Summer Fun

Summer.  Lazy days when you lie around and do nothing, read a book by the pool and just have some time to daydream.  Oh, is that how your Summer is going?  That’s nice.  Mine has been less than relaxing.  There is so much to do.  So little time.  We mixed Grandma’s Camp with a weekend in Cincinnati at the Creation Museum and going to a lacrosse game our grandson was playing in.


Got to spend some time with the grandkids which is something I always love.  They are growing so fast that soon I will be having Great-Grandma’s Camp!


The Creation Museum is just outside Cincinnati in Kentucky.  There is so much to see and do there.  It all centers around God’s creation and Noah’s Ark.   There are vignettes all around like this  with scenes from the Bible.  This is Adam naming the animals.


This was Cain after he slew Abel.   The first murder.  Mankind didn’t take much time in starting to do criminal activity.  This is where the famous quote, “Am I my brother’s keeper,” came from.


There were dinosaurs there.


Don’t throw him to the dinosaur!


After Adam and Eve were sent from the garden where they had everything they needed, they had to learn to till the land and raise their own food.   Why did Eve let satan talk her into eating that apple and why did Adam join her?


The tree of life.  “Don’t eat of the fruit of this tree, ” God told Adam and Eve, but they were tempted by satan and sinned against God and mankind has lived in a fallen state ever since.

There was a petting zoo where we laughed at a guinea hen chasing a peacock around and around the pen until the peacock finally flew out.  There were camel rides and all the grandkids rode a camel.  I told them that now if anyone ever asked them if they had ever rode a camel they could say, “yes.”  One of my grandsons asked me, ” When do you think that question would ever come up?”  “You never know, ” I answered.

They are building the exact size replica of Noah’s ark on the grounds.  You can take a drive out to see the process, but we just ran out of time.  I guess we will have to go back some time.  It was a fun day.  The next day we watched a lacrosse game.  Our grandson’s team lost their first game, but won the second.  He was in a tournament and had three or four more games to play, but we needed to head home.  First, we had lunch with our son who lives in Cincinnati.  He gave our grandsons some money to go play games while we waited for our meal.  They were so happy.

Back home it was pool time.  We had bought a big blow up turtle and it was enjoyed by the grandboys.




Molly enjoyed the boys being there.  They are making friends although I do have to watch her because she can get a little rowdy.


She and Foster are becoming good buddies.


She spent most of the time just watching.  Hard to believe just about a year ago, she was a tiny puppy.  Time goes so fast.


The three “boys” had a great time in the pool.  It was really hot so the water felt especially good.


We watched a mother bird feeding her babies next to the pool area.


“Where’s the food, Mama?”  Almost big enough to leave the nest.

I will leave you with a walk through my garden.  It’s in its yellow period now.











Hollyhock.  I made a quilt called Hollyhocks Around the Barn and this color was in the quilt.


Asiatic  lilies.  They are so beautiful and so easy to grow.


I just planted this Rudbeckia.  It is different from my other Rudbeckias.


More Asiatic lilies with Autumn Sedum Tapblow Blue behind them.


We have Stella de Oro all over the garden.  They multiply and it looks like this bunch is ready to be separated.

Hope you enjoyed the walk and hope your Summer is wonderful.  Bye.



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