Let There Be Light

We finally got out of town for the first time in ages. We have not spent an overnight since before Covid hit us two years ago! It’s not that we didn’t want to, but things as they were, it was difficult to get away. From my heart trouble to David’s shoulder injury, we have been kept close to home for far too long. And of course. there’s the animals that I, at least, hate to leave for long periods.

So last weekend we got into our trusty Jeep and off we went to Cincinnati where our son and his family live. We have not been down there since they got married so it was long overdue.

Would you believe this is the only “family” picture I took? What is wrong with me! I keep taking my camera and never get any important pictures. Well, this is important because this is my granddog, Annie. She is so lively and quick and LOVES to fetch. I loved playing with her. She reminds me of a smaller version of our Lucy who loves to fetch also. It’s been too cold out for me to play with her so I was having fun playing with Annie.

They also have this huge cat with batman like ears and another black and white long haired cat. They are both bigger than Annie.

We went down to Cincinnati to see family and to do some Christmas lights looking. Before we did they we went out to eat at an amazing restaurant, The Golden Lamb. It was built in the 1800’s and people like George H. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Charles Dickens have eaten there. Yes, Charles Dickens, the author of A Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities. That Charles Dickens. His picture is on the wall with other dignitaries who have eaten there. We looked around at all the old furniture and books that lined the walls. It was a beautiful place to visit and I’m glad we did. It is still used for a bed and breakfast also. It would be fun to stay there.

After we ate a gigantic meal, I had their turkey dinner, we set off for Armco Park where there were lights to see. First we went through a neighborhood of large, older homes that were decorated for Christmas. These homes were three stories high and some had Christmas trees clear at the top window. They were all so beautiful. I’d like to see the houses in daylight.

Then we drove to the park and it was wonderful.

This was at the beginning of the light show.

If pigs could fly!

Dinosaurs and….
fire breathing dragons.
Whales and…..
trucks. HO, HO, TOW!

And of course, the reason for the season.

Peace on Earth, good will to men.

I’ll be busy the next couple of days preparing a feast for Christmas day. We are expecting a huge ice storm and lots of snow and below 0 temperatures, so it may be just David and I here that day. Just so all my family and friends are safe and warm in their homes during this storm that is coming.

So wishing you all, wherever you are in the world, a blessed Christmas Day. God bless us, everyone! Bye.

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