Before and After the Storm

Yesterday one of our grandsons turned six years old.  It seems like only yesterday we were waiting anxiously at the hospital for him to be born.  He was the tiniest little baby I have ever seen.  But now, he’s a big boy, going to kindergarten and growing fast.


He was basking in all the attention.


That’s his other Grandmother sitting next to me.  She is a beautiful lady and I enjoyed visiting with her.


The lighting of the candles.  My grandson seemed to be more interested in his presents.


The cutting of the cake.   It was a marble cake and my grandson was explaining to us how they put marbles into it! It was really good with Neapolitan ice cream.


We had some bad weather go through here today.  All across the midwest there were storms and tornadoes.  We had some wind and lots of rain, but missed anything really bad here.  It was gray and gloomy all day, but then the storms passed and the skies looked like this…..






The sky got more and more beautiful until it finally looked like this….


Just beautiful.  The skies were azure and the clouds were pink and orange with a touch of bluish-gray.  I couldn’t stop looking at it.  There is always light after the storm.  Keep that in mind.  Bye.

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