers were sharp when you stepped on them.  Ouch!


Guess who I was watching as they played?  Pioneer Woman.  The boys seemed interested too.


Especially when Ree’s sons were on the screen.


I relaxed in my new pajamas I bought from Sam’s club.  They are really soft and comfortable.


Time was spent climbing trees and picking crabapples to make “stew.”  I cooked the crabapples for them and after they cooled we put them under the bird feeders.  Something ate them.  We don’t know what.


I spent a lot of time last week doing this.  We have been going through a dry spell.  Nothing like California is going through, but everything needed watering.


My zinnia bed alongside the house is so pretty.  The butterflies and hummingbirds love the flowers.  Next year I plan to double its size.  Less grass to mow that way.



Next to peonies, zinnias are my favorite flower.   So easy to grow and so many different colors.  Plus, you can collect their seeds and grow them again next year.


We went off to the woods again.


The for sale sign…..


Was taken down.  We may have to put up a no trespassing sign as someone has cut down some trees in the past in this woods and we definitely do not want that happening.


We walked down to the creek which is quite a steep walk and I saw this toadstool.


It was huge and stood all alone in the woods.


Once you are back in the woods, it is so quiet, you cannot hear anything but the birds in the trees.  We got down to the creek and as it was almost dry, we walked along it.  Lots of flagstones, perfect for paths and fireplaces, lay in the creek bed.  We may have to bring some up the hill one day.


We had some excitement on our road.  A pedestrian was hit by a car and there were police cars all over and the lifeline helicopter came to pick up the person.


A police car was across the road right by our house.  David was talking to the policeman about what had happened.  We never heard how that pedestrian turned out.  Hope he or she was all right.

Finally, I had a Beth Moore simulcast Bible Study at my house Saturday.  Several ladies joined me to watch.


Such a great group of ladies and we enjoyed fun, fellowship, good food and Bible study.  It lasted all day and we laughed and talked and just enjoyed being together.

I am mentoring a senior girl for her senior class project.  She wanted to make quilts for the Riley Children’s hospital in Indianapolis.  We are busy making quilts to cover the baby incubators.  Then the parents can take a quilt home for their baby.  I will show you the quilts and write about the senior girl later.

Hope your days are equal part busy and restful.  Bye.




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