End of Summer Daze

Before God takes His big paintbrush and paints the scenery with golds, reds, oranges and yellows, I am basking in the last few days of Summer, enjoying the cooler mornings and the sunny days.  Enjoying the burst of color in my garden as the flowers seem to know that soon the frost will come and they will be gone.  The bees and butterflies seem extra busy gathering nectar.  The hummingbirds feast at the feeders preparing for their long flight south.  I always feel a little sad when they leave.

We have tried to pack in as much as we could this Summer, from a trip to Chicago, a trip to Cincinnati and short trips antiquing.  We got our new puppy and two new chickens.  We connected with family and friends we don’t see very often.  It’s been a good Summer, but I do look forward to cooler days.

My little Sunday school class had a party to celebrate the year and the children who will go up to a new class. We had cupcakes and cheese puffs and balloons.


This little girl will go into the kindergarten class.  I’m going to miss her.


I’ve had this little boy in our class since he was tiny.  He is now a big kindergartner.  I’ll miss him too.


This little boy is so funny and will be staying with us for another year.


This little girl always has the cutest clothes on.  I have taught her since she was two.   She’ll be with us another year and I am glad.


As I took pictures of the class the children kept showing me things to photograph.


This is suppose to be a cheese puff butterfly!


I bought some more fabric.  Surprise, surprise!










It’s all going in a new quilt I am piecing.  I am tending toward pastels and pinks lately.  Years ago I would never have chosen these colors.  David says I have had different phases in my fabric buying from dark Confederate colors, to polka dots, to pastels.  I guess quilting is kind of like painting when you choose colors.  It is very hard for me to work on a dark quilt right now.  I need bright, happy colors.



I couldn’t resist this fabric and I am going to make an apron from it.



We got out the kiddie pool for Molly.   She loved it.  I think she is going to like water more than our other dogs.  She tries to drink out of the hose while I am filling her bowl.  Now I have three dogs at the back door begging for treats.  Molly sits as soon as I come out because she knows she gets a treat when she sits.  She doesn’t always get one, though.


Molly is growing so fast.  She is almost twice the size she was when we got her.  I think she will be bigger than Belle.  They play really well together now and Belle hardly ever growls at her anymore.  I think there is going to be a challenge on who is the alpha dog with those two.


I finished all my sister-in-law’s books and got this book from the church library.  I like Max Lucado as he writes in such an easy manner and explains the Bible in terms anyone can understand.  Do I want to be like Jesus?  I try every day.  I fail sometimes and other days I do better, but my goal is to try to be more like Him every day.


We went up to our grandchildren’s house Saturday.  I had promised my younger grandson that when I got a new camera, he could have mine.  Well, I got my new camera so we got a new memory card and batteries and a charger for my old one and took the camera to him and the look on his face when we handed it to him was priceless(wish I had taken a picture.)   He and I took a short walk and he snapped pictures around the neighborhood.  I think he likes his new camera.  David thinks he will be a photographer.


Here he is showing his sister his new camera as he snaps her picture.


Love this boy.  He’s growing too fast.


This is one of their family cats.  He looks like he has a mustache.  Very distinguished.

We decided to go up to Pendleton for lunch.


They were having some kind of festival going on and the streets were crowded and parking was at a minimum. By the way, I love that shirt that lady is wearing.


The fragrance of funnel cakes was in the air.


These were the menus at the restaurant we went to.



Loved the ceiling and old looking lights.


Waiting to be seated.  I love this grandson’s red hair.  I think I need to be a redhead again.

We ate our lunch and then after we were finished we began to walk around when suddenly my stomach felt queasy and we had to leave.  I felt so bad that I ruined the day, but David took me home, I took a bath and went straight to bed and I felt queasy for a couple of days.  We really have to go back there soon as their antique stores looked really good.


The gardenia one of my sons gave me for Mother’s Day finally bloomed.  The plant has grown a lot and I will have to over winter it in my shop.  The flower smells wonderful.  I don’t know how big these get, but this one has tripled in size since I got it.


I am hooked on silent movies.  Crazy, huh?  There is something about them that draws me in.  I think these are movies my mother or father may have gone to the theater to see when they were young.


This was about World War l.  My mother was born just before the first World War.   This man was getting a tooth pulled here. The script on screen read:


This was kind of a comedy, love, drama movie.  It took place in France where a soldier fell in love with a peasant girl.  Anyway, I enjoyed it.  I love old Charlie Chaplin movies and they make me laugh much more than most of the so-called comedies now.  Nowadays the comedies go for the gross and crass and are not my cup of tea.


Mornings are misty and cool. Happy Autumn.  Bye.





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