My Valentine

Valentine (val’an tin’) n. A sweetheart chosen or greeted on this day.                       David is my valentine.  Has been ever since that day in my junior year of high school I saw him sitting at the Dairy Queen smoking a cigarette, sitting there in his leather jacket looking oh, so handsome.  I started dating him soon after, was going steady in a week with his class ring and two years later we were engaged.  A year after that, after he had done his military training, we were married.   Here we are, forty-seven years later, and he still is the only one for me. On Valentine’s Day we are bombarded with advertisements of jewelry, flowers, strawberries, teddy bears and other things that husbands or boyfriends are suppose to buy for the woman in their lives to make them happy.  Long ago I told David I did not want to be one of those women who get angry when their man doesn’t come through on Valentine’s Day with presents.  I knew pretty soon in our relationship that I wasn’t with the most romantic guy in the world when he brought me a box of candy the day after Valentine’s Day.  I thought it was so funny at the time and every year I have low expectations.  That said, David has proven to me daily that he loves me.  He shows me in so many ways.


I love Valentine’s Day because of its meaning and I love decorating for it.  David indulges me in my love.


He went out and bought these pretty flowers for our dining room table.


I bought Valentine candy and cards that I like.


I made fabric hearts and filled them with candy. Then I started looking at all the things that are red in our house that make me happy.



The little iron I played with when I was a little girl.  I could plug it into an outlet and it would get warm, not hot.  I would stand alongside of my mother as she ironed and iron on my little ironing board.

DSCN0175 DSCN0173   DSCN0169

Tootsie Roll pops. My favorite.


These will go on cupcakes I am going to bake this weekend.


My table set up for the  Bible study group.

DSCN0182 DSCN0174

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a special day.  When you can’t wait to see your husband walk through the door each day, it’s Valentine’s Day.  When your husband or boyfriend completely surprises you with something so out of character for them, it’s Valentine’s Day.  When you are sick and your husband brings you Sprite to drink and goes to get your medicine, it’s Valentine’s Day.  When you just don’t feel like cooking one day and your husband says, “let’s go out to eat,”  it’s Valentine’s Day.   When it’s cold out and the chickens need to be checked on and your husband gets out in the cold to do it, it’s Valentine’s Day.  When something breaks and your husband repairs it saving you both hundreds of dollars, it’s Valentine’s Day.  When you are married to your true Valentine, every day it’s Valentine’s Day.  Love you David.  With all my heart. Here’s hoping you have a Valentine in your life. If not, be one to someone else.  Bye.

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