Daily Archives: August 9, 2014

It’s a Jungle


We went to Cincinnati this week to visit our oldest son.  We also went  to Jungle Jim’s.  Jungle Jim’s is a grocery store, but not just any grocery store.  It has so much more than your average grocery store.  Come along with me and I’ll show you.


Does your grocery store sell Hookahs?


Or have rickshaws on the shelves?


Jungle Jim’s has themed areas.  Guess why they have a USN fire truck on the shelves?


Because it’s the Fiery Foods area.  Hot sauces, hot mustards hot condiments, hot everything.   I have never seen so many different hot sauces.


And I loved their names.  Beast Killer.




Never slap your mother.  No matter how hot the seasoning is.



I’m whistling now.  Just move along.


Think this might be just a tad hot???


This hot stuff cost this much.  You got to really want to burn your mouth to pay this much.


David found a hat to wear in this section.  I think it suits him.


We saw Sonny and Cher hanging out.


Fresh fish.  So many kinds.  Octopus even.


Large tanks full of these.  I’m not a Peta person, but I still feel a little sad to see these waiting for their destinies crammed in tanks.   I don’t think I could put one in boiling water, but I have eaten them and they are tasty.


All kinds of sodas.  Would you like a peanut butter and jelly soda?   I’ll have mine on bread, thank you.



All kinds of coffees.  I loved the colorful packaging.


This sign does not refer to David or Jason.


It refers to the wall of jerky in all flavors.  I never liked jerky except when I worked at a Stuckeys when I had just graduated from high school and they sold beef jerky there.  I ate it occasionally, but haven’t eaten any since.



That’s a lot of cheese.


This looked very strange and was all prickly.


I think this may be an acquired taste.  At almost sixteen dollars each I don’t think you’d be buying them often either.


Remember the movie, Aliens?   I think I know where they are keeping them.  Is Sigourney Weaver anywhere close?


If you’re this kind of person you can drink this…..



Something to look at everywhere.



We spent a couple of hours walking around and looking at things and I purchased a few things.  I can never find Adobo here so I got a big jar of it that should last us a while.

Now for some absolute cuteness.  We were going to try to find another registered Labrador Retriever next Spring.   They are hard to come by.  I wanted a brown female.  Then a girl I know put this on Facebook.


A Boxador.  A cross between a Boxer and a Lab.  I fell in love.  I told David I had found our next dog.  She has seven brothers and sisters.

Through the years, my daughter would peruse the newspaper and show me new puppies for sale or to be given away.  She talked me into a couple of dogs.  I even found one myself years ago.  There was an ad in the paper and I drove out to the country where a whole slew of children and puppies came running out the door.   The puppy who didn’t run from me came home with me.  We named her Samantha.  She was a sweet dog, but she was a very nervous dog.  I always wondered if she had eye problems because when I would take her for a walk, she would jump at garbage cans sitting by the side of the road and even mail boxes.  One time I was getting ready to walk her and had to go inside for a second so I looped the leash around the wheel of a brand new grill David had just gotten.  It sat on our back deck.  While I was inside, Samantha must have moved the grill a little and gotten frightened because the next thing I heard was a crashing and a bumping outside as Samantha dragged the grill behind her down the steps of the deck.  I finally got her captured and the grill nor Samantha was hurt, but I never did that again.    Samantha lived for a long time, but she never got over her nervousness.

But back to the Boxador.  David and I drove over to see her and she is so adorable.  She has both brown and black fur and a cute little black face.  I held her and she went to sleep in my arms.  I couldn’t bring her home yet as she was still too young.


She wobbles when she walks.  I could call her Weebles, but I already have a name picked out.


Who wouldn’t love this face?


She was yawning here.


She is going to be so much fun and such a good friend.  I can’t wait to bring her home.


Bonnie and Belle haven’t a clue what’s coming.  Bye.