Walking the Color Blaze 5K

Back in January I saw on Facebook something about a 5K called Color Blaze.  I didn’t have a clue what kind of 5K it was, but I saw that some people I knew were going to walk it, so I registered to participate.

Fast forward to today and my grandson, husband and I went to our fairgrounds where it was to be held.  It started at 10:00, or so I thought, so we got there a little after 9:00.   We got our shirts and walked around and I sat down by a lady wondering to myself why people were coming in so late for a 5K that started at 10:00.  “It starts at 11:00,” she told me.  Oh, well.  So we waited almost two hours for it. I was tired before it started and it was hot.


This is my eight year old grandson who was going to walk with me.


This is us before the 5K.  We look all nice and clean, don’t we?  See those women in the tutus?  People dressed up in crazy outfits.


Here we are again.  See how white our shirts look?


Then the fun began.  Color powder was going everywhere, even up my nose!


We got packets of colored powder and my grandson was enjoying throwing it on me.   Good times!


The powder flew.


People were shouting and catching color packets they threw at us.  It was a color blast.


Suddenly, we weren’t so clean anymore.


We were in the middle of this and it was hard to see anything when the powder was flying.  I had to hold my nose to keep the powder from choking me, it was so thick.


We made it to the finish line.  The first mile my grandson got a stitch in his side and was not sure he could make it, but he did and we walked every mile and didn’t take a short cut once.  It was so good to see the finish line, though.


David was our photographer and although he wasn’t walking, he got colored powder thrown on him also.


It was a fun morning, but we were tired and hungry afterward and went to Musillami’s, a local drive-in hamburger joint very popular with the locals.  They were packed with cars, but we got our lunch pretty quickly and ate it with gusto.

Then we went home and I washed our car, we took showers and hopped into the pool.  I am pretty bushed right now and the weekend is just starting as we have a graduation party to go to tomorrow, a movie tomorrow night and King’s Island on Monday.  Not bad for two old folks.


I will leave you with a picture of a hot air balloon that was floating lazily above our house the other day.  That’s something I would like to do one day, go up in a hot air balloon.  Have a great weekend.  Bye.


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