Wonderful Week in Weview Part one

  We have had a pretty busy week this week.   It started out with a birthday party for a special lady.  A lady who lived with her husband and five children next door to David’s family when he was growing up.  I met her for the first time when David took me to her house after we started going together.  She was so sweet to me and it was fun going to her house with all the children around.  She always fed us and talked to us like we were the most interesting people in the world even though she was a very busy woman.  We were just two teen-agers in love then.

This week her grown children, who we had not seen in decades, threw her a surprise birthday party for her eighty-fifth birthday.  We were the only nonfamily members there and felt very blessed to be invited.

We drove over to Middletown and with the help of Miss Garmin found the house of one of her daughters where the party was to be held.  The house was packed and no one knew who we were when we came into the door because it was all family and they all knew each other.  I think they thought we were crashing the party until one of the daughters came up and we knew her immediately and then another daughter came up and we knew her too.  Then the boys came up and I was so amazed because the last time we saw them they were young and now they are grandpas.  One of the daughters is a great-grandma.  Wow.

We visited and waited for the guest of honor to arrive.   Then she came in the door.


Surprised could not begin to describe her face.


She looked around at all her family, some of whom had traveled from other states to be there.


She held her twelveth(I think)  great granddaughter for the first time.  How precious is that picture?


She had pictures taken with all her family members.  These are her five children.  Let me see if I can get their names right,  From the left, Carrie, Tim, Robin, Rodney and Cheryl.  I hope I got that right.


This was most of her family.  Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and brothers and sisters.  She has certainly been blest with family.


She had a beautiful birthday cake.  The food was delicious, the company was nice and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Virginia is one the sweetest, nicest people you would ever want to meet.  I hope she enjoyed her party.

This week I have been finishing up some baby quilts for Riley Children’s hospital in Indianapolis.  I have been helping a senior girl with her senior project which was to make as many quilts as possible for the hospital.  We started in September and have made twenty so far.  She will have to do a presentation of them in November.  I will show you some I made and I will write a special blog about this young lady  who had undertaken a big job and done it well. She made ten quilts.  Before she started, she didn’t even know how to sew.  Quite an achievement.


In the past, I made doll quilts for Samaritan’s purse.  Because I took on this project this year, I sewed four of the quilts together to make this larger one.



This quilt had a train motif.


A couple of others.  I will show more quilts in the next post.

We have had grandparents’ day at school and I will tell you about that too.  Bye.











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