Christmas has come and gone. Already a week ago and time marches on. I hope you had a very nice Christmas. We did at our house. Kind of lowkey, but pleasant and even though, for me, it’s not about the gifts, I did get some nice ones. I asked David for only one thing this year that I really, really wanted. I saw a dog table with a glass top and the dog’s nose pointing up to a butterfly that is on top of the table. It was a Lab and looked so much like Sugar. I knew I was getting it because of the big box that arrived soon after I asked for it, but I had to wait until Christmas morning to see it and it did not disappoint.

It was better than I expected and larger than I thought it would be.

This is the butterfly on top of the table.

As if my cup doesn’t already overflow, I bought myself something after Christmas that I have been saving for and looking for for a couple of years. I love Tiffany lamps. I have one hanging in my shop. It use to hang in our kitchen and then when we remodeled the kitchen,it was installed in our dining room and then when we bought a new lamp for the dining room it got put in my shop where it will stay. I have wanted a floor lamp and have been looking at them on Amazon. There are pages of them and they all are so pretty I was having a hard time choosing one. Then, the other day, after searching for a while I came upon a page that had the most wonderful lamp I have ever seen and I could afford it!! I didn’t waste time looking any further. I clicked on it and told David it was on its way and would need to be put together.

Here it is.

So wonderful in the window.

The lamp itself is beautiful, but it is what is on it that made me fall in love.
The little owl nightlight. It sits on what looks like a tree branch. In fact the whole lampstand looks like a tree limb. I could not have found a more perfect Tiffany lamp for me if I had continued to look for months. This is just the perfect lamp for me. You can have the lamp on or just the owl nightlight lit or both at the same time. It’s so beautiful and I love it so much! Did I tell you I love my new lamp?

So the owl lamp sits next to my dog table and I am in bliss. I can look at them both as I knit or quilt or watch television and they will just make me happy. Almost like having the Christmas tree up all year with my new lamp. And I am feeling kind of sad the tree has to come down in the next week or so.

I wasn’t the only one who got what they wanted for Christmas. David wanted a new razor. Now weeks before Christmas David starts to let his beard grow. Now at his age it comes in snowy white so he kind of looks like Santa Claus. He enjoys taking peppermints to the store and handing them out to children, with their parents’ consent, of course. He has had children walk up to him and ask him if he’s Santa. He always tells them he’s Santa’s helper, but I don’t think some of them believe that and just know he’s the real one. I think it’s funny to see the looks on children’s faces when they see him. Oh, to be a child again and believe in the magic. I don’t think there is anything wrong with letting your children use their imaginations in believing there’s a Santa Claus, but I do believe children should know the real reason why we celebrate Christmas, also because without the birth of Jesus, none of us would be celebrating the holiday. It would not exist. Anyway, back to David’s razor. I took this picture of him Christmas Day.

Santa and his razor! You know, he cut off his beard Christmas night and I didn’t notice it until a day later! Better than last year. His beard was gone for two days before I noticed he had cut it off. He said his new razor was a dream to use. And I’m glad to have my clean shaven husband back.
Here is another picture of my dog table. It looks like its tilted, but it’s the angleof my camera that makes it look that way. I’m a terrible photographer.

So the holidays will be officially over tomorrow and then the stores will start pushing the next one on us. Valentine’s Day. But I’m way ahead of them on that.

While sewing for my Christmas sale, I found this heart garland I had forgotten I made and now it’s in my window.

Each heart is different.

I love to embroider and these hearts were so much fun to make.

So much fun that I have started another garland.

So let me be the first to tell you, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” We still have David’s birthday this month. So we will be celebrating that first.

Happy New Year to you all. I wish you health, happiness, peace and joy in the next year. May God rest His hand on you and keep you safe. Bye.

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