Puppy Pugnaciousness

We got a puppy last Summer.  A tiny, sweet, cuddly, puppy.  Did I say sweet?  Yes, she was a darling.  Did I say was?    She was docile. Ahem. She was for a time.  Then she began to grow.  She grew and grew and suddenly she became a combative, belligerent dog, kind of like a teen-ager.  She is going through the toddler, say “no” period in her life and we are having a time teaching her how to be a good puppy.  She does nothing in anger or viciousness.  She just turns into a Tasmanian devil at the most inappropriate time and I have the scars to prove it.

She wants to be with me constantly.  I find her looking at me all the time and when she is playing with Belle, she looks at me to see if I am watching, just like a child would do.  She is incredibly intelligent and I can see her trying to figure things out, like how to open the back door which she could if we didn’t keep it locked.

We got Molly a new toy yesterday.  You know those guns that shoot tennis balls?  Molly is loving this and it is really exercising her now.  I have a sore arm from pulling the lever back to shoot the balls.  Molly would run after them all day if I had the strength to continue pulling the lever.  She is learning to bring a ball back so that I can shoot another one.  It keeps her busy and she doesn’t jump on me while she is chasing the balls.

Molly is also getting to be a good watchdog.  She sits on her lawn chair on the porch and surveys her kingdom and when she sees a stranger or our neighbor out in his yard with his dog, she lets me know it.  She doesn’t sound like a puppy anymore.  She has a deep, big dog bark even though she is only six months old. I can’t wait to see how big she will be or high loud her bark will be.      I know no one will come in our back yard with three dogs sitting there watching them.   One time years ago, a doctor who had an office next door to our house had his office broken into for drugs.  The night it happened, our dogs were throwing a barking fit and I knew something was going on somewhere.  I just wish I had known it was going on at the doctor’s because I would have called the police.  Our house was safe since the dogs were barking.  When David was in the guard and was gone or when he has to work nights, I feel safer knowing I have two dogs sitting at my door ready to greet anyone who comes near.

I love Molly to pieces.   I love all three of my dogs.  They are good companions, good protectors and it’s just nice having dogs.  I have always had dogs and can’t imagine life without them.  I know when Molly grows up, she is going to be one of the best dogs we have ever had. I have said that about every dog I have gotten, and I have never been disappointed.  Bonnie will be twelve years old this year.  Old for a Labrador.  She still has a shiny coat, a wet nose and a wonderful disposition.  She spends most of her time laying on her bed in my shop since she has arthritis, but she still can show love and is a sweetheart of a dog.  Belle is my sweetheart.  She has been the best dog and has walked with me for years.  Neither of us have had many walks lately since I hurt my leg, but I am hoping that I will feel like taking walks again soon.

I don’t know if you have a dog or not, but for me, dogs are the perfect pet.  They give love, protection and companionship you can’t get with any other animals.  Hug a dog today.  Bye.

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