When the Frost is on the Hot Tub

     When the frost is on the hot tub,


And the dog lies in the shop,DSCN7328

And the leaves are looking hoary,

As from the trees they drop.DSCN7309

And you hear the chickens cluckin’

As they scratch the cold, hard ground,DSCN7331

Chuckling to each other

About all the worms they’ve found.


  The gardener plows the garden,

While the wife takes in the seeds.

To supply the family next year,

With all the food it needs.


  The sky’s as blue in heaven,

As all the seven seas.

And the chill winds

They are blowin’,

Chasing squirrels among the trees.

O, it brings a chill to people,

That is felt down to their toes.

So they hop into the hot tub,

To ease their bodies’ woes.

There’s something kind of pleasant,

To be soaking in the tub.

It’s getting to it without freezing,

Now, that’s the only rub.

The bubbling of the jets,

As they beat against your skin,

Makes your toes curl up tightly,

As you wear a happy grin.


Then you know you have to exit,

And wonder what you’ll do?

“It’s cold out here,”  you’re thinking.

It makes you cry, “Boo Hoo!”

But at last you feel the warmth again,

As you run into the house.

Then you jump in bed and snuggle up,

Like a furry, little mouse.


Good Night.

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