Here in the midwest and in other parts of our country, we are suffering sub zero temperatures right now.  Well, I won’t say suffering exactly if you have a nice warm home and food to eat.  But, anyway, it’s darn cold.  I mean go outside for one minute to run back to check on eggs at the coop without a coat on and coming back almost frostbitten cold.  Why did I do that?

I worry about our eggs freezing.  We have had a few freeze before we could get out to gather them.  Those we feed to the dogs.  Sometimes one hen will sit out there for an hour or two on three eggs and I will have to reach under her to get the eggs and she says a few bad clucks to me, but I am not leaving those eggs out there in this freezing weather.

Our outside dogs are staying in my shop during this weather.  Normally, I don’t worry about them getting too cold because they have an insulated doghouse with several inches of cedar on the floor.  One winter when it got really cold I was worried that they were not warm enough in their doghouse so I crawled inside and they came in too and believe me, it got hot in there.  But with these temperatures and the wind that is blowing I just feel so much more comfortable knowing they are in my warm shop.  I don’t think Bonnie has left the recliner I have out there once except when we take her outside to go.  She’s getting old and her old bones are enjoying the comfort and warmth.

We took the Christmas tree down today.  I decided to leave our decorations up for the twelve days of Christmas.  Did you know there were twelve days of Christmas?  You probably know the song and it has a Christian meaning.  My girly room looks kind of empty now without the tree, but I have a wonderful view outside and can see the birds eating at the bird feeder. Oh, be sure to put out some food for the birds right now as the snow has covered much of their natural food.  There were about thirty out there at once eating.  Several cardinals which brighten up the landscape.  I am so glad we have cardinals in the winter because everything else is grey and brown and white.

As I told you my last blog I am working on Christmas gifts for 2014 already.  I have so many ideas in my head and cannot wait to try them all.  I have butterflies flittering around in my girly room right now and that is all I am going to say about that.

David was coming home from work last week and the brakes went out on his truck.  Thankfully, he made it home okay.  He called AAA and a tow truck driver came out.  Our plan only paid to tow the truck for three miles and it was one-tenth of a mile over the limit to the repair shop.  But the truck driver was nice and said he would just put down three miles and didn’t charge us the extra.  There are good people in this world despite the fact the news tells us differently.

David is lost without his truck and feels it is beneath him to drive the Pt Cruiser to work.  I don’t know why.  He drives it every place else.  Funny guy, my husband.  But he is my hero.  I opened the door to the basement this morning to go downstairs to get some canned goods and a freezing wind came up the stairs.  David went down and saw a window had blown open and broke the glass when the window struck the wall.  So he got some cardboard and taped it and sealed it so the wind couldn’t get in.  It will have to stay that way until Spring because we are not having a window out to repair during the winter.  I wonder sometimes what I would do without him.  A somber thought.  I guess I could have repaired the window myself, but it is nice to have a man around to do those kind of things.

How is your new year coming?  I have friends who have already lost loved ones so it isn’t so nice for them right now.  Hope it will get better for them as the year progresses.  We never know what each year will bring.  Joy, sorrow. new jobs, travel, getting new family members, losing others.  It’s all part of life.  Have to take the good with the bad which is why when things are good we should rejoice in that and savor every minute.  May you all be blessed this year.   Keep warm.  Bye.

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