Wonderful Week in Weview Part 2

Finishing up the news for the week.  We are getting nearly done making quilts for Riley’s Children’s hospital.  Let me tell you a little about the senior girl who is doing this project.  Mackenzie was born months too early and weighed just over two pounds.  She spent a lot of time at the children’s hospital in Indianapolis in an incubator with tubes attached to her.  I remember the first time I saw her when she was finally brought home and she was still so tiny. 

Here we are years later and she has grown up into a beautiful, healthy girl.  One of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met, I might add.  She decided for her senior project to make quilts for the hospital to give back.  When she had spent time there, she received two quilts which she still has.

 Here are a few of her quilts.




This is a cute one with hedgehogs on it.



This is Mack.  I think she has accomplished a lot in a few short weeks.  From not knowing how to sew to making so many quilts, I would say she deserves an A for her project. 


  This is her mom, Laura.  She doesn’t sew either, but she helped cut out and pin and iron the quilts. 


I hope this has been a good experience for her.  I know I enjoyed it.

On to other news.  We went to Grandparents’ Day at our grandchildren’s school this week.  We always enjoy this time.  We get to see what the children are doing in school and get to spend some time with them. 


Our younger grandson, Adler, was so excited about singing in the choir.  It was hard to get a good picture because he was moving around so much.



I was hoping he would look at us so I could get his picture, but he was paying attention to his teacher.  The girls, not so much. Ha.    I got their picture. 

We got to go into his classroom where the teacher asked several questions about the grandparents, like who had been a cheer leader,( I was, but my cheer leading career was very short) whether we had played a sport in college, those kinds of questions just to let the children know more about their grandparents.  

After staying the night at a very comfortable motel, we spent the next morning with our older grandson who is an eighth grader. 


A few days ago he hardly reached my waist.  Now he has to bend over to get in the picture.  And he is still growing.


The mural behind us was made by some high school girls, one of whom is our granddaughter who is a sophomore.   I think it is pretty special. They signed their names in the corner.


  Abby Craig.  Soon we will be returning to the school to see Abby in this….


I can’t wait.  I’ve been singing the songs from it around the house.



He is taller than Grandpa now.


This is his Spanish classroom.


Aidan’s history class. Guess who they are learning about?  While there I saw this….


An original newspaper from when President Kennedy was assassinated. I remember it like it was yesterday.  Part of a dark time in the history of our country.  I was still too young to vote when he ran for president, but I think I would have voted for him. 


We enjoyed both days with our red headed grandsons.  Speaking of red hair.  I have always been partial to red hair.  Don’t know why.  One of my best friends in grade schools was a beautiful red head.


I told Aidan I could write a whole blog about his hair.


I love running my hand through it.  I am sure he likes having his grandma do that. Ha. 

  It was a fun two days, but we had to get back to the dogs and the chickens so off we went for home.  We did take the long way, however.  On the way we came across this yard decorated for Halloween.




I think these people really, really like Halloween!

We even managed to get some antiquing in.  Oh, yes.  I got a few things. 

Here’s to Grandparents’ Day and Grandchildren that make us so proud.  Bye.













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