Wonderful, Weathered, Wambled, Wandering,Wacky Week in Weview

This week has been a doozy.  We have been hit with snow storms and flu bugs.  Blessed with grandchildren and friends.  Shop hopped ”til we dropped.  Suffered aches and pains.  Had really weird dreams.  So, let’s begin.

We started out the beginning of the last week by going on a shop hop.  A shop hop is when several quilt shops get together and offer prizes and have quilt blocks you can buy at each shop to make a particular quilt that they have chosen.  Two friends, David and I left on what was supposed to be a snowy day and we were not disappointed.  The roads weren’t too bad until we were a few miles from home.  Then we hit a very slick stretch which made me sit on the edge of the car seat until we got home.

We had fun, though, and I got a new supply of fabric I needed like a hole in my head, but, then, I do have several holes in my head, so what’s one more?  Here are some of the fabrics I purchased.





I am going to make a sun dress from this. Sun?  What’s sun?



Don’t know if you can see, but there are chickens on this fabric.  Curtains for the chicken house maybe?



This will be the binding on a quilt I am hand quilting right now.  I hope to have it completed by Summer.

A few weeks ago I bought this top for Easter and I wanted to make a skirt to go with it.


Here is the fabric I found to make the skirt.  I am so happy!



The roses in the fabric match the roses on the top.  A very inexpensive outfit for Easter and that makes me glad too.


I bought a few pieces of wool felt for my stash.



I found this cute pattern for a wall hanging to be made from wool and wool felt.


That little spotted hen is so adorable.  Gosh, I wish I could raise baby chicks from eggs.  My hens sit and sit on their eggs, but they will never hatch because there is not a rooster in sight.  Do you know how warm it is under a hen?  Warmer than you would think.


We love our chickens’ eggs.  Had a double yolker for breakfast this morning.

We ate at a restaurant I had never eaten at before, Bagger Dave’s.  They make their own sodas and everything is made fresh.  I got a grilled chicken salad with mozzarella cheese and it was delicious.


We had two of our favorite people over for the night while their parents went on a much needed time out.  These guys keep me on my toes.  Despite the fact I have been battling a bad cold or flu bug all week, they made me forget it for a while.



I love these guys.  I made the shirts they are wearing and I must say, they are almost too small already.  We hadn’t seen them since Christmas and I believe they have grown a couple of inches in that time.  I wish they would stop it.


We put together a puzzle, went out to eat, went to Rural King to see the baby chicks and ducks and to buy our pup some new chew toys.  I am still our pup’s favorite chew toy.  I wish she’d stop.


They helped me bake and ice cupcakes.  They did most of the work.  I just stood by and offered help.  Never can learn too early how to feed yourself.


I learned more about Pokémon than I ever knew or wanted to know.  I kept calling it Poky Man and they would say, “Grandma, it’s poky MON!”  Some of these cards were accidently(?) dropped into the toilet.    Bye, bye Pokémon cards.     Reminded me of one time when our younger son had two friends over for an overnight and the next morning I found one of the boy’s clothes in the toilet.  No one ever fessed up to how they got there.  You never know with boys.  I tell ya’.

We watched a really good movie on Netflix called Earth to Echo.  We all got so engrossed in it that bedtime came and went.  The ending was really good.  I took the boys upstairs to bed and I think they were asleep before I got to my room.   They slept all night without a peep.  We all went to Sunday school the next morning.  I help teach a pre-K class and the regular teacher is gone so I taught and I had the biggest class we have had for a while and on a morning after a big snow in our city.  I was very pleased.  I was also very under the weather.  We ate lunch with our daughter’s family and then we went home and I went to bed where I had a dream that actually made me feel sick.  I dreamed I had made five pies and I  ate a piece from every one of them with a whole container of Cool Whip on top.  I was actually nauseous when I woke up, but was so glad I hadn’t eaten all that.  I told David it’s turned me off pie for a long time!

We have had snow and cold now for quite a while.  I try to keep all the pets and the wild birds fed and watered.  It’s a tough time for them, but we will get through.


Be sure to feed the birds.  It’s hard for them to find food when the ground is covered.  Bye.









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