Bringing Up Baby

If you have ever adopted a new puppy, you know it is almost as hard as bringing home a new human baby.   I decided I could raise another puppy.  Friday we picked up our new baby and brought her home.  I thought maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew.   Just like a human baby you have to keep her fed and watered,  clean up her messes and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself.   And give her lots and lots of love.


Meet Molly Marshmallow.  She is one part registered Boxer and one part registered Lab and so adorable.  She is also very energetic.  We named her Molly just because I like the name and Marshmallow because that is what the children who owned her had named her.  She is like a little squishy marshmallow.


We got Molly from this young lady.  She ran around with my daughter in high school and was in the youth group at church.  Now she is grown up and has four kids and had eight puppies until we took Molly.   It was nice seeing her again.  I hadn’t seen her in years.  She advertised her puppies on Facebook and that is how we got connected.  I’m so glad we did.


Here’s Bonnie and her new baby.



Molly thinks Bonnie is her mother.  She keeps trying to suckle on her.  Poor Bonnie.


Any part of Bonnie that Molly can chew, she will chew.


She especially likes Bonnie’s tail.  Sometimes she is holding on to her tail when Bonnie decides to walk off and she just hangs  on it.  So funny.


I don’t know what she is trying to do here.  She tries to go under things where she doesn’t fit or go over things that are too high for her.


“I’m still your favorite, right?’


I go into my shop to cut quilt pieces and Molly lays here.


Right between my feet.


By the way, I’m working on this quilt.  I am using pastels in it however.


It’s called “Pressed Flowers.”  Most of the fabrics I am using are floral.


Back to Molly and Belle. Belle isn’t quite sure what to think about this new creature that has come into her life.  I think she is deciding she will be fun to play with.   Molly jumps at her and barks and Belle barks back.  Belle isn’t use to Molly ignoring her and tries continuously to get her attention.


When Belle and Molly are side by side, they look alike.  Both have their bright pink collars on.  Molly still isn’t sure she likes hers.


Don’t they look like mother and daughter?


I know this sweet little puppy won’t stay little long.  Just like human babies.  So I will enjoy her puppyhood.

Here’s to puppies and the joy they bring.  Bye.





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