I See the Moon. Oh, No I Didn’t.

The other night we had one of the biggest, brightest moons of the year.  On my Susan Branch calender it is called the Green Corn Moon.   I had every intention of staying up and looking at it and looking for the meteor showers we were suppose to be getting that night also.

Sadly, sleepiness overcame my desire to stay up and look at the moon.  So, while I snoozed upstairs, David got the tripod out and took some spectacular pictures of it for me.


This is our front garden at night.  It looks magical, doesn’t it?



There were some clouds that night.  David wasn’t sure he would get a good shot of the old man in the moon.


But then, there he appeared.  A glorious, shining orb in the sky.


Just absolutely gorgeous.  To think, men have walked upon the face of the moon.




If you look at these  quickly, it looks like the moon is bouncing in the air.  To think, God formed this with his own hand and placed it in the sky for us to dream upon, wish upon, and kiss under.  How many romantic stories have the moon as a backdrop?  Ancient men looked at this very moon and probably wondered about it.  We are looking at the very moon Jesus looked upon while he was living on this earth.  Galileo looked at this moon.  Michelangelo and every human who has ever lived has looked at this moon.  It’s nice to know we do share things in common with people all around the world.

Some people said the moon was made of cheese.  That would be enough cheese to feed people for thousands of years I expect.


I don’t know when the next big, bright moon will be, but I hope I won’t sleep through it.


In other news, I gave this quilt to a newly married couple this week.  People had signed blocks.


It originally started as a twin bed and grew like Topsy until it became a king size quilt.  I quilted it all on my sewing machine.  I think they were happy to get it.


Here is the birdhouse my sister-in-law Terry painted for me.  This is a picture of a hibiscus from our garden.


A sunflower on one side.



A coneflower on the other.  She didn’t get to finish it, but I still think it’s beautiful and it will make some bird very happy.


Since I have been talking about the moon, here is some material with the stars and galaxies on it.  I am going to make someone something with this.

And now for some pink.  It seems pink is the ever present color in my garden.






I hope you saw the moon this week.  It’s been a busy one with a revival going on at our church, the garden bursting at the seams with vegetables, finishing a quilt,  and Friday, a new puppy is coming to live with us.  What more could one ask for?  Bye.



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