Snow Day

Remember those days when you were in school and they called off school because of the snow?   One year on my birthday we had a big snow and we listened to the radio eagerly waiting to see if we would be in class that day.  What joy I felt when the announcer said, “No school today.”  My birthday and a whole day of freedom!  How wonderful.  ,

When you become an adult you don’t get many snow days.  You get to work one way or the other.  No snow days for you.

Today I got up, made my coffee, turned on Charles Stanley on television and looked out at the snow falling down.  We had gotten several inches overnight.  I had prepared the Sunday school lesson for my pre–school class and we were even going to have a little party because the lesson was about a celebration in the BIble.   I had bought donuts and cheddar penquins and bought special plates and balloons.  I was all set.  Then I got a call from one our deacons telling us no church today.  I love going to church, but I must admit I felt like a kid getting out of school for the day.  David came down the stairs dressed for church and I told him “no church today.”

I never have a whole Sunday off.  Never.  We spend most of the morning at church, go out to eat, spend a few hours at home and then back to church that night.  It seemed so strange not to be going to church, but I had plans.  I was going to finish a quilt I have been working on.


I had hand quilted all the blocks.


I machine quilted the border in roses and twirls and even a few little hearts.


I even loved how the back looked.  I got it all quilted except for a couple of the blocks that I had missed, but I am going to quilt them tonight and then it will be done, finished, complete!   I must say this has been one of my favorite quilts that I have made.

Tonight is the finale of Downton  Abbey for the season.  I love this show and am sorry it is ending for the season.   We all have to wait until next January to see new episodes.   Waaaa.

In homage to Downton Abbey I was going to dress like someone in the show.  Well,  kind of.


My Downton Abbey outfit.  The skirt is made from Downton Abbey fabric sold at quilt shops.


I was even going to wear this hat.   I love wearing hats although I don’t do it often.  People always comment when I wear a hat.  Hats should come back as a fashion statement, don’t you think? The women on Downton Abbey wear the most amazing hats.  Even the downstairs ladies  wear cute hats.  I wonder what happens to all those hats and all the beautiful clothes after the show is done?  What if they auctioned them off on Ebay?


I was going to carry my new purse that I finished recently.


This is the back of the purse.

Now I think wearing this outfit another time would just be an after thought.  What do you think?

I have enjoyed watching the birds chowing down on their birdseed today.  At one time there were at least twelve cardinals and a whole host of other birds, titmice, chickadees, juncos, doves, squirrels, sparrows, and nuthatches eating at the bird feeder.  Okay, I know squirrels aren’t birds.  Just checking to see if you were paying attention.


Each calmly waited its turn at the feeder.


I love mourning doves.  When I hear them call it makes me think of my grandpa’s house where I first heard them.  There is a mournful sound to their call, thus, their name.


The male cardinals usually don’t share their space well, but when you are hungry, all animosity goes away.



Yeah, we had a few birds at the feeder today.  We filled it twice today.  It’s so hard for the birds to find food with so much snow on the ground.


I love the view from all our windows.  See that house?  David and I tried to buy it years ago to put a quilt shop in, but it was a home that had been in the family for a long time and it wasn’t for sale.  Now it sits empty until the courts decide what is to be done with it.  So sad.  I am afraid it will be torn down.  It does need a lot of work.


It snowed all morning and then again this afternoon.  By Wednesday we are suppose to be up in the high 40’s in temperatures so this won’t last long.  Spring is just around the corner after all.


All the dog toys are hidden under the snow, but Belle and Molly Marshmallow found this old rope and played tug of war for quite a long time.  Molly is getting so big and Belle can’t get the rope away from her like she use to.


Who has more fun than dogs?

My three girls.


Bonnie.  She will be twelve this year.  She spends most of her day laying like a queen on her comfy bed in my shop.  She has arthritis and doesn’t play like she use to, but she is still a sweet companion.


Belle rules the roost.  Molly does not get away with much.  Sometimes she gets her down and lets her know who is boss.  I wonder how long that will last?


Then there is Molly.  Very much a pup still who likes to chew on everything.  I try to direct all her energy in chasing a ball I shoot out of a plastic gun.  She loves doing that.


As I say often, feed the birds during this weather.  They will reward you by staying around and singing to you in the Spring.

Hope you are warm and safe where you are.  Sit in a comfy chair, drink a cup of hot chocolate and get ready to watch the last glorious episode of Downton Abbey. Bye.


Okay, I watched Downton Abbey and I bawled at the end.   It’s unbelievable we have to wait almost a year before we see what happens next.  The best season yet.  Next season promises a wedding, maybe two or three.  Who knows?



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