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Oh, I just want to have some time to upload some pictures and get some things written down here.  I have been sewing my fingers to the nubbins and baking and decorating and taking the dogs walks and trying to throw some feed and water at the chooks as I pass by.  My hens haven’t had a lot of my time lately.  When I go out in their yard they all surround me and you should hear the clucking, tsking, and garbled talking.  I actually thought I heard a word come out of one of their beaks the other day.  I looked at her and said, “Penninah, what did you say?” and she just kept clucking up a storm.  I heard a bird last summer as it was swooping down and I felt like I was Snow White and the bird said something to me. It was really weird.  I am sure you are thinking I am weird, but I know what I heard.

Anyway, I cannot believe Christmas is just four days away.  Is it earlier this year?  Seems there was no time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I want to grasp the meaning of the season and keep it close for a while.  I watched the Mormon Tabernacle choir’s Christmas special the other day and it was amazing and really was filled with the true Christmas spirit.   On the same channel there was a story about Handel and how he came to write the Messiah.  I have never heard the entire thing.  I have sung in a choir that sang the Halleluhah chorus and have heard it many times, but there is so much more to Handel’s Messiah.  It is the story of the Christ and why he came to earth and died for us all.   Handel gave proceeds from some of his concerts to pay the debts of those in debtor’s prison.   He paid the debts he did not owe for them who owed and could not pay.  Sounds exactly like what Jesus  did for us on the cross.  He paid our sin debt so that when we die, we won’t have to pay it.  We all have sinned.  Not one of us gets out of this life without sinning.  A tiny babe comes into the world wanting only what it wants.  Unless it is shown the proper path, it will continue a lifetime of sin because of its sinful nature.  That is how we all are born.  But Jesus paid our sin debt.  That is why we sing Halleluhah to Him.

Speaking of animals and birds talking, when I was a little girl I heard a story about how the animals talk at midnight on Christmas Eve.  I always wanted to go out to the barn and hear if our cows, pigs or dogs were talking to one another.  What if I go out to the chicken coop this Christmas Eve and peek in on the girls and maybe I will hear a conversation that is going on like this….” Well, did you see the egg Ada laid today.  What a show off.  She thinks she’s better than all the rest of us because her eggs are larger than ours.”  Another hen will answer, “Now, Jemimah, it’s Christmas and we should love one another and just try harder to lay bigger eggs ourselves.”  In which Abigail will pitch in, ” Would you ladies please stop your talking?  I’m trying to roost over here.”  Phoebe will laugh and say, “Hey, it’s the only night of the year we can speak.  Too bad there isn’t any humans out here to hear us.”  I will be giggling softly to myself as I listen to them, thinking I need to teach them some grammar.  Then suddenly Freedom, being the watcher and protector of them all screeches, “Zip your beaks, ladies, we have company!” and suddenly  all becomes quiet in the chicken coop.  Anyway, that is what I imagine I would hear. Then I would walk back to the house and suddenly my dogs would start singing Christmas carols to me.  Now that would be a fun Christmas Eve!

My next post will have pictures and I still have that story about Christmas when I was a little girl.  Hope you are getting things wrapped and baked and visiting with family and friends, but  save a little time to give to the babe who was born two thousand years ago just for us.  Bye.

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